Lonely like a flower, blooming quietly

Speaking of empty nests, one naturally thinks of loneliness, perhaps because of a person living alone! This is true for the elderly, and so are the young. Especially in the dead of night, loneliness is like the ticking of a clock, invading the heart unhurriedly, the mood is miserable, and the emotions are long. This is a feeling of loneliness.

People are originally social animals, but they are born lonely. Anyone who leaves the group will lack emotional communication because of the lack of family care, and loneliness will arise spontaneously. However, young people nowadays, in order to be attached to their own stage of life , more people work away from home; in order to pursue their own free living space, there are more people separated from their parents, so naturally there is less family companionship and family. Warm, loneliness will go with you.

Because of longing for freedom, quietness and obsession with one’s own dreams, when a person is alone, emotions are easily immersed in loneliness, and the mood will show lonely sadness. Loneliness is not so much a yearning sadness, as it is. A kind of persistent melancholy, but also a kind of chasing pain. Some people say: “Loneliness is a kind of emptiness in the heart”, but it is not at all. Tagore said: “Loneliness is the carnival of a group of people, and carnival is the loneliness of one person.”

And this kind of loneliness is not emptiness, it is a kind of happiness , a kind of happiness , and even a kind of spiritual wealth. Every one of us will have a time of loneliness , accompanied by red past events, mixed with touching memories, stirring our minds from time to time, and silently enduring loneliness and savoring loneliness. Therefore, everyone who has a sense of loneliness can be regarded as a person with rich emotions; people who are lonely can also be regarded as people with ambitions. If they can persist in their determination, they will eventually achieve something.

The five elements of life, the five flavors of life. People are always afraid of loneliness, and like prosperity, but prosperity will eventually return to tranquility. Only when you are in the midst of movement and stillness can you observe clearly and allow yourself to be insightful, so that you can be free of ties and broad-mindedness.

The prosperity that life has gone through is just a fragment of life, fleeting like light and shadow. Don’t indulge in sensuality, don’t take life as a bet, tranquility is the eternity of life. All unrealistic luxury hopes are buildings in the sky, destined to have no foundation. However, the road that each of us has traveled in our life is not a smooth road. When we are frustrated, and when we encounter setbacks, we feel lonely.

You can’t avoid wanting to avoid it. This is reality and needs to be faced. Therefore, through the prosperity, you will have loneliness. This is a life course that everyone must go through and needs to withstand the test of loneliness. For this reason, those who want to travel long distances must be prepared to endure loneliness and not be afraid of loneliness.

The “Bible” says: “Human! Why are you eager to try? Why are you so eager for success? You have to endure loneliness, because the glory of success is hidden behind it.” To endure loneliness, endure loneliness, you need to have a mentality that is not shocked, you need to have a kind of extraordinary wisdom, it is a kind of spiritual connotation with refined, and it is accumulating a kind of amazing power.

Perhaps it is painful to be company with loneliness, but it is not a tragic song, loneliness is a turbulent river, which breeds real success in life in its winding and winding. Those who achieve great deeds and great things will experience more hardships, and eventually make loneliness reborn. In the history, there are “The King of Wen was arrested and played the Zhouyi; Zhong Ni’e was written in the Spring and Autumn Period; Qu Yuan was exiled, and he was Fu Lisao; Zuoqiu was blind, and he had Mandarin; the grandson’s stinging feet, the art of war revision”, etc., are all established for the lonely Build a monument, and make posterity praise.

Only those who have drunk bitter water know the sweetness of well water; those who have spent the night know the preciousness of light; only those who have experienced loneliness can understand what true happiness is. Therefore, we must learn to enjoy loneliness, like loneliness, and regard loneliness as a great joy of adult life. Be lonely and not lonely, just for the extravagant hope of a peaceful place.

Silent and cautious alone, only to enjoy the sense of peace in the heart, hide the body and mind in the world, so as to be happy and forget the sorrows, which raises loneliness to a lofty height. Young friends, know your blessings and cherish your blessings! Happiness is right in front of you, loneliness should be behind you, you can experience the taste of happiness when you go through loneliness, and only when you are lonely and lonely can you be happy and have a lot of what others don’t have. Wealth of life.

Finally, I wrote a poem “Oh, Solitude” for the young friends in the empty nest. Oh, loneliness/I want to compare you to a bird/Of course I won’t put you in a cage/I want to fly you to nature/To withstand the baptism of wind and rain/I want you to grow beautiful Plump wings/let you sing happily/under the bright sun/enjoy the joy of life//birds’ whispers and flowers/you are writing the story of spring /grass and warblers fly/make you more attached to this amorous land/oh, loneliness /You will sprout poetry in loneliness/Oh, loneliness/You will make life bloom beautiful/If you say loneliness/It is still an uncultivated land/Use passion/Sprinkle the sweat of hard work/You are not a flower The delicate flowers/just bloom in my heart quietly.