Unfamiliar years and familiar scenes, memories everywhere

The scenic area that I have been following has recently updated its tourism dynamics, and the information says that today’s scenic area has reached the best season for photography. The picture below the text is the Longji Terraces that I am very familiar with.

I don’t know if it’s because I have gained a lot of touches from the first marriage, I always have some subtle feelings for that terrace. So that, from 2015 to today, every year during the period, I will find opportunities to throw myself there.

My friend said, haven’t you been there last year? Why are you still going?

I said that although I go every year, my feelings are different every time.

I have been there twice in the spring and three times in the autumn. I have seen how the irrigated terraces have gradually turned from barren yellow-gray to the silvery white of the sky twice, and have also seen three times that they become yellow after the rice matures. How a piece of terraced fields was harvested.

I have walked through many villages over there and walked the same path several times, but this does not prevent me from wanting to go there next time. The people there are very enthusiastic, the glutinous rice wine is very sweet, and the smoke in the evening is obvious. Sometimes just one reason is enough to like a place, not to mention that the terraced fields combine many of my favorite factors together.

I still remember that when I went to the village I had visited for the third time, I posted a post saying how much I liked the terraces there. It didn’t take long before two new comments appeared under the post. That’s because Comments made by two unfamiliar names with a lot of familiarity. One of them sighed and said: It has been so long since we met in a flash.

I looked at their names, reminding me of my previous travel experience, and my heart was faintly hot.

At that time, it had been three and six months since I met and separated from them. At that time, I can’t remember their names, and I couldn’t accurately identify which face the two names corresponded to.

I don’t know. In that hurried journey many years ago, I left a vague impression in their memory. Perhaps I thought of them just like I thought of them, just like when we saved them in our respective travel albums. The photos here are no longer clear due to the time and the pixels of the mobile phone at that time .

But even so, I am still grateful, grateful for that unfamiliar journey, thank you for meeting them during the journey. Because of such gratitude, the moment I saw their comments, I couldn’t help but want to cry while laughing.

In my reply, I marveled at them that they still remembered our encounter, and they also smiled and recalled that journey that year. They joked that they could find a girl on the way of a strange journey, how could such an interesting experience be forgotten.

Yes, interesting experiences, interesting people, how can they forget?

I won’t forget it.

Even if we just spend a day with each other in a strange place, even if we have never called each other’s names that have been hurriedly remarked, even if we never see each other again for many years, even if we add friends only to share After that day, the scenery they photographed has never been in contact with each other again.

But it’s such an unfamiliar relationship. After so many years, they still remember my existence. They remembered that I was traveling alone with my bag on my back but I couldn’t enter the scenic spot because I arrived too late, and I could only go to the station that was some distance away from the scenic spot. I wandered around, remembering me who ignored their initiative and even hid silently to the side in a daze.

And, although I have expressed my gratitude to them many times, but when I recall that journey again, I still inevitably repeat the words of gratitude.

I have always been very grateful to those two girls who picked up another girl during the trip.

They didn’t mind my initial indifference. Instead, they would take the initiative to change their itinerary after a few words with me, and accompany me along the way I want to go. They didn’t mind my sudden silence, and even willing to put down the phone and accompany me, the stranger, to drink the homemade glutinous rice liqueur enthusiastically presented by the owner in the inn of the strange stockade, and they are also willing to drag it sour. My legs accompany me to the top of the terraced rice field in my heart to see how the thick clouds and mist after the rain come and submerge the magnificent scene of the stockade. I am willing to stay by my side and listen to me yelling over and over again on the top of the terraced rice field. How are you”.

Although we cherished each other at the fork in the next stockade a day later, the kindness that the two girls gave me in a short period of time has been kept by me.

As for where they went later, and where they are now, I don’t know, nor have I ever asked, just as they remember me, but they never bothered me.

Perhaps, many people will meet a few people in their lives. You didn’t know each other before, and the time you spent together was short and short, and you could not even remember each other’s names when they were separated. I met and accompanied each other on a strange journey in the strange land of the United States.

In the future, you may never see each other again, nor would you think about keeping in touch deliberately, but whenever one of them goes to the place where each other once met, they will involuntarily start to remember the travel stories they once had. , Will involuntarily think of each other.

After all, it was an unforgettable experience.

It is precisely because of this experience that in the next few years, no matter how many people I walked through the terraced fields, no matter how many kinds of self-brewed glutinous rice liqueur I later drank, and how many people rubbed shoulders on a strange journey. And how many people I have had a brief answer to, for the terraced fields and the stockade, I will always be the two girls of the same age who can’t remember their names and faces.

Every time I think of them, I feel warm. That feeling took root in my heart, lived in the depths of my mind, and lived in the landscape surrounded by terraced fields and stockades. When I thought of it, when I stepped on foot, it will once again be like a sea of ​​clouds after the rain, surging. Running towards myself.

It is not easy to predict how this year’s trip to the terraces will be. But what can be expected is that in this upcoming summer, I will go to the stockade again and go to the top of the terraced fields and shout “How are you” again.

This time, maybe there is still no one to accompany me to drink and no one listens to me, but I am as always lonely.

After all, although the year and the month are strange, the scenery is familiar.