The moon is bright, the moon is round

The starry sky remembers the sinking and floating in the rumbling of historical cars, the vast starry sky is like a pale blue ink painting, the bright moon and antelope horns are inlaid on the ancestors’ volumes, and the silver brilliance like a waterfall spills over the sleeping millions. On the dragon of the year, the full moon and the lack of the moon have pushed the years on the annual rings through thousands of years. The children of the early years looked like adults with their heads up and looked at the moon, and this year is still round.

Embarking on the road when I came here, after all these years, I can’t bear to look back, and ask myself (you) how well these years?

Remembering that the little broken child with a runny nose casually recites the wandering chant, “The line in the hands of the loving mother, the top of the wandering man…” Modern young people have a wandering mind, far away in the countryside and the city outside the city. The people who left their homes looked at Mingyue with tears in their eyes, while the people from this hometown looked at Mingyue, tears wet their clothes, and babbled. This close relative, Qingsi, has combed white hair, and on the other end, you have become a family. The bright moon remains the same, but the old man remains the same. The change depends on the bright moon in the sky, so the old man does not see the old man.

I often hear the hard-fought “One Meat and One Vegetable” in the ears, just like in the lyrics, “People who are too young are always dissatisfied, stubbornly unwilling to stop their long journey, and look at the high sky. A long journey, forgot to look back to see if she was crying. “Yeah! You should go home and see if she is crying.

My grandmother used to hold me and count the stars, one star and two stars, singing unknown local dramas, and telling unintelligible fairy tales . She always thought about the laurel tree on the moon and the moon palace. With Fairy Chang’e, Yutu ate mooncakes secretly… and I responded with her babbling, which was what my mother told me. And since I can remember, you have already gone to the Moon Palace. This is what you told me, saying that all the dead have gone to the Moon Palace. You left me, the one-inch black-and-white photos in twos and threes that were incomplete, vaguely unfamiliar but familiar with flesh and blood. Now that unfilial children and grandchildren have been away for many years, your mind has been blurred. Tonight, the moon is missing and rounded, so people do not see their old friends.

The unobstructed moon halo, starting with tears, is the most powerful proof that every holiday season, Yue’er is physical evidence, and tears are human evidence. This shameful emotion , damn tears could not stop gushing out, the red and swollen eye sockets were deep thoughts for loved ones .

I can’t catch the tail of the years. Suddenly, spring flowers and autumn moons reincarnate for another season. I set foot on the road alone when I was alone. It started with the close seas before leaving, and I was afraid to return later. Finally, the children met and didn’t know each other. Come everywhere. These miniatures carry the youth of the ninety and zero generation! Those tears, parting, joyful weeping, reunion, full moon, hometown, how much lovesickness buried, how many joys and sorrows.

Find three or five friends, gather on the night of the full moon, raise a glass to invite the moon, get drunk, why not be happy. Or take advantage of the long moonlight to invite a beautiful lady on a windy and snowy night. Why not be beautiful. It is the suffering of life , the lack of Yueer, the happiness of life , the rounding of Yueer, how can we achieve bliss, and how can we end in misery. The eyes are smiling, the corners of the mouth are slightly raised, and there is kindness in the heart. All injustices will eventually pass away with the wind, and the light of happiness will eventually come unexpectedly.

What’s this eve, the moon is bright, the moon is round, the wind is light, the insects sing, the flowers are fragrant, and the fish are hidden. Play a song of Spring River Flower Moonlight, pour a glass of turbid wine to admire the blue sky, the moonlight is sultry, the beauty is charming, the green hills live long, you and I share it. Looking at the picturesque mountains and beautiful lights, you and me, the cliff pavilion, a pot of muddy wine, will gather again on the night of the full moon in the coming year.