When the wind rises, I miss you

The spring in March, bright and warm, accompanied by a breeze, wandering in the enchanting fields, always feel refreshing where it is blowing, and a cozy and hearty feeling blows across the face, peach red, white pear and apricot blossoms rain, plum rhyme and orchid fragrance, pine bamboo and verdant green. The purple swallows flying, the small bridges and flowing water people on the south of the jade-colored river, and the mirror image of the moonlit night on the Chunjiang River, seem to have arrived as promised, opening up into Chun’s mind. When the wind blows, I hear the flowers blooming and the sound of bees. Missing you, I recite the pastoral poems deep in my heart: You are accompanied by the delicate spring breeze, the smoky willow and red pea, the earth wheel is shaking the imperial robe, the Mai Lang whispering and the buzz sound is accompanied by you. . In the abundance, in the fragrance of flowers, in the Yingge, in the Yan dance, when the wind rises, the warmth is full of affection, when I miss you, the love is as deep as the sea-inscription

The breeze, thin as a cicada’s wings, blows a swarm of enchanting willows on the embankment in the beautiful spring, sparkling blue waves can not help but pull into the charming green beauty, rippling with the sparkling waves that follow the wind. The rising sun uses golden shuttles to embroider the golden brilliance of a lake, such as red peaches, flowers like mutton fat and white jade, and flame-like roses, just like the crystal clear pear girl in the snow, and the field. A piece of imperial dragon white jade robe shook out from the wheel. The green waves of wheat swayed in the spring breeze. The tango dance was chic and graceful . The emerald green carpet on the street was fresh and beautiful. The shuttle butterflies and busy bees hovered lightly. The Ziyans seemed to be listening to the singing of the wind, telling the breeze, thinking of your heart. When the wind blows, the earth sings and dances, as if cutting out the beautiful and vivid buds, cleverly weaving clusters of beautiful cloud brocades, a variety of Ana’s colorful flowers, and the scent of flowers, all immersed in the spring. In the atmosphere, I can’t help but listen to the story of time , feel a spring breeze in the latitude and longitude of my thoughts, and exude a charming fragrance when I think of you. When the wind rises, I stand on the hills of time and look at you affectionately.

When the wind rises, I hold the green pen given by the uncle forest, compose the fresh breath of nature, away from the noise of the city, spread the clean rice paper of the earth in the quiet and elegant, dipped in the clearness of the condensed blue spring, and contained a song of dingdong. You can appreciate the gurgling sound of the stream. When you are bored, you can read the charming city scenery in a text. The sound of the wind and the flowers blooming where the grass grows orbs will let the wild goose catch the thoughts of the distant relatives . In the summer Watch a wonderful chapter in the moonlight of the lotus pond in the heart of the wind. Let the green hills and green waters turn out of the homesickness of homesickness, the small bridges and flowing waters in the south of the jade river, people render the joy of life indifferent , the autumn moon is lush and the moon shadow sails, let the breeze blow a burst of affectionate lovesickness, miss you, in the bright and beautiful The moon shines into the moonlight of love before the bed. When the wind rises, looking up at the sky, the winter snow is exquisitely transparent and dancing in the wind, sending a face of white snow flowing out of crystals, looking at Tianshan, I invite the wind to blow into a blossoming white and flawless snow lotus, how much I want to make When the wind blows, give people the good luck of the snow-covered plateau! In the winter night, my ice-hearted friendship suddenly thinks of your dear friend far away. I burst into tears. In the twelfth lunar month of winter, Feng’er sends my most sincere feelings, Haijiaotianya, I ask Feng’s girl to give you my most sincere feelings. The heart of affectionate affection. In the sunset, in the sunset, at dusk, when the wind is vaguely seen, I miss you to enjoy it.

Ruofeng, embrace the light amber phantom of the morning sun, the proud charm of spring, the wisps of fragrance, refreshing and happy, that is the direction of my memories, I wish to float away with the wind, and hug the girl Yun tightly. , Just because the gentleness in the wind contains my most cordial greetings, and there is indeed my deep yearning in the affectionate look back. The breeze in my heart is the direction of my memory. I wish to sleep in the embrace of the wind, in the dreamy harbor, silently embrace love, just to follow the footsteps of spring, let my thoughts drift with the wind, accompanied by the bright spring light shining on me Junxiu’s face and heart-warming expression have achieved his wish in the pursuit as always. I can touch your warm and sweet face in that dream, and let me feel unique fashion and warmth in the virtual world. Ye, wanshan, seems to be used to it, in the silence of her arms, leaning on a window and thinking of you. Whose tenderness, affectionate, and whose call lasts? Who’s sighed gracefully the unforgettable yearning? Knowing you, I don’t know how many lives it is. I want to come, this scene of love that is as deep as the sea, separated by thousands of mountains and rivers, how many times should I look forward to after looking back.

Reading you, day and night, like a stream flowing passionately in the lake of the heart, like a clear spring, trickling into the heart, crisp and melodious, if graceful into the meaning of a poem, thinking about you, at the crook of the eyebrow, like a whisper, like a secluded String, bit by bit, ecstasy. Just like the brightly embroidered Jinhuan. I meet in one eye, I will love my whole life. I bring the stars to the sky, and pull into the starry desolation of the clear water. I write all the love for you; I am full of love, I will sing for you. Que hope. Let a city and a poem bloom with dazzling light in the deepest red dust. I met the gentle you, and from then on, my life has thousands of songs and thousands of thoughts. Let my vitality be full of vigor and sunshine. A love, a heart, in the most beautiful time, I met you, from then on, in my heart, in my memory, there will be infatuation and deep recollections, I treasure sincere, beautiful and kind.

I always want to confide in the most beautiful and flawless in your warm harbor, and gently tell you that you are the most beautiful encounter in my life, and how happy it is to let one person live in another person’s heart . Full of sweet fragrance, smile spreading feelings between the hands, miss rejoicing in the silence, ringing the melody of love in the depths of the soul, no matter how many journeys have been taken, there will be a gratitude in my heart. Moved by the grace of God, Thanksgiving beautiful world, making my mind to know each other love; moved by the fate of reincarnation, so that the mortal world of Great Love forever shine, when the world had this love of the legend, the myth of love, from the life of The quality is sublimated. I have always believed that there is a kind of emotion in the world that can be unforgettable. Collected in the mailbox of memory is really like an encounter. It is not on the road, but in the heart, whispering in the depths of the soul.

I inadvertently, standing at the Acacia Ferry, looking in your direction, thinking more about turning my thousands of sorrows into a nirvana of love? Love, no regrets, no regrets; past, no regrets. Go forward courageously, wandering on the road of life. Accompany with the fragrance of spring flowers, listen to the singing of birds, watch the triumphant appearance of the spring breeze, follow the beat of spring, listen to the grace of spring dance, smile with spring, very hearty, beautiful scenery, diving my thoughts into the most charming dream.

Passing through the door frame of spring into summer, the door lintel of the lotus pond is raised, swaying among the red and pink branches, and charming on the scorching pink face, cut a green field with a delicate fragrance, and fold it into a dress to make the crape myrtle flower. The dignified classic splashing ink into the beautiful clothes of summer, suddenly, I sing for you in the latitude and longitude of autumn, the maple is full of love, rendered as a pennant in your heart, the chrysanthemum is beautiful and sonorous, it is the strength I give you Aoshuang .

When the sky is dancing with the elegant West Lake girl, at that moment, Ling Han’s blooming winter plum blossoms contain spring buds. The wisps of fragrance are a gorgeous chapter for the spring girl and the first wedding banquet for the New Year. , Feixue welcomes the spring, the moment when we bid farewell to the old and welcome the new, I only cheered for you.

In the vicissitudes of the years, if the water is three thousand, I only take a scoop, my dear, this love, this love, do you know, do you understand? My dear, in this life I don’t want to sleep in the same bed, but I wish to sing a friend on the branches, I only wish that the heart of the king is like my heart, and it will be worthy of love. It’s really hard to miss you when the wind blows! It’s hard! When the light rains, the butterflies dance and the swallows fly, when the wind rises, I miss you, quietly for you, treasure a beautiful, warm, and fashionable.

I am waiting for you in the spring breeze, looking over you in the enchanting green love of willows, kissing you in the sweetness of bees, inviting the east wind as your company, and the willow trees as the matchmaker, embracing you in the scenery where the butterflies shuttle through the flowers. Turned into an intoxicating melody in the dreamy snoring sound. Transformed into the warm and affectionate shadows in the dream, drifting into the moon palace together, dear Miss Chanjuan, I am thinking of you affectionately in the lake of the dream.

When thinking of you, the wind blows me with wisps of warmth, and it is you from afar that brings me my most cordial greetings, the quiet night, the breeze tells me, the blinking stars in the sky, that is the laughter that winks at me, when the wind rises, the sky is sky The most charming moon hangs in it.

When thinking of you, I asked myself: How much love in the world can live and die, and how much love can last forever? So the one you marry may not be the one you love the most, and you may not be able to marry the one you love the most in this life. How many lovers can’t enter each other’s current life and can only meet in the next life bitterly, but after walking through love and entering marriage, they will no longer cherish each other’s efforts, so remember to cherish those who love yourself, and treat every plain today All take good hold. A precious affection, ten thousand blessings, I miss you, no matter how far away we are, my heart will never change. I will give you the most sincere blessings and affectionate thoughts, when the wind rises. ,Miss you!