Let the experience of life, magnify your life

In life , while bidding farewell to the vicissitudes of yesterday, while embracing the reality of today, while looking forward to a better tomorrow. Every day we live is so real; every day we look forward to, we hope it will be fulfilled.

Everyone is experiencing the bitterness and sweetness of life . The bitters and sweets of life are like a must-sing song, we sang day after day. Some of these songs are happy , some are sad, some are nostalgic, and some are unspeakable.

We, while savoring the sweetness and honey of life, while chewing the unspeakable bitterness and astringency, while reminiscing the unbearable spicy and sour. Life is really not easy, but we can only know that its bitterness is still sweet and sour in it if we taste all the flavors of life.

Life, whether it is from brilliance and success, or from difficulties and failures, cannot be separated from our hard work, our unremitting pursuit, and our painful experience! Every step we take is soaked with tears and blood and sweat!

Life is a sweet song. It sings the beauty and hope of life, the warmth and brilliance of life, sings our success and glory, and also sings our happiness and satisfaction.

Life is a sour song. It sings the bitterness of life, the joys and sorrows of life, the tears of excitement of the winners, and the embarrassment of the downhearted.

Life is a bitter song. It sings the strong will of the strong, the sad face of the weak retreating, sings our hot passion, and also sings the toughness of our daring to fight!

Life is like a bouquet of beautiful flowers. Only by watching it quietly can you know that it is so attractive. The more you look at it, the better it looks. Life is like a cup of tea. Only by savoring it can you feel its true taste. The more you taste it, the sweeter it is.

It is colorful, it is the garden of life; it is pleasing to the ear, it is the song of life; it is fragrant and mellow, it is the wine of life; the artistic conception is profound, it is the poem of life.

Life is so beautiful, why do we have to struggle with pain and failure? Why don’t we appreciate the garden of life, listen to the singing of life, taste the wine of life, and recite the poems of life?

The beauty of life is always displayed between its aggressiveness and unyielding. Just like a majestic mountain, it always shows its upright and stalwart shore and towering clouds; like an eagle’s struggle, it always shows its bravery to fight the wind and rain; like the rush of a river, it always shows its turbulent magnificence.

Life is like a poem, life is like a song. In the journey of life, although there have been ups and downs and regrets, life is more beautiful and wonderfully presented. Although the road of life is tortuous, hope is always ahead!

Let us remember this sentence: I miss the sun, I will not cry, otherwise, I will miss the moon and the stars. Therefore, we must not be discouraged, we must always be upward, always forward!

When encountering setbacks and ups and downs, we must be firm in our choice. We should not compromise and give up, but should bravely meet the challenge; we should not be discouraged and desperate, but should be more courageous and overcome all difficulties!

We firmly believe that failure and success coexist, pain and happiness coexist, opportunities are born in ups and downs, and gains are contained in setbacks.

Regardless of the ups and downs, we must sing the song of life; don’t ask the bitterness, we will all smile forward!