Hanmei and Aoxue, keep quiet at the beginning

In the twelfth lunar month in the cold winter, a pure and crystal-clear snow, unwinding and flowing to the vast earth as promised, the shadows flying all over the sky, like the late-arrival white angel, Ana’s graceful and pure and beautiful, quietly and softly and quietly Generously, I had a close and affectionate encounter with Mei Hongxique, who was made of a tree full of makeup. At that moment, the sky was pleasantly surprised and the earth sighed with emotion. This moment amused the Qing Emperor, and it seemed to be seduced by the joy of the God of Years, and the heavens seemed to be too In order to rejoice, the vast sky, in the ethereal and dazzling dance, chanted a poem from the heart: “The Prince of Heaven dances with scales of poems, and the Snow White presents love for spring. The silver dress is engraved with crystals and the yushu is painted by the wind.”

For a moment, heaven and earth wandered in the silver and warm world. It was Baixue who understood human nature and gave the world a pure and exquisite poetry. In an instant, all the memories of people were clear and clear. Although the cold wind was bitter, it was precisely the gust of wind. they seem comes a cordial and gentle thoughts of care, from north to south Xue Wu know that lovey-dovey talk, snow-covered plateau of ice crystal through awareness, as if Gesang flower bud in Hanbaoyufang, praying for a complete mosaic happiness of Whisper. The snow lotus on the Tianshan Mountains suddenly exudes a charming fragrance, blooming to the full, and the pure flower buds are paved into the snowy incense path in the ten thousand ren gully. The clusters of misty pine glittering and exquisite buds along the Songhua River may be the purest and most innocent tidbits to people in the deep winter. Inadvertently, a turn around will say goodbye to 2018, overwhelming all the sadness of the year; Kazuki Mei met the 2019 Snow Maiden with an intoxicating smile.

Time goes by, time flies, but I know that the most beautiful distance is to see each other’s favorite flowers in each other’s field of vision, bloom in the most beautiful posture, listen and appreciate each other , can smell the fragrance of the soul, but not Disturbance is not entangled, so peaceful and warm, so joyful and free from the heart’s joy, which contains the tenderness of so-clean, quietly shining under the moon, the fragrance becomes an intoxicating poetry, and the breeze Xulai sweetly produces fragrance. In the midst of the twelfth lunar month of winter, it is Hanmei Aoxue who stays quietly at first.

In the years, I tried my best to find an original intention, which is simple, pure, transparent, light, indifferent and free and easy. Say goodbye to the hustle and bustle of the red world, away from the hustle and bustle of the city. In the hustle and bustle of the world, I always look forward to the desire to keep my original heart, let the soul be pure and beautiful , and dye the soul into an elegant and bright color, just like embracing the beauty of truth, goodness and beauty. Those who are incomparably beautiful in their original heart, praise the beauty of the heavens and the earth, the elegance of humanistic charm, admire the original purity and elegance of human nature, and praise the broad and selfless and fearless personality charm of the sea and the sky. Think more about time to accompany people’s beautiful hearts and thrive in the sun and rain.

I really don’t want the world’s fate to fall into dust. I am looking forward with a kind hearted heart: in the next blooming season of winter plums and proud snow, I will still be able to smile by the delicate plum trees. Ignite the fire of expectation, raise the sail of life, and sail to the other shore of hope, looking forward to, in my lifetime, interpret the true meaning of life with the most sincere heart, and write a colorful chapter in life with pure heart .

Looking at the embankment of time, ask: When will the flowers bloom on Moshang? Don’t forget the long and long pavilion. Decades of winter, summer, spring and autumn are played back in the Yinhongdou green as many as possible. Tired of the cycle of years, savoring the ups and downs of life, feeling the most authentic and beautiful in the wind, flowers, and snow, I want to use my heartstrings. Use the yaoqin to listen to the sound of nature that finds a friend in the mountains and flowing water, and I want to listen to the Sanskrit sounds to nourish the soul, so that the Zen Buddha is willing to interpret the smoothness of the goodness as the water, and face the kind, sincere and beautiful world with a grateful heart.

Walking in the time tunnel, waving a splash of ink, the beautiful scenery of rain, brewing thoughts into poetic inspiration, half-rolled coldness flooding into lonely beauty, eternally fixed in the most beautiful ink painting. Quietly guarding the original heart and not staining the dust, looking lightly at Fengyue in Tang poems and Song Ci, looking for self in literary, ink and scholarly. A ride in the mountains, a ride in the water; flowers in the mist, moon in the water, and rain in the middle of the scene. The boat of time drifts through the spring, summer, autumn and winter of life, in the falling snow and flies, smiling with Mei to see the origin, smiling at the clouds and clouds, quietly guarding the original heart, and calmly in the past of life. Feel one flower and one world, one leaf and one bodhi. The flowers bloom into poetry, the flowers fall lyrical , and the vicissitudes and tranquility of the years are kept quiet. With a plain heart, move forward calmly.

In the flying flowers like water, thousands of times and thousands of times to search for the true self, the prosperity and loneliness of the world, the lush and withered, I think it is an ordinary time to chase the sun. Follow the time all the way forward, as always, longing for a quiet place, Meiling Xiaozhu. Whenever the snow falls down the city, the faint fragrance is instantly permeated, and then pick the snow and boil a pot of fresh green, smelling the fragrant and shallow products. , Youyou Nian, slowly realize. Immediately refreshed and happy, at this time, the person who fell into the depths of the soul must have the pure joy of the original heart, and the heart between the eyebrows must be shallow and deep hidden.

The heart is quiet in the beginning, and the fragrance of flowers in the cold winter is also refreshing, and the collection is sealed with the first snow, and then refined into a page of life. The faint fragrance of the original heart is diffused in each line of words. In the bright sunshine, on the dewdrops draped on the verdant grass tip, the dazzling and smart light and shadow of the prism, in the tranquility, relying on the charming light, in the scroll Every inch of blank space is permeated with a continuous silk. Fang Cunchu’s heart is the most distant Youfang in the world. The joys and sorrows are cold and warm, not too warm, not in appearance. It’s coming, the dust has settled, smiling, I am still the most true me, my original intention is still there, and the years remain indifferent, and I can’t help reading: Hanmei Aoxue, my original intention is quiet.