Spring outing to Daheishan

I am not a person who likes sports, but I only have a passion for climbing. During the holidays, inviting three or five friends to the nature to see the vegetation withered, the flowers blooming, listening to the sound of the wind, and watching the flow of the clouds is really a great enjoyment of life .

One morning in the early spring, I made an appointment with a few friends to climb Dahei Mountain. We set off on time at 7 o’clock in the morning. Everyone carried a simple bag with bread, mineral water, fruits and other essentials. They talked and laughed and set foot on the road to Greater Black Mountain.

Dahei Mountain is located in Wuhong Township, Panzhihua City, Sichuan, with the highest altitude (Eagle Rock) of 2920 meters. On this ridge, you can also enjoy four major landscapes. View the sunrise, the colorful clouds in the evening, the unpredictable sea of ​​clouds on rainy days, and the lights of the Baili Steel City at night.

A group of more than ten people walked up a small road from Qingxiangping. The weather in Panzhihua in early spring was exceptionally cool. There are many tourists climbing. I don’t know when, climbing Daheishan has become the first choice for citizens to exercise. Many people take advantage of holidays and go together, combining mountain climbing and leisure outings. There are also many units that organize mountaineering competitions, which not only enriches the cultural life of employees , but also achieves fitness goals. Today is no exception. Along the way, I saw many units climbing collectively with various colorful flags.

After walking for more than an hour, we found that the slope in front of us was getting bigger and bigger. We had to bend down very carefully so as not to slide down. Breathing was also a bit difficult, and our voice was still a little trembling when we spoke. There are a lot of withered thatch on the trail, probably as high as one person. Below are some low shrubs with green buds on the trees. This is the early spring morning, with crystal dew hanging on the leaves of the tree, and the air smells a little moist, but it is very fresh.

Climbing to the top of a mountain, I suddenly saw a small tree swaying in the wind on the opposite cliff. The tree was not high but stubborn, and it was completely lonely and stubborn. In an instant I understand why some people say that the literati with ill-fated life in history will sway like autumn leaves, just like walking through a thorny mountain forest, dangling a figure in front of your eyes, standing proudly, and eclectic. Ge is Ji Kang, one of the seven sages of the bamboo forest. The world’s famous scholars are both talented and academic but willing to be hermits, just because they stick to their own sentiments, just because they are tired of the world, the poems and essays they write are magnificent, without any vulgarity.

“Put the chopsticks and cast the poles, you can enjoy your life” and “The middle tour of Lezai Garden, you can see endlessly” all reflect the love for nature. Three thousand scholars petitioned him. His personality charm is admirable. What I admire most is his great righteousness and calm freehand brushwork when he was in trouble. The song is only in the sky, and it is rare to hear it in the world. Since then, the song has disappeared and disappeared from the world. Thousands of years later, we people still remember him in our hearts. I really want to be able to listen to it at this moment, and reverberate this tune that shocks the past and shines at the peak of this infinite scenery. It’s a pity that I don’t have the kind of friends who can talk about the past and present freely and naturally, and can’t share the rhythm of the soul together.

Climbing the two steepest slopes, we came to another half of the mountain, where there was a meadow, we decided to rest there for a while. On the opposite mountain is a dense forest, and there are waves when the wind blows. In the front, the entire Qingxiang Ping was unfolded in front of us. Although the sky was still shrouded in gray mist, the outline was clearly visible. Following the mountain climbing path, the gentle spring breeze swayed the green pine on the hillside, and the waves of the pine waves were exceptionally fresh. There were occasional bird chirping and pheasant clucking in the distant trees. I looked up. The path up the mountain changes according to the mountain, winding and winding, and the distance has been submerged in the pine waves.

Walk along the winding mountain trail. Years of fallen leaves under the pine trees spread the ground under the tree like a carpet, stepping on it, soft and very comfortable. Some of the weeds on the western slope of Dahei Mountain have begun to sprout and turn green, but the pine trees on the top of the mountain have different shapes, some resemble the “welcoming pine” on the Huangshan Mountain, seem to be waving to the climbers, and some resemble the top of Mount Tai. “Exploring the sea stone” is general, and the air is so great that it points directly to the sky; some are like a “sunshade”, sheltering the mountaineering visitors from the rain…

We stopped and went, after about 3 hours, we boarded the Greater Black Mountain. Looking from the distance, the beautiful Panzhihua City has a panoramic view. The Baili Steel City built along the banks of the Jinsha River, surrounded by mountains and rivers, is very majestic. Blocks of brand-new buildings are connected together, and the Jinsha River passes around the city like a silver ribbon.

It was twelve o’clock, it was time for dinner. We went to Wula Mountain Villa for dinner. The young girl from the Villa ordered us Yajiang fish, as well as oily meat, pumpkin, and tree flowers. It was a delicious meal. After dinner, we went to Eagle Rock again, where there are dense pine forests and lush greenery. The woods are dense and steep, making it difficult to climb. My friend Lao Wang got up because he was very fat and climbed for a long time. All the way up the mountain, there are various flowers and plants, and the spring flowers are colorful. At the top of the mountain, the people and the mountains under the mountain are very small, and it is really a small view of the mountains. Today I have gained a lot. I exercised, breathed fresh air, honed my perseverance, and gained knowledge. I really hope to come again.