It’s autumn again in a blink of an eye

So cool, come out and blow, change your mind. Breathing the pain in my chest, the dry and dazzling sunlight appeared before my eyes like a dream. Only empty, not empty, rustling autumn breeze. Only bad is not bad, calm and comfortable. Counting the gates that were mottled by the autumn rain, the houses at this time were no longer called houses, but real estate. In the empty villa, the weird twisted limbs of the elm tree appeared in a lifeless and confused manner.

The slang is reduced to entertainment for relaxing conversations between Li and the people, gnawing on a green apple the size of a small ball, and wanting to find an hour-long playmate for a chat, but this road is so familiar, unknowingly Zhong’s step forward took his body to nostalgia on this familiar street.

On both sides of the street, there are unbelievable loofah vine flowers in full bloom, so fresh and dull. The tile-blue sky is full of the faint charm of the enchantress. I think maybe it’s been a long time since I’ve been so happy. It’s like many years have passed. It’s like looking down at the familiar hometown from a very high place. Looking through a photo album full of memories in the quiet study room.

The water in the autumn is precipitating, even the ice-cold water that I just bought has a sweet and creamy taste, and I drank it out, quietly listening to the soul of the water flowing in my stomach. Xiao Shu’s wooden shadow made the field of vision even wider. This is a season where one can concentrate on admiring the wood. The wooden shadow dappled and danced happily in the field of vision.

Qiushuiyiren, the unspeakable scenery came into view, and even the girls on the streets no longer rushed gracefully, smiling and talking to each other in the streets where they can see each other. This autumn has brought life back to nature.

This simple and simple life has returned to its original reality, no longer hidden and tucked, and no longer decorated with the emptiness of gorgeous Yong Kai words. My soul stretched out its tentacles, looking for those natural traces. Put the eaten fruit core in front of the ant’s nest and watch the small animals in the two-dimensional world move. Or find a suitable place to bury it, and wait a few years to come here to look for that young tree sapling.

Because I don’t want to be too sad, I gave up the perfectionist interpretation, and embraced the world with this light-minded and ordinary body. The joy of learning lies in thinking. The joy of reading lies in being able to rejoice with those noble souls. The resonance of every emotion shook the mind. What a moment of rejoicing and expectation. At this moment, tears are happily shed, and the mountains are flowing water. Soulmate. Isn’t this the most noble place in life when you look up, the familiar sun shines on the top of the tree, and then bids you farewell, no matter how hard it is to say goodbye, you will eventually bid farewell to each other and go on your own.

Repaying Chunguang knows that there is a place, and it is necessary to send wine to life. Du Fu couldn’t lose weight and was annoyed by it, but I felt that drinking in the autumn cool was full of invigoration, but his appetite was wide and he was suddenly interested in eating and drinking clothes.

It’s a cool autumn! Qiubo Qingrun sings a flowing song with excitement in detail, and is fluent in simplicity and refinement without words and music. One night’s fishing harvest is full of bags, looking at a bunch of autumn flowers lying simply on the side of the road, offering sky light and tranquility. Packing up the fishing gear, there is no great joy or compassion, but feels like this time to move forward calmly and unhurriedly.

The snow cave-like sky is free and easy and elegant, the autumn breeze blows the clothes and the clothes are so peaceful, the refreshing and clear mood is like having an elegant room, and the expression and demeanor also carry the joy of Xiaoshu. Putting aside all the hardships and worries, feeling a little extravagantly excited, adding fullness and contentment at the age of happiness and lack of happiness , Qiuchen floated with a full smile.