Lyrics of green mountains and green waters

The dazzling flying is a greeting dedicated to the blue sky. Looking up at the vast and blue sky, the mood of flying is like the hearty of the sky , like a cloud. , I want to record the flight trajectory of the white swan’s long journey. I imagine the gangs of geese moving south to welcome the Chinese New Year in an urgent and joyful mood.

I sigh with the eagle’s courageous spirit, admire Haiyan’s perseverance, praise the white swan’s white veil, and the graceful and graceful dance in the sky. They are both the spirits of nature and the friends of mankind. They live in harmony with them. Let’s have fun together, and feel fortunate to have a good time!

The footsteps of the thoughts step into the green mountains and green waters, and the mood is comfortable, the breeze is blowing thousands of hectares of bamboo forests and green waves, the green clothes are squatting, and the fragrance of negative ions is pungent, refreshing the lungs. Dry acres of tea island, green and fresh, nurturing fragrant tea, Jiaming is like a beautiful woman, it is refreshing and refreshing.

Wandering deep in the mountains, listening to the gurgling sound of the naughty stream, moisturizing my heart. Listening to the rhythm of Qingquan Dingdong makes the soul happy. Looking at the cliff, a torrent of water flows lightly, that is a cry from the endorsement to the depths of the soul!

The mountains and plains are lush and lush, the flowers are picturesque, the birds whisper and the insects sing, and praise the sounds of the green mountains. In the standing mountains, the pine and cypress are standing tall, and the heart is calm at the water veins of the streams and springs. Feel the beauty of goodness as water, and realize the mystery of Zen. Wandering among the green hills and green mountains, cultivate sentiment, so that the soul can be comforted, and the graceful and tender texts can be added to the light, lively and fragrant, let them open their hearts, post a beautiful mirror image of the sky, and sigh in the wrong writing of a song Qingshan The lyrical ballad of Lushui …