The locust tree in May tells beautiful stories

The spring girl in the blooming season has just taken off her gorgeous clothes, and she casually stepped into shallow summer in the season. The long rainy lanes seem to be less moist, and the bluestone slabs on the road are even more shiny, which is what I must go through every day. The road is the familiar alley. Inadvertently, I saw the thick locust tree with lush branches and densely shaded expression. In the densely shaded expression, the clusters of white flowers exuded the delicate fragrance. The emperor’s enlightenment couldn’t help but become enchanting.

In the adjectives of the text, I think that the cherry blossoms are blooming, the jasmine is fragrant and charming, the roses are passionate and unrestrained, the peonies are magnificent, the charming peach blossoms are enchanting, and the willow silk rippling in the spring breeze is enchanting. The petals of the sophora japonica flower are hanging down layer after layer, like a white waterfall, gently cascading down, and the wind is wafting slightly. At first glance, the whiteness is shocking, and when you look at it again, there are a bit of a woman. With enchanting eyes, this small alley would definitely not be able to withstand such a swagger and temptation, and a string of bluestones and daisy rhymes came out of amorous feelings.

I saw the long-lost smiling face of the locust tree from a person’s courtyard from a distance, and wisps of elegant fragrance floated in the wind, and the lush and fresh flowers carried strings of white buds. It was really beautiful. I knew it for a long time. The person under the tree is Tang Mingxia. She is just in her youth. She wears a moon-white shirt all the year round. She has black hair pouring down her shoulders, as if telling me that a beautiful life starts from the beginning. The willow eyebrows are picturesque, and she has a pair of exquisite and piercing apricot eyes. There is spirit, the oval-shaped face is as smooth as fat, and white as water chestnuts, and the coat echoes with the white skin, which looks beautiful and vivid, and the youthful vitality is ready to come out.

Actually, I don’t like moon-white clothes, nor Tang Mingxia. To put it bluntly, I admire the pure and elegant lotus flower on my clothes. The halo is very charming. Too many handsome men fall, and the 100% return rate is really admirable. When I was a child, I didn’t know any charming eyes. Those years were summed up as the buds of evil. That lotus flower was completely tainted by the haze. People know that human nature is good at first. Everyone has the heart of beauty.

The long alley looks narrow, and only three or four people can walk side by side, while the century-old locust tree grows in the courtyard wall of Tang Mingxia’s house, with lush, flourishing branches and lush branches, with branches of different thicknesses. It stretches out in the sun to the fullest, covering five or six houses in an airtight manner. In the summer season, the locust trees are densely shaded, and it is indeed pleasant and cool. In those years, the grandmother next door was still sturdy, always walking under the sophora tree at the entrance of the alley with a cane, where there was a stone pier, sitting there, looking around for many years. When I came back from school, I could see my grandma wearing a blue headscarf. Sometimes, when I met Tang Mingxia, my grandma frowned and pulled me up while walking, muttering, so enchanting, hang it up, look. It’s going to rain again the next day, and a nagging sound echoes in the alley.

At that time, when I met Tang Mingxia, I often involuntarily looked back at the lotus on her chest, as if it was blooming quietly and elegantly in the white and flawless moonlight. Her eyebrows were drooping, stirring the corners of her clothes, and the petals of the lotus. , Changed its form in an instant. At that time, only the grandmother said: “Too beautiful women are a disaster, and a beauty is ill-fated. I think that people’s spirits were extremely empty and cultural life was scarce. Entertainment was just a symbol of yellow and despotic music, and love songs were synonymous with the bourgeoisie. In the years when class struggle was the key link, in the years of studying Dazhai in agriculture, in the hard years, people’s thoughts were imprisoned and almost suffocated. The beauty was regarded as evil and the culprit. Beauty was in my conception. , Even connected with fox and enchanting, that year, maybe because of the lack of material and spiritual emptiness, people wear gray, black and blue clothes, sloppy, not to mention the vocabulary of vitality, grace and charm. It disappeared. Tang Mingxia’s white and delicate skin tone, crystal-like eyes, really pure and elegant, put on the moon-white shirt, and the lotus flower embroidered on her chest, quietly and leisurely opening, that year, I don’t know how many young people’s hearts are rippling in the alley.

The wind in May is warm and romantic, just like a bright beauty mole on a beautiful girl’s forehead, and a half-closed palm of a girl, expressing restraint, dampness and warmth. In May of that year, Sophora japonica blossomed very sparsely, mostly because of the cold weather.

Only the scattered canna on the side of the road is bright and dazzling, especially the canna in the yellow plum season. It has a flame-like flower shape, and the rose red is like an elegant silk, and the orange red is beautiful and beautiful like an azalea. , And the blooming of goose yellow diamond-shaped or butterfly-like buds, those flowers, there are whispering, hippy smiling faces, some looking up at the sky and smiling, lying down, lying on their back, rocking, dancing, and that pole A few bowed their heads in contemplation, with different expressions in the large and emerald-green leaves interpreting Xia’s splendor. Are you telling the emotions of the years and life? Or to interpret the changes in the inner world? I think it should be all; life is in a hurry, who can understand whose heart, and the years are long, who can solve whose heart sound. In this world, what is lacking is mutual understanding, and what is lacking is mutual understanding. Between the hustle and bustle, there is always a sense of loneliness , and in the coming and going, there is always a sense of wandering. It turns out that the hard part in life is understanding, and the painful part is misunderstanding and misunderstanding. Maybe it’s because there is no direction and no self; the most difficult thing to understand is the human heart, sometimes clear and sometimes vague, maybe because of too much annoyance and too much pursuit; the most difficult thing is myself, I can’t forget, I can’t let go, because it has become Habits become life. In the beautiful scenery, purely cheer oneself; in the busyness of running, realize oneself; in the years without regrets, know oneself.

Tang Mingxia is ingenious and can cook all kinds of home-cooked side dishes, which are delicious, and those side dishes are all grown in ordinary people’s homes. The best one is a Sophora japonica nest, which is prepared and distributed to the neighbors for a blind date. She took it with a smile. After Tang Mingxia left, her grandmother took it to my dog ​​and said that she had tuberculosis and coughed all night and all night in winter for fear of infecting me. It was really good to be a donkey liver and lungs.

For many years, I didn’t dare to step into her house for fear that tuberculosis might be transmitted to me, and that those evil things would get on my body. The faint water lotus, everything about her makes me curious and scared.

Sophora japonica blossoms year after year, the lotus on her clothes has faded, but it is very white, but her man has never come back. Some people say that they have raised women outside, and others say, There are also children. Time has gone through many May and how many locust trees have been bathed. Who can say it clearly?

I occasionally met in the alley, and I squinted at her, looking at her puffed chest, the lotus on her chest. Her calm face barely sees any color, like a deep spring with crystal clear crystals, with no end in sight, so quiet that no sound of water can be heard. The alley is also quiet, and the locust tree floats over layers of white flakes, like snow, clouds, and feathers.

She is indeed too beautiful, and the beauty has become a disaster. Her Yuebai clothes were very plain, and even the lotus was clean and kept in the water. The man saw that the sea of ​​love was full of passion and surging, and there were ripples in the lake of heart, as if he lost his soul. The beautiful Tang Mingxia knew that a brave person jumped a wall and came to her house in the middle of the night. Suddenly, he only heard deafening swearing, barking dogs, and the sound of throwing washbasins and brooms in the night sky. One after another, the noise made the grandmother next door also knock on the wall to curse; this fox and charming goblin did not make people feel at ease, and gave birth to such rebellious things, sin!

The beauty is shocking, but there is always a crisis-ridden element. Tang Mingxia’s name contains sweet and bright and dazzling sunlight. The scenery here is unique.

The chaotic houses in the small village were originally scattered and disorderly, and the alleys in the small village were crooked and crooked, leading to the wheat fields, chaining the river, and also leading to the small roads at the entrance of the village. When the smoke curls up, when the glow is flying, when the little sparrows are chirping, and the oriole birds are chirping, you can see Tang Mingxia next to the small wooden bridge at the entrance of the village, looking around in the distance, as if waiting What, who is looking forward to returning, really nobody knows. In the distance, there is a touch of blue clouds, a flock of flying birds, and a series of bird-speaking Yingge, but this path is still empty, there is no vitality of fireworks, no ray of fresh breath can be smelled.

The night is sinking, the moon is like washing, and the stars are shining. When the night is hanging on the eaves and the alleys are particularly quiet, who wants to break this tranquility? Tang Mingxia originally had a good voice. When the needle and thread were moving, Ying sang suddenly, and the silence of the night disappeared for an instant. The simplicity of the small village is only natural clean and beautiful. Tang Mingxia, who has been married from abroad, has a wild beauty and a strong and lonely aura. Such aura often provokes the jealousy and resentment of the women in the small village. She had to gnash her teeth, but she was not as inferior as Tang Mingxia’s. Wan Yan was in the same cup and gathered the eyes of all the men in the village.

In my opinion, the most incomprehensible thing is the thoughtful tranquility in Tang Mingxia’s eyes, only to see the tranquility that is as deep as a clear spring, which is unfathomable. Her beauty; her aggressive aura, her lofty and arrogant; she has a world away, and no one can touch it. Her quietness; like that secluded lotus, quietly makes the women in the small village jealous, jealous of flooding, and angry.

Regardless of other people’s vision and criticism, she does her own way. Any tree of Sophora japonica blossoms and blooms, white as snow, like flocculent, like clouds. Blooming in the wilderness of the heart, floating in the blue sky, wandering in the depths of the soul, floating among the mountains and rivers.

At that time, time always makes people turn around unexpected things. Suddenly, a big living person fell from the sky, and her man was coming back suddenly, so abruptly, so quickly, and then came back.

Standing at the entrance of the alley, the Sophora japonica flowers are falling, and the petals that have lost their moisture are sprinkled in the air, lightly scented. There is a sense of weightlessness of falling, but it is so beautiful.

In the alley, she spread out a large area of ​​Sophora japonica and dried it, like a layer of snow. She wore the white clothes of the moon and the lotus, which was alive and well. When she looked carefully, the petals of the lotus were inlaid with green silk threads. The pure white Lianru smiled lightly, the fragrance was dripping, and only she could make such a fantastic idea.

When the man came back and divorced him, Xiaocun’s rumors were confirmed. That night, the wind and rain were fierce, and Kazuki’s locust flowers were all gone. Shuri, the man walked along the path and crossed the wooden bridge, never coming back.

The alley was quiet for dozens of days. From winter to spring, the Sophora japonica is still in May, full of branches, but Yi Ruo will not make Sophora japonica, nor sing a little song anymore. The moon white shirt is aired in the courtyard, day by day, No longer take it off, the wind is blowing, the rain is drenching, the charming lotus, enchanting, charming. The small alley is wrapped in a damp mood , drifting in the wind and rain, the annual rings of the years, rolling the ordinary days, passing.

I went to study abroad and rarely saw Tang Mingxia. I want to write with a pen, but I don’t know what tone to use. Is she still beautiful? The beauty is stunning. Is she enchanting? The lotus on the chest was still so quiet, like a pure purity other than slender dust, not contaminated with any dust. Is there love in her world ? Is there lovesickness? A series of questions left Feishuo’s time.

The alleys are long. Does she complain? Sophora japonica is pure white, white to the depths, and actually pales the years around him. The alley is long, and the woman who grows into the alley has gray hair. Do you think the time is right?

Next to the river ditch outside the small village, under the fence of the house, there is a wild flower growing. Our locals call it lisianthus. Even the most barren place, it will struggle to open, let people see its efforts at a glance, it is indifferent, not competing with thousands of flowers.

When I write lisianthus flowers, I think of Tang Mingxia in the long alley, and I think of the pagoda tree at the entrance of the alley. I write about the small alleys, the beauty of the women in the village who spy on others, and the beauty and coquettishness of Tang Mingxia’s different auras from others. She exudes a quiet smell, which makes the women in the village despise and scold, but I like it, so greedy infatuation, so charming.

Occasionally I go back to the small alley and step into the alley. I heard her singing “The Story of a Small Town ” and “The Spring of the Frontier is Clear and Long” through the curtain . The voice is low and deep, without a trace. Sad, it is like a small river behind the village, calm flowing water.

It coincided with the full bloom of Sophora japonica in May, she must be sitting in the alley in the afterglow of the setting sun, when light and water flowed through. There was a vivid luster in her eyes, and that halo belonged only to the moon-white dress and the lotus studded with green edges in the courtyard, fluttering in the wind.

Xue Xiaochan said, “It turns out that everything will be old, love is nothing. It is just an old clothes pressed in a camphor box. Although it is also golden, when it is taken out, there is no light, and it only feels obsolete, even With inexplicable melancholy.”

Facing the small alley, facing the passing years, how much infatuation is old in this long time?

Tang Mingxia is, me, and also, fairy Lingbo.

People living in society need positive energy, and the natural world needs beautiful fragrance. Let the morning sun reflect on people a warm halo, let Yun Qiao woven into colorful red dresses, dressed up with a flower-like voice and smile, and send a message to a Chinese fellow with a bright future and happiness. auspicious. I saw the rush to work. Look at the Chinese fellows who are struggling day and night on the front line. They are contributing to the Chinese dream. The respect is filled with thumbs of appreciation from the heart. I want to let Father Sun close his angry eyes and make the world a little cooler. , Enjoy the aroma of summer in the thick shade. Let the social family become a harbor of love, pour sweetness into the Yellow River, into the Yarlung Zangbo River, flowing in the hearts and broad minds of Chinese fellow villagers, telling beautiful stories as time goes by.

There are many forgotten corners in the vicissitudes of life, and there are also unforgettable thoughts and concerns, lingering, watching the stormy waves on the beach, the beauty of the heart and the good memories will not disappear because of the long time, but will still be touched by the situation, and the wind and rain of Xiao Xiao often Passing through our hearts, is it the most anxious and the most hurtful, it is the sincere emotions , ask ourselves, many of the stories of Luoying seem to be cruel withering like camellia, indiscriminately, come to an abrupt end, and start the love that has been sealed for thirty years. Story, I hope that all netizens in the true love, crystal clear love, let the heart of orchids, perpetually perfumed in the spiritual space, repeat the joy in the journey of life, have a happy party, and the sun will share the auspicious happiness with tomorrow’s sun. People who love life make the world full of joy and love. The painful story will not be repeated, and the beautiful dream will always be in my heart. Statement summary; the characters and content mentioned in this article are purely fictitious. Any similarity is a coincidence. It is not enough to share the ups and downs of love and taste the joys and sorrows of life.