Commitment is gold

Commitment is a kind of responsibility as well as an obligation. It is the most sincere recognition and persistence of a person’s heart and soul, and a testimony of a person’s lifelong honor. She means a person’s lifelong persistence, persistence, and consistent unconditional dedication. When you accept, acquiesce, persist, and do it, this is the promise. So the promise is solemn, sacred, and commendable. She carries your belief, care, pursuit, and glory, which is the sum of your body and soul.

Commitment is a kind of persistence. Keep your promises, she carries the noble beauty of your life, along with the ups and downs and rapids you have traveled through. A person can rely on the determination of nature to internalize into self-identification and externalize into actual actions. After a long period of time, there will be endless power that will accompany you to achieve success in life.

Commitment is a quality, and it is an important sign that reflects your integrity. As the saying goes: “Words must be done, deeds must be resolute.” Regardless of whether it is verbal or a promise made deep in the heart. We must take the initiative and take the courageously. Even if you give up your own life when necessary, you can’t give up your promise. Therefore, she embodies the quality of a person, which is achieved through your honesty, will and action.

Commitment is a state. Therefore, a person must not only have promises, but also dreams, and organically combine dreams with promises. At the same time, we must also draw up a reasonable goal that can be achieved through hard work. In this way, you can become strong, persistent, and pursue lifelong pursuits. Einstein’s theory of relativity said: The energy of matter is equal to the mass times the square of the speed of light.

Then, the size of a person’s energy is equal to the quality of his thought multiplied by the square of the execution speed. In other words, the size of a person’s energy depends on the quality of his thoughts, multiplied by the speed of execution. Therefore, a person’s energy determines the quality of his thoughts. Obviously, if you do not act, this energy must be equal to zero. Persistence and trustworthiness are the greatest spirits of mankind. Once anyone has this spirit, the chances of success are much higher.

Commitment is still a kind of pursuit and dedication. Our generation still remembers “Lei Feng’s Story”. In Lei Feng’s short life, he has done a lot of commendable good deeds. Its deeds are an ode that combines pursuit and dedication. The constant perseverance deep in my heart and the responsibility on my shoulders are the deep and mighty strength of the beauty of perseverance. Think about it carefully, those people and things that hurt people’s hearts are mostly ordinary things done by ordinary people. When these common things are persisted for a long time, they become noble virtues, and they become powers that can shock our souls.

Promises are sacred and cannot be made lightly. Pay attention to the object of the promise. Promises cannot be made lightly, and the choice of the object of the promise must be solemn. Because once you make a promise, you have to fulfill it for life, unswervingly until death. This is exactly why Chen Gong chose to die after Lu Bu failed in the Three Kingdoms period.

In fact, a promise is a word, a decision deep in the heart. Flowers are the promise of spring, the tide is the promise of the sea, and the distance is the promise of the road. Commitment is action, thinking, self-cultivation, and nourishment. Commitment is gold. If every one of our promises is a pearl, then the promise that this person will keep in his lifetime is a golden thread. If we string her together with this golden thread of promise, then she is a rare and priceless necklace.