No matter how hard you work, someone is better than you

Life is a flower that is always open. Today’s bright and beautiful, tomorrow’s withered and withered, but another tomorrow, it will bloom again and again. The only thing we have to do is to keep ourselves in the best condition at any time, keep learning, Act, reflect, overcome and challenge one after another.

People who have gone through college have this kind of experience. One semester is equivalent to five months of kindergarten plus half a month of college entrance examination. Indeed, compared with high school, college exams have many fewer monthly exams, mid-term exams, and cumbersome essays . , There was only one thrilling final exam. And sometimes the crazy memorizing questions for a week is worth the beautiful numbers you get out of the library every day.

In the last exam before the internship, the results came out, often the last few subjects… are more weighty, and I am just the marginal line of passing, maybe the teacher is kind, and only gave a result that does not need to take the make-up exam. Look at other people’s, the first and nine characters are full of baskets, maybe the distance has been greatly enlarged from this section. Before the exam, I still talked boldly: I don’t believe it. After so many years of reading, I can’t pass this naked exam.

Those who are real schoolmasters, who can connect dormitories, classrooms, and dining halls into a three-point line, still have a higher position. They have scholarships at their fingertips. After all, their time and harvest are the same. Consensus; some insist on exercising every day and studying at night, and they can still hold their own rankings; and those so-called holding mobile phones all day long, how can you look at them? They do the same in exams, just ask not Dismissed, what are you doing after class? It’s just that in the dark night with no one under the faint blue light beside the bed, he has a word of righteous thoughts. At the end of the term, people’s grades are better than you. After all, everyone learns differently. The same, the behavior realized is different.

Some people always take part in school-organized activities non-stop, and they have to take the second-level test after passing the first level of computer; they have passed more than 500 points in the fourth-level test, but have not passed the sixth-level test, so they will fight again this year; for others, start Create your own WeChat public account, run a WeChat store, test your driver’s license, do part-time jobs, write novels , but tutor, participate in entrepreneurial competitions…

You have participated in countless competitions, so one or two are your strengths, you may have advanced to the top three, and the others may have just received an entry ticket, and then you will be reduced to the public gallery and sit down, but at least you participate After all, there will be more or less progress, so there is no need to deliberately compare life , after all, no matter how hard you work, someone will always be better than you; but if you stop working hard because of this, you will always be just a bystander. When we avoided those sufferings and setbacks in life, we also avoided the door to success.

The baptism of wind and rain, the warmth of the sun, the blue sky… everything is the wealth bestowed by life. Face it bravely. In this process, life can be tempered and grown!