Only this one, spent a lifetime

The warmth sent by that spring is like the flattery that you and I always meet. As if that moment to live in a fairy tale in. There is no beginning. There is still no end. That false sentiment, but like Sadako on the screen, was disheveled. I was not pure, but I was also very dirty in the mirror image at the time. His gaze was dull, his appearance was close, and he was reckless, and fell to this point. I demanded a holy cloak to cover my body to make my filthy body clean from now on, but I was wrong.

I am so vast and mortal, as small as gravel, even if I ride the dragon and control the phoenix, I still can’t reach the nine-day holy palace. If an ant is as mediocre as a mountain, he can only end his life with firewood, rice, oil and salt. The hair is tied with straw ropes, and the body is covered by a coarse cloth. What does the earthly abyss do to me? Get a vulgar thing, free and easy for a lifetime.

I have longed for the great world, and I also longed for the sword to ride a horse, but how can I become a hero when I am a commoner? There is the heaven to help the world, and the chivalrous beloved below. Standing between the heaven and the earth, seven feet tall, but also a glimpse, ashamed to say it, and arrogantly laughing.

Happy Taibai, reciting thousands of poems in the fight against wine; Envy of the left, the virtuous cup of music, the saint is called avoiding the virtuous; Jing Bogao, the glorious fall of the paper is like a cloud of smoke… I sigh lonely, my generation is as drunk as a dog, do not call it a king Feng Hou, only one day drinking drunk, muddy eyes disease and aging body. Xianyun Yehe, just take care of yourself.

If the years have ever looked back, when they first met, there would be no indifference, but you would be gentle. How to live this life? Two flowers bloom, each in the sky. What is long love? On this one person, only a lifetime.