Red strange road, miss each other!

On the road in the red dust, what can’t let go is obsession; the longing is dependent on each other, and what is constant is love; walking in the flourishing world of red and dust, in the mirror, blooming, and passing years of self, but also in dreams and not dreams, just for the flowers before the moon Handle each other. –Inscription

Light summer in June, everywhere is full of vitality, when alone in the quiet environment of midnight, habitually typing on the keyboard in the quiet night, using words to describe the tender paragraphs, I eagerly hope that you can see, otherwise you will only It can become a superfluous line of love words.

Leaning against the window porch, the crescent moon hung high in the starry sky, the dim moonlight scattered in front of the window, the lonely figure wandering lonely, the curtain curled up, the window screens were soft, holding a handful of faint moonlight, looking for a deep thought , Lightly through the corridor of memory, transformed into a dark fragrance, quietly entwining your light gauze clothes, the fragrance is permanent.

It is said that the tears of lovesickness will be cut continuously, but how can it be completely sorted out. I like literature , I always leave my love notes in words, and when you and I are all gray-haired, I will look back at the plain note filled with past events, only to find that the words in it, word by word, are all deeply missed for you. It is also the source of the emaciation of Yiren.

In the dimly lit place in the distance, is the murmur of the night breeze, or the babble of the stars, or a touch of sentiment in the love note? They all say that facing the Aegean Sea, watching the spring flowers bloom, standing in the depths of the fleeting years, holding a breeze; to me, how can you say that if you are well, it will be sunny?

Thousands of years of love, ten thousand years of persistence, but passing years and easy old age, the vicissitudes of the past. The strands of love in the depths of the soul, in the four seasons of reincarnation, taking advantage of the pace of time, fragrant the years of you and me. Looking back at the years of love, full of longings, tormented in deep nostalgia and condensed into dots. Can the Yiren on the water side have a good heart?

A wisp of light breeze, in the night sky that a song of “Lovesickness” passes through, entrusts a nostalgic emotion and a pious heart to the brightest star in the night, and brings it… Of you.

At this moment, I sit in the midnight crescent moon and quietly place my deepest thoughts, even when I look back, my thoughts will disappear; even if I end up in a flowery place, I will bring a gentle and warmth. Meaning, guarding a sincere heart for love, and carrying love to the end.

The Buddha said: All beings have no self, suffering and happiness follow the predestined condition, the predestined cause is constructed, and the predestined condition is not exhausted. How can there be joy? The gains and losses revolve. The kind is the cause, the cause is the effect, the cycle of cause and effect, all sorrows and joys are born from the heart.

In light summer and June, ten thousand tenderness warms a person’s midnight, melts away one’s loneliness, erases one’s sorrow, regardless of encounters or misses, there is cause and effect if there is fate.