You are like a flat boat, anchoring in my heart

Write melancholy words alone on a lonely night, and be in a daze at midnight. Who do you think of? Who has been hovering in your heart? A person’s time is always so quiet and suffocating quietly, but I can’t help but miss you. Many times, I asked myself, if I can go back to the past, will you and I have a problem? The same ending? But I never found the answer I wanted. How many times I saw you in my dreams, my heart began to become unable to calm down, and how many times I wanted to quit thinking about you, but never did it.

I used to have worries about love, but learned to be brave from those worries. When I approach you again and again, my heart gradually becomes stronger. Every time I look at my phone, I will do it again. Browsing the chat history with you again and again, you don’t know. Actually, I have fallen in love with you a long time ago, but I have never admitted it. Many times, when I think of you, I always feel sweet in my heart, that sweet feeling. It lingers in my heart and makes my world colorful. There is nothing to replace that kind of warm feeling, but it makes me deeply miss it, but I never meet a person who makes my heart like you. .

In this materialistic era, feelings have gradually become cheap, but I have always longed for a long-lasting love. That person, although ordinary, can give me the happiness I want, even though he does not have a wealth of wealth, But he can show all the tenderness to me. Although he does not have a handsome appearance, he has a sincere heart. That heart is firm and will not change easily. Although he is not romantic enough and he does not speak sweet love words, he Gentle enough.

His gentleness makes me fall unconsciously, and I will unknowingly remove all my defenses. In this world, there are not many people who really value feelings, but I always believe that such people have always existed. In this complicated society, many people will pay all the price for their own self-interest. However, I always believe that there is always one person who will treat everyone around me with a sincere heart. All that is good, give the person you love the most, and protect him for life, this love will never change in any way.

But I fell in love with you inadvertently, and I couldn’t help but want to be close to you. When I was close to you, I didn’t have any hesitation, but I didn’t tell you my thoughts. You are very quiet and always like one. People think quietly, stand by the window and admire the scenery outside. You are very gentle, rarely lose your temper at the people around you, and always have a faint smile on your face. You are willing to help others. When others are in trouble, you are always Will extend a helping hand, you like this, although you are not good at words, but have a heart of gold, and I like you more and more.

In a quiet night, chatting with you, every late night, I will tell you all my thoughts, when I am sad, thinking of everything related to you, my heart will gradually become calm, once, I was silent I made a wish, hoping that one day I can be with you forever, but that wish has never been realized, do you know how lonely I am in the days without you?

When lonely, I always cry silently. You know, I miss you endlessly. When I am insomnia, I always think of everything related to you. The romantic plots in idol dramas come to mind. , Lingering words, with affectionate styles, the heroes and heroines are holding each other’s hands and walking through the bustling streets. How I hope we can be as happy as them, but this happiness is far away.

Concerns about love are blocking my footsteps, but I don’t want to give up. In this feasting world, each of us is in a hurry, and no one is willing to stop. Some people fall in love with someone quickly. But they left quickly in a short time. Some people will have to let go of the hand of their favorite because of the cruel reality, and then walk forward alone in tears, but I have always been cautious and restrained from liking you. , So I have never confessed to you, I have not confessed to you, and I have hinted at you many times, but I have never received your response. What I did not say is buried in my heart, but it has become a secret that cannot be said. , Has always chosen to be tight-lipped.

You remember every word I have said, and so do I. A person who is in the heart, his words and deeds will always affect all your emotions, and you will remember all the little things about him. Yu Xin, you once told me that you like to listen to the sound of rain quietly on rainy days, and I will think of you every rainy day, thinking about the bits and pieces related to you, but my heart cannot be calm for a long time, this Is it a torment? But I am so willing to say that people who are infatuated are always too stupid, but I always can’t extricate myself, and I always say that I will never forget, and there must be an echo. Your response to me is the best proof.

Going to your city and seeing the beautiful scenery is the best proof. But you and I have fulfilled our promises to each other. The moment you fulfilled the promises with me, my heart The joyful, long-lost reunion picture has appeared in my mind for a long time. Now I am finally waiting for you, the platform where people come and go. I and you are suing and talking about each other’s concerns, and the two of them have nothing to say. , There is no barrier in my heart, you are still the pure and beautiful boy, I am still the girl who admires you, although I haven’t seen you for a long time, it’s not easy to be able to wait for this moment, but I haven’t thought about it, it belongs to my happiness , It will be so short.

You disappeared in the vast sea of ​​people, but I began to miss everything desperately. You no longer reply to my news, but my heart began to change melancholy. The days without you are really lonely, but I am used to working with loneliness. Accompaniment, many times, thinking of everything related to you, my heart starts to ache. In the sleepless night, I was alone looking at the sky, tears inadvertently falling from the corners of my eyes, those little crystal tears, with a trace of melancholy, it was me I am thinking of you, how many times, I saw you in my dreams, and how many times have I felt heartache because of you, and the people who have been in my heart can hardly forget, but I never told you, I have always missed you , But everything will never go back to the past.

I still remember the road you walked with me, and the scenery I have seen will still appear in my mind. The chat history between me and you is still kept, and the written text still records my thoughts of you. , A memory, unforgettable, the person in the memory has long since disappeared in the vast sea of ​​people, and the picture of reunion with you for a long time still lingers in my mind, how I want to return to the moment when I traveled with you, at least, we There is not much separation between each other, two people spend a good time together, the feeling of happiness lingers in the heart.

Someone travels with you, someone is waiting for you at the station, someone silently gives everything for you, and I just want to be with you and enjoy the beauty of life. This is what I have always wanted to say to you, and it is also my future. The realization of my wish, the sea of ​​people is vast, and meeting you is my luck in this life. In the midsummer season, traveling with you and enjoying the beautiful scenery on the blue sea is also the happiness in my heart.

How I hope that time can be suspended, but not able to change everything, you disappeared in the vast sea of ​​people, but I completely fell in love with everything related to you, you will never contact me again, but I did not start I stopped missing you, but I didn’t realize that my obsession was so deep, no matter how time passed, I couldn’t change everything, but occasionally, I still longed to go back to the past, back to the time when you and I met.

In my dream, I saw you again, as if returning to the day we traveled together. You are still wearing a white shirt and I still have long waist-length hair. Together, we enjoy the beautiful night view in the same city. At night, the lights are dim, and people are still coming and going by the moat. You and I are sitting by the river, telling each other’s thoughts. I smiled and looked at your delicate cheeks, feeling extremely happy in my heart.

Gently hold your hand and snuggle next to you. The warm feeling makes me immersed in it and unable to extricate myself. With your gentle gaze, with a little bit of shyness, I look at your eyes for a moment. , My heart beats faster, you squeeze my hand, and you don’t want to let it go.

It’s just that all this is just a dream. After waking up, I felt melancholy again. The oncoming loneliness overwhelmed me, but I went crazy looking for the footprints you left behind. Time after time, I fell into memories. Unable to extricate myself, but I can’t forget everything related to you, time and time again, I tried to forget everything related to you, but I couldn’t forget it, so I started to look for it in the vast sea of ​​people, which is worthy of my deep love , But inadvertently discovered that I never met a person who moved me like you.

If you go back in time, I am willing to know you again, no matter what time, although we are no longer in the same place, but still have not forgotten, everything related to you, I like you, you do not need to respond, silently guarding you , Is the best way. If you are well, it will be sunny. This is what I have said to you, and it is also the most gentle way for me to protect you. Now, we will never be as talkative as before. Talking, but I still think of everything I have ever had. You are the white moonlight in my heart and the cinnabar mole between my brows, like a small boat, anchored deep in my heart.