Beautiful sound

Qingyin a song [Ying Tianchang] Orioles talked in front of the window, with a lot of worry for her daughter. In the depths of the courtyard, in the depths of love, who is lingering in the dream? The rolling curtain lowers the moon household, secretly smiling Long-sleeved Kongwu. It’s just spring tonight, and the peach blossoms fall into a tree. Suddenly sigh, feel the imagination, and write short thoughts, as if you are in the chest of time, feeling like the passionate contraction of human ventricles, and the soft and elegant relaxation of the atrium. For a moment, it seems that there is no sense of understanding. Touch the pulse of the thought of the god of years, gather at the door of the season, or let your thoughts wander among the green mountains and green waters, with lush vegetation, fresh greenery and lush foliage, or in a quiet and leisure atmosphere, listening to the trickle of the stream Flowing, Yuquan Waterfall represents the deep imagination of the mountain gods, comprehending the beauty of nature, and bringing the earth people a quiet and elegant environment.The green mountains and green waters are precious treasures given to us by God, and it is extremely precious to protect the environment. It is urgent.

The years go by, the beautiful scenery and feelings of nature in the four seasons, the songs of the yellow oriole turn to listen to, like the timed bells set by the morning sun in front of the window, deep in the courtyard, the eternity of dreams has quietly left, the quiet dreams of me and my whispers, The personable shadow turns into a warm and peaceful golden lily on the windowsill, and a pot of bright, enthusiastic roses. The scent of scent in the morning blooms, and the spring night is worth a thousand dollars, and there is no time to look back.

Xia’s cicadas continue to dream of Xia’s enthusiasm, and the loud singing voice is undulating and reverberating through the sky, as if it is sending a chic rain. Please, the refreshing forest uncle, send a copy of summer’s negative ion freshness, and let the strange willow hold up the shade of the umbrella, let Yueer sprinkled silver sunscreen.

I want to make the shy red maple drunk into the banner of my heart, let Qiu Ju’s graceful and sonorous, give me the strength of Aoshuang. I also want the flying snow to send a message to Ling Han’s blooming winter plum, send the first flower bud in spring, and move to the first wedding banquet of the New Year and New Year. I want to invite the spring breeze as our company, and the bees and butterflies will follow us.

Let the mirror images of Yingge, Yan and Dancing Flowers in the Spring River and Moonlight Embedded in the depths of my soul, engraved in my happy and beautiful mailbox. Let the beautiful paintings of green mountains, green ink and rhyme hang on the wall of my heart, inlaid in the boudoir of memory, and nourish my heart. The flower is smiling, the moon is pretty, a love is remembered in the heart, the bee is busy, the sweetness, the butterfly shuttles, the interpretation is prosperous, and I look forward to a bright future and brilliant.

Listening to the sound of flowers blooming and falling, watching the green leaves and the whispering scenes of flowers, drunk my whirling and charming incense trail. Watching the moonlight woven silver acacia charm, affectionate notes are written all over the bed, compose a piece of tenderness like the sea by the bridge of nine songs, fill in the words of parting and hate, and adopt the inexhaustible love and rhyme. Stave, sentimental thoughts, wrapped in the love of spring silkworms to the dead silk, wax torch into ashes and tears began to dry, playing the wonderful sound of lovers in the world finally becoming married, wandering passionately in the soul.

Let the heart sound wash out the clear spring-like Dingdong in the beautiful and unrestrained wind and rain. Looking at the blue sky, the style of the clouds and the clouds is also a kind of beautiful voice. The interpretation of the sweet words in the sky and the colors of the sky will be a wonderful dialogue. , Moon Shadow Sail is a heartfelt narration of the moon and the breeze, the wind and the sail. The mirage of the Penglai Fairy Pavilion is the voice of the drunken sound and picture mirror image given to the earth by the sky. The scenery of the city is filled with the words “Ping Ping Ping Ping Ping Ping Ping” in the previous sentence, and “Ping Ping Ping Ping Ping Ping Ping” in the next sentence.

The sound between heaven and earth resounds through the clouds, there is the confession of the long stream of water, the gentleness of the trickling streams, the turbulent hustle and bustle of the sea, the clarification and melodiousness of the symphony of the lake, and the waterfalls flying down three thousand feet, suspected to be the Milky Way The cappella of Luo Jiutian, there are also the sounds of the mountains and rivers meeting the friends, the prayers of Sanskrit sounds, the faintly murmur of crickets, the rough sound of matouqin on the vast grassland, the mourning of the erhu like weeping, the piano The violin’s sweet and beautiful violin thoughts are long, listen to the first cordial greetings in the morning, and the vows of love, watch the obscure blooming of lilacs, stare at the fleeting moments to open, listen to the musical melody of the blessings of the marriage palace, inlaid with passionate and bright roses The words and shadows of love, the first sound of a baby’s arrival on the earth, is the splendor of life. They are all wonderful sounds.