Mi Lanai Kai is elegant and clean

In September in Tianbei New Area, Milan flowers bloom and flash between leaves; small and exquisite, with a “light and pure” golden yellow, so pure and simple.

The milan flowers bloomed, golden and tender, next to each other, like small golden particles, gently swaying in the autumn wind.

The milan flowers bloom in clusters, clusters, layer by layer, clusters, like clusters of golden candied haws, which are lovable.

Mi Lanhua is open, so petite, so noble, so eclectic, so different, so vibrant.

The flowers are blooming and the quality is elegant. It can be described as “the beauty of a hundred flowers in one body”, which is called the “queen of flowers”; flowers can be seen on the streets and on both sides of the road.

The orchid flowers bloom, green branches, green leaves, so fresh, so fragrant, the sun is shining, and the rain is nourished. It blooms on the branches and warms people’s hearts.

The orchid flowers bloom, offering ordinary leaves, small flowers, and faint fragrance to autumn, like a loud reed flute, playing a melodious music to autumn.

The milan flowers are very dazzling, and when the buds bloom, they reveal a sweet fragrance; the beauty of small flowers is a kind of “quiet beauty, fresh beauty”, and a kind of Feel the beauty of “simple and unpretentious”.

The milan flower blooms, never showing up like a peony or a rose. Will cleverly hide in small leaves dense like stars, but the petite figure flickers faintly, attracting attention.

The milan flower blooms, not as rich as sweet-scented osmanthus, not as attractive as lily, not as fresh and attractive as peony, but so beautiful and lovely, inspiring people.

The milan flowers are blooming, not as luxurious as peony, not as gorgeous as roses, not as graceful as lotus flowers, but so delicate, so elegant, and so noble.

Milan, ice and jade clean, elegant temperament, fragrant and elegant, pleasant fragrance, from ancient times to the present, literati and writers, especially loved, praised by writing poems.

Li Bai wrote: “The lone orchid grows in a secluded garden, and the grasses are all barren. Although the sun shines in the spring, the sadness is high in the autumn moon. The frost is early, and the green is afraid to rest. If there is no breeze, who will send the fragrance.”

Li Shimin wrote: “Chunhui opens aster, Shujing Melanie field. The reflection of the courtyard contains light colors, condensing dew and floating light. The sun is beautiful, the wind spreads light and heavy fragrance. It will require gentlemen to fold, and Perry will make fragrance.”

Lu You wrote: “The bee butterfly has a faint path, but the cloud and mist are impassable. It is because the east wind is difficult to focus, and the natural fragrance is in nowhere.”

Liu Zai wrote: “To get rid of Baihui’s lonely fragrant flowers, and to make a chemical husband. There is nothing wrong in the Pingyitang, but one stick is relatively scented.”

Song Lian wrote: “Yang is harmonious nine times, clear and fragrant over blue orchids. The hidden posture of the black musk deer, the quiet flower of the red sandalwood. The green Luotuo is neighboring, and the white valley is high and cold. The Xuansheng is not in a tune, and Xiang is tired for a long time. Although the green is outside, Chastity will eventually be over. Do you know that your life will lead you to the view of a gentleman.”

Xue Wang wrote: “I love orchids and other beautiful flowers, and do not brighten the colors of the spring sun. The westerly wind and cold dew under the deep forest, no one will smell it.”

Kangxi wrote: “The graceful flowers are beautiful and the leaves are long, and the wind is hard to hide the fragrance of the valley. It is not worthy of wearing because of clothing, even if no one is proud.”

Aixinjueluo. Xuanye wrote: “The color of autumn is blue, and the cloth leaves are green. The fragrance of the king is in love, and the flower shows the atrium. The faint fragrance is scattered, the quiet shadow is sparse. It must be more than nine. , Extravagant Bi Li Sao Jing.”

In September in Tianbei New Area, Milanese flowers are in full bloom, the petals are all in one color, white and fragrant, jade gel cream, greasy like silkworm skin, it looks pure and simple.

In September in Tianbei New Area, Milan’s flowers are in full bloom, beautiful face, refined temperament, pleasant fragrance, not secular, and bring unlimited reverie.

In September in Tianbei New Area, Milan’s flowers are in full bloom, elegant colors, glamorous and fragrant, and attractive flowers add a beautiful look to Tianbei New Area.

In September in Tianbei New Area, Milan’s flowers are in full bloom, charming and elegant, breathtaking, unique, charming and pretty, and the fresh and distant scent is so memorable and intoxicating.