In the dark night, whose lights are dimmed

The dark night is the best protective color, and the dark night is the hometown of dreams. He thought that this sentence might not be more appropriate for him. Because he himself was like a firefly walking alone in the dark night, only with the protection of the night can he see the faint light on his body as if it was beating violently with his heart.

The vivid center of the earth in the night is so unruly, it seems to go beyond the chest and rush towards the vast sky. Finally blended into the stars in the sky. Who would have thought that it would be so sluggish in the sunlight during the day. Even the owner who carried it looked sluggish. He thought that he belonged to the night after all, because his heart had already told him.

No one knows that he is so afraid of the sun, he occasionally thinks, maybe he is too weak. Under the bright sunshine, the heart will become extremely fragile, as if it will break apart if one is not paying attention. So that he would subconsciously hide himself, and do everything possible to deceive or self-deceive, trying to protect the fragile center of the earth, day after day full of anticipation, looking forward to the coming of the night.

The dark night is a monotonous color, but it can reflect the softest picture in the world. When laid out, it is probably the dim light in the dream, fuzzy and gentle. I revived my wilting heart time and time again. The eyes stung by the sun were softened. He thought that no matter how bright and beautiful the sun was in the day, it was nothing more than the culprit that caused him to lose his protection and invisible.

Standing on the top of the building, looking at the flaming, bustling streets of Wanjia in the distance. Full of noise and noise. This is the prosperity of the peaceful and prosperous times, and there are fireworks everywhere in the world. He has always disliked the excitement, so he always looks from a distance, stares blankly, and sometimes stretches out his hand, as if he wants to confirm that everything has nothing to do with him, and it seems like he wants to catch something, it’s difficult. Feeling attached to himself, maybe only at this time, he is the most alive. Because the dream seems to be around. And the heart swims unscrupulously between heaven and earth!

He remembered that inexplicable dream again, which could not be grasped and could not be seen clearly. But the dream that lingers in the heart from time to time. I like to look at the night view from a distance like this, perhaps because there are dim lights in and out of my dream.

He didn’t want to go back to the daytime scenes in his dreams, and the fear that the sun brought to him. Likewise, he has never forgotten the dim lights. Standing peerlessly, the gentle light dispelled the boundless darkness, drove away the inexplicable fear in the heart, and the vague voice, with boundless warmth, soothed his restless heart and guided him step by step out of desperation. . In his dream, he was always chaotic.

Until the last time I went back to the capital, I didn’t see the light and shadow, and I didn’t even have time to say thank you. It disperses like fireworks, as if it had never appeared before. It’s just that there has been an inexplicable nostalgia in his heart since then. Because of this, I fell in love with the dark night and fell in love with the dim lights.

He didn’t know when he came to this downtown, until the flashing neon lights brought him back to reality. He was surprised that the obsession in his heart was so strong, the scene in the dream was specious, and there was nowhere to find it. But it seems that only in this noisy city can he get closer to the dimly lit place, because the distance between the two seems so close in the dream. Just like a bright moon in the water, you can reach it with your hand.

Walking aimlessly like this, leaving the downtown area, towards the boundless darkness, until far away from the hustle and bustle, stopped at the place where the shadow was lost, his indifferent eyes swept across the dim lights of thousands of houses in the distance. Here is the boundary between dream and reality, he suddenly looked back, it was a look back unrelated to Fengyue. His eyes flicked across the boundless darkness and fell somewhere in the void. Such a similar scene, like the memory of being shaken off the dust, finally became clear. He remembered! There is light hidden in the darkness in the distance. It is a dim light, a dream lingering in the heart.