I hope you are happy, it’s the best way for me to like you

I am used to remembering everything I have experienced alone in the middle of the night, and I am used to walking and stopping alone, enjoying the beautiful scenery while recording the beauty of the journey. My writing is not beautiful enough, but every article is written very well. An ulterior motive, the best thing in life is to meet a warm person who will light up a lamp for you and take you from the abyss of darkness to the place where the light is. The happiest thing is to meet A person who makes your heart move, and he will treat you sincerely without asking for anything in return. The happiness I want is so simple, but it is difficult to have. I have seen too many scenery and met along the way. There have been too many people, but no one can stay in my life forever. This road is too hard to get anyone’s support, but I still stick to it silently, just for one day to live. The life you want becomes a better version of yourself.

I never thought that I would meet someone who moved my heart but couldn’t be together, nor did I think that fate would care for me so much that you came quietly into my life. The time we met was very beautiful, so I keep everything in my heart, you are like a beacon in the dark to illuminate my world, but I have always stayed here, just because here, I can be the truest self, although the person you love It’s not me, but I don’t mind at all. Just like this, it’s also good to be with you silently as a friend. Keep a close distance. Your joys, sorrows, sorrows and sorrows will be told to me, and I will take care of my thoughts. To tell you, when you need me, I will appear in front of you without hesitation, but will not humble you to the dust, because humbled for too long will cause heartache, the person you love is not me, so I After keeping a distance with you, still be your best friend and stay with you silently in a different identity, but not too close to you, because being too close will cross the boundaries of each other and make you feel uncomfortable.

It is said that the most beautiful time is the time of first seeing, then, I met you, it is a kind of rare lucky, our first seeing, although plain, but unforgettable, unforgettable is not only to meet each other Happiness is even more a silent understanding. You came to me quietly and broke into my life without warning. The moment I met you, I couldn’t be calm for a long time, and there were too many words to be right. You said, so, you have been talking, wanting to be closer to you, and to be closer to you, so you will always appear in front of you inadvertently, want to know everything about you, so you will ask a lot of questions, but Well, you are not impatient with my curiosity, but I am in love with you at first sight at this moment.

What kind of charm is it that makes me impressed with you? I can’t tell you how, but your figure has been engraved in my mind for a long time. I can’t forget it for a long time. A heart-moving feeling, like the colorful clouds in the sky, has rendered my world. From then on, my world is because You have become rich and colorful, poetic and beautiful pictures, appearing in my mind, but I am full of longing for a better future, a thousand words can not say the beauty of the first sight, my heartbeat began to accelerate, yours Sounds and smiles appeared in my mind. At that moment, how I hope to write a romantic poem for you, in the poem, record the beauty of this moment.

Beautiful face, thin body, and the voice is so beautiful, the cool wind gently blows my cheeks, I saw you for the first time, in the warm autumn sun, leisure afternoon, lazy weekend , My encounter with you is so beautiful, you are such a man, gentle as jade, with a pure and kind heart, the moment your eyes are facing each other, I see a gleam of light in your eyes, that For a moment, I smiled at you, but I didn’t tell you. The feeling of love at first sight is so wonderful, like a candy in your mouth. The sweet taste makes people take the opportunity to be unable to extricate themselves, but you always Maintaining a calm posture, there is no wave in my heart.

Countless seeing each other has narrowed the distance between us, and this distance has been kept just right. I can’t get your favor, but I can be your listener. When you tell me your concerns, I’m here. Listen quietly by your side. When you tell me your troubles, I will also tell you how to become a better version of yourself. Although I cannot help you, as long as I can make you happy, I can have no regrets. Although I have many unknown bitter experiences that I haven’t told you, but I always smile in front of you, not letting you see me sad, because in this way, you won’t hate me, hate the delicate and sentimental me. , And gradually got tired of me.

Occasionally I will talk to you about love issues, but inadvertently know that you have a loved one, she is separated from you, rarely have the opportunity to meet, but you still have no regrets, no regrets, lovesickness, It is such a torment, but you choose to endure it silently. Although time, distance, cruel reality and other factors will hinder love, as long as you truly love one person, no matter how many winds and rains you experience, the hearts of two people will never Change will be able to join hands for a lifetime. How can I not know your suffering? I have had a similar experience, but that love has no perfect ending. It starts and ends in a hurry. In the end, the two of them are separated from each other and become The most familiar strangers, no one will keep in touch with each other. Yes, love is very simple and complicated. The simple thing is that the moment two people who truly love each other hand in hand, even if it is rough, it will be sweet.

Love is also very complicated. The obstacles of distance, the opposition of family members, and all kinds of contradictions will make the two hearts drift away. All kinds of obstacles will make the two people who love each other unhappy, but in the end, In each other’s hearts, left unforgettable pain, but I admire your bravery, because you can be desperate for love, but I can’t do it, because there are concerns in my heart, because there is no safety in love Because there are too many obstacles in reality, it is not easy to overcome many difficulties. Therefore, you will be full of fear for the future, but you will not fear all of this at all. Therefore, I envy you, because you have the ability to shelter your beloved from the wind and rain, but I never have it anymore. Maybe it’s because I have already seen the complexity of people’s hearts. Maybe it’s because I don’t want my favorite person to be bruised and bruised because of me. So, yes Love is full of worries and will not have much hope for the future.

Therefore, I’m very fortunate that the person you love is not me. At least, you will not feel painful because of this, nor will you feel tired because of love. Don’t be afraid of being with the person you love the most, and you will be hurt by your parents and relatives. Oppose, and they threaten you to separate in all ways, because you can love freely and love desperately. Although there will be quarrels in love, you will also face various tests, but you will not feel tired. The person you love will not be like me. When you look forward to love, you will also worry about it, so getting along will not be too tired, and I am also relieved by this, so I hope you can always be happy with her, two people Take care of your love and create a happy future together.

Occasionally, I will feel disappointed in my heart, but I never tell anyone. Occasionally, there will be waves in my heart, but I pretend to be calm. Therefore, I will cry silently where you can’t see, and then smile in front of you. , Although I sometimes feel sad, as long as I see you having a good time, I will feel happy for you. If you are well, it will be sunny. This is my best blessing to you, and it is what I want most What I say to you, this sentence, is not a love word, but it is warmer than a love word. If I like you, I will know it alone. It does not disturb your happiness. It is my ultimate gentleness and my restraint. the best way.

Small and exquisite figure, sweet appearance, fashionable dress, she is such a cute girl, the moment I met her, she smiled brightly at her, and she waved to me friendly, when I saw her The moment I snuggled up next to you, I couldn’t be calm for a long time, but I still kept a kind smile. When I introduced myself to her enthusiastically, I felt extremely happy in my heart. I was able to meet in the vast sea of ​​people. A kind of rare fortune. When I meet you and you meet her, we will remember all the good things in life in our hearts. This goodness is the luck in life. Friendship or love is not in life. What we don’t experience, it is precisely because of this that our lives will become rich and colorful.

You said to me that when you quarrel with her, you will feel sad, but I told you that in love, everyone will face quarrels. Some people get closer because of quarrels with each other. Some people, because of their disagreements, end up unhappy, these are things that have to be faced. As for the ending, no one can decide, but I hope that you can be happy forever, no matter what you face. You must go on courageously in the face of the difficulties, and the two will stay with each other until the end of the world.

Maybe you think I’ve said a lot, but I want to tell you that the best way to love someone is to make her happy, not to interfere with her freedom, not to deliberately change her, and to let her be the most authentic in front of you. Your own self is the best way to love someone. Because of love, two people are happy physically and mentally. Because they have a silent understanding between each other, there is no need to worry about the future. This kind of love is enviable, but it can It is not easy to be with each other for life. Lovers who separate the two places will be happy forever after suffering from lovesickness and after many tests. I hope this happiness belongs to you, and I also hope that I can meet that worthy I entrust the person of my life, he will give me the happiness I want!

May all the good things come as scheduled, you and I will realize the wishes in your hearts, and hope that the people in love can have a bright future, closely connected hearts, no matter how many winds and rains go through, we will not be separated. I believe that one day, we will all become Better yourself, and with the person you love the most, bravely march towards a better future!