A classic text in a city

Row upon row of cities are flowing musical notes, jumping dances, and beautiful neon flashes. They are also poetic sculptures, the precipitation of cultural charm, the rendering of passion and romance, and the symbols full of dreams, and the dazzling bloom of thoughts and brilliance. , A place full of fresh life , embellishment of spring flowers, summer rain, autumn thinking, winter snow, refreshing fragrance, fresh and cheerful heartiness, autumn air and exquisiteness, white and flawless tranquility, the most beautiful imprint of the vicissitudes of life in the wind and frost, rain After the sky is clear, the splendor of shining colorful rainbows, in every pleasant breathing rhythm of the city, it seems to be full of vitality and spring, resonantly spreading the golden and brilliant figure in the contraction and stretch of the heart of each city, you will smell it inadvertently. Like the scent of jasmine, you can faintly listen to the popular music chapters in the streets and alleys of the city. When you walk in the southeast of the city, you will see the exciting scene of blooming flowers. Accompanied by the footsteps of your thoughts, you can comprehend the northwest of the city. The human landscape of the face.

Every day is so prosperous and prosperous with each passing day. Yesterday you lived through all kinds of dangers, hardships and excellence. Today, you stand proudly in an unconventional place. In the future, you will move forward with the latest and most fascinating dreams. Tell people that there are splendid traces in the new environment, and the mind of looking forward to a bright future is a thriving breath, marching towards the future of the city, wandering all the way along the city’s broad road. A city writes a classic text, a beautiful and agile picture scroll, and paints the weirdness and exquisiteness of the city. I once remembered that Shen Lao’s “Border Town” rendered the Phoenix City buried in the corner of Xiangxi into a world-renowned graceful and elegant, which is indeed admirable!

The hometown of pottery is well-known for its unique scenery. The aerial photographs are like emerald green pearls, and the middle group is like a sapphire jade plate. It is complete and auspicious. The third is moving through the city and shining brightly, even the water city of Venice. I feel inferior to sigh. The Tuan Scenic Belt is a condensed view of the West Lake, the Qinhuai River that is folded in thousands of styles, the high-rise buildings built along the embankment, creating a feeling of the Bund, and the busy Jiaoqiao River Pedestrian Street is rendered into the prosperous and prosperous Nanjing Road of the magic city. , Connecting the fashionable and romantic Century Bridge, reflecting the colorful lights and shadows of the quiet night in the sparkling blue waves, interpreting the warm and romantic mirror image of the blue Danube, and seeing the little sails that file in, it looks like ten thousand silver bars from a distance. The artistic conception of the snake gleaming with colorful waves in the condensed blue is dizzying and full of emotions. And if you load into the wonderful sceneries of Sydney Harbour, you will immediately feel pleasing and refreshing. Is it a Yaochi Wonderland? Is it a paradise? It is the chest of the earth covered with dazzling phantoms of the sky, or the bosom of the heaven on earth that descends on the earth of Taodu. I say it is the embrace of the unique and ingenious gems carved from purple jade and gold sand.

It is a small arched granite bridge, blending into the joy of the blue brick and white walls on both sides of the bank, the long and elegant rain alleys are wandering suddenly, the thoughts are plugged in the flying wings, hovering in the poetic Jiangnan town, dotted with pavilions. The waterside pavilion at the corner of the terrace, the glazed glazed tiles, and the southern water town with carved beams and columns, highlight the artistic style of the pavilion architecture, which is breathtaking and refreshing. From the pale pink morning light every day, the colorful glow of neon lights, in the fisherman’s net bag, the bamboo poles prop up a round of red sunrise, in the beautiful sound of paddles, diving in passionate cormorants to fish In the performance, in the scent of gardenias fanned out by sandalwood fans, in the ink-free painting scrolls of Qingshan, in the melody of spring river flowers and moonlit nights played by green water without strings, listen to the melodious melody of the popular melody. Reverberating with the beautiful fragrance of natural beauty, in spring, you can look at Nanshan Fendai emerald, share the fresh bamboo sea, the fragrance of tea islands, the beauty of Xiaoyun in Longchi, and in summer, you can enjoy the moon shadow sails in the west of Hualong Trail and feel under the wisteria frame. Dense shade and freshness, drink a cup of Sprite from Yunvtan and Yangxian Jinshaquan, and feel refreshed , feeling the gathering of ten miles of vines and flowers in Huaxi Hualang to send wine glasses, and enjoy the night moon on Jiaoqiao bridge in autumn, let the bright moon come A round of life on the sea, the bright moon and the end of the world, at this time, the hope is fulfilled, and the appearance of the winter hope and snow, let the god of years gift people year after year auspicious well-being. On the shore of the lakeside city, the Wenfeng Pagoda is full of Yanwu Jinhuan, the ancient capital of pottery, and the world of caves. Liang Zhu interprets the call of love through the ages , listens to the myth of the Zhou Jiajiao in the clear water, and the purple jade and gold sands cultivate the drunk and beautiful China of Yixing. Watch the stream trickle, the clear spring flowing, melt into the creek, into the silver lake and head eastward.

Follow my relaxed and happy footsteps to watch the beautiful and infinite scenery of the East, the sparkling water of the west, like emerald dragons wandering in the land of Yixing, pouring the auspicious prosperity of Li Xuedi into a pool of emerald green. , The bright Jiaoyue and the feelings of the Bund quietly embrace in the affectionate Taodu Harbor. Imaginative thoughts are chained in the place of outstanding people in Xiyin, and the endless flow of tenderness sprays out the passionate heart of the east, where the scenery is beautiful, and the scenery is beautiful and delicious. The dazzling Jingyi Bridge Ana is colorful, and every day seems to be tirelessly telling the countless customs of the East. The poetic and picturesque meaning flows endlessly in dreams to the vast Taihu Lake, to the billowing Yangtze River, to the turbulent sea, and to the beautiful and infinite world. The sparkling blue waves seem to be reciting the chapters of the East, and the bright stars are shining. The moon is admiring the beauty of Yangxian, the green mountains, the green water, and the world, holding a pen full of affection, writing easy-to-understand poems, letting the Eastern style be contained in the charm of the willow, green, peach, powder, water, and clear sky. Soaked in the tea rhyme and fragrance of purple jade and golden sand, it flows into the Yangtze River in Taihu Lake and gallops to the ocean…

Looking around the east is dizzying, with a dazzling halo in Wanda Plaza, to the Le Méridien Hotel, looking at the vast smoke and waves of the east, the heart is surging, and the beautiful Dongqian is vividly vivid, holding a pen that expresses the prosperous new east, and is meditating. Staring, looking up at Kempinski, the space of imagination, like an opened magic mirror in an instant, transforming into a 100% beautiful mirror image, in the fully enclosed 360-degree observation hall on the top of Kempinski, the imaginative Kai The Binsky Hotel has the multi-faceted look of Dubai Burj Al Arab, with three-dimensional poetry, delicate and agile connotations, just like emeralds revealing Dongning’s slick chest, beautiful and gentle, radiant, some people say such Lo green on a lake, I just put her as a mythical tale of snail girl, standing in for the hard-working people fighting pottery part delicacies like magic, is not so much the Dragon King inserted in the boundless expanse of blue crystal bright Shocking pillars, it is better to say that it is the iconic building of Yicheng, new heights, new hopes, new brilliance, here call out a beautiful and incomparable longing. Climb the top of the mountain as the peak and watch the boundless sky as the shore. Be brave to fight, be brave to innovate, and go ahead to realize the Chinese dream. The unconventional Kempinski means that Yixing has a bright and brilliant future.

Looking at Kempinski from a distance, and like a slim girl in a sapphire blue dress, she stands tall in the Lingtian Lake like Qingling, lifelike and full of amorous feelings. The imaginary Kempinski is like a green emperor planted in the east. The azure blue lotus exudes a charming and lasting fragrance in the clear waves, opens up in the silver-white moon shadow, and walks towards the Jingyi Bridge in a quiet night. The Yuhuan and the sports center next to the west are portrayed as if it is beautiful and colorful. Whispering to each other, flashing dazzlingly with the dreamlike neon in the Kempinski glass curtain wall, beams of light are shining each other, maybe the plain text between my fingers is flying, the soft tapping sound seems to be whispering to the stars, and talking to the seven fairies Sincerely, share the warmth and romance of the moonlit night with the Weaver Girl.

Build a blessing in Yixing, Qinyang envy the fragrance of snow buds to fill the happy home, drench the new boudoir in the harbor with the bright sun, and dipped in the fragrance of thousands of petals, let fragrance, beautification, greening, intelligent, brightening new All sides of the east home. Water the tens of thousands of miles of blue waves to the seedlings in your heart and thrive in the sun and rain. Let the spring breeze charm the face of Xindong, let Liu cut out the new atmosphere of all seasons like spring, butterflies dance lightly, dazzle the extraordinary of New East Manhattan, and the magnificence of Yaner into Wanda Plaza makes the Biyun Tower out of emptiness. Overlooking and admiring the magnificence of Xindong, let Wenfeng Pagoda look forward to the Yanwu Jinhuan of Xindong, let Jiaoqiao Yeyue travel to the wandering homesickness, listen to the morning bell of Nanyue Temple, and pray for Xindong’s prosperity Auspicious, let Tongfeng Pin Cui want to drip the freshness and heartiness of Xindong, Chuyang envy tea spring, a puddle of clear water in the Jade Girl Pool, cut pieces of Longchi Xiaoyun, dress up Xindong’s Mood for Love, and use Lixue to refresh and refresh. The heart of the east, the sea of ​​oasis and bamboo inlaid with tea, let the green east express emotions fresh and elegant, inviting the ten-mile vines and flowers that paint the brooks and waves, and the beauty of Xishi’s appearance that is as beautiful as a fairy, and the wisdom of Zhugong Tao Zhugong on the mirror , Moved to the world of caves with all sorts of eternal wonders, set against the style of purple jade and gold sand, let the five golden flowers of Tao Capital bloom with colorful brilliance, let the shining Chinese culture, let the bonsai of the pearl of Taihu Lake, let Suzhou The essence of garden architecture is engraved in Xindong’s vibrant, joyful and beautiful place. Let the morning sun decorate Xindong’s hope every day, let Zhaoxia cut her beautiful clothes, let the spring bloom her glory, let the sky light and cloud shadows. The mirage changes Xindong’s 100% beautiful scenery, let the poetry and pictorial compose the immortal chapter of Xindong, let the fragrance of truth, goodness and beauty make people beautiful, natural beauty, and real life beauty overflow the happiness and well-being of the people of Taodu! Standing on the Jingyi Bridge, looking east, the shadow of an international metropolis broke into my window of mind.

There are tall buildings in the summer, row upon row, there are many beautiful girls, such as beautiful and incomparable beautiful girls, quiet and elegant, beautiful and charming, there are silver cuboid arrangements, semi-curved green ribbons, and amethyst-like spherical wonderful , Row by row, row by row, neat and tidy, groups and groups come alive. There are mushroom-shaped clouds, milky white sails, and pagoda-shaped vessels. Yuxuanang, a dazzling array of everything, has everything, as night falls, dressed in a dazzling halo, dressed like a crazy neon, magnificent and dazzling, let your mind start to imagine The wings, the beautiful new east, are like the beautiful Penglai fairy pavilion, like a smooth foggy city, calm and fluent, three-dimensional poems, colorful paintings, city notes like flowing clouds and flowing water, and melodious pastoral songs are also the crystallization of art, in spring. Waltz. Viewing the tallest building in Yixing is like hibiscus on the water, and it is charming and charming. Viewing Ruidekang City is like a fairy of Lingbo, elegant and peaceful, like the shadow of a lotus girl, clean and elegant, look at the pink princess peach blossom in Bin No. 1 It is charming and bright, and the winding emerald-like Yaohan neon gleam, and there is a mermaid-like water world that is beautifully carved with ups and downs. Colorful iris and halo flow in the space of the city. There is also the sound of car horns and the colorful ringtones of mobile phones .

Each building presents a different kind of exquisiteness, each community shimmers with colorful brilliance, and each group of landscapes demonstrates the poetic charm. The pleasing Xindong is the source of peach blossoms on the earth, and the lotus terrace in Yaochi is as beautiful as blossoming. Enthusiastic roses, such as Yonghua’s rich and noble peony, there are many night pearls inlaid in Xindong, blooming with brilliant light. The prosperous Xindongrong Sydney Harbour is peaceful and elegant, the oriental Hawaiian style, and the Dubai desert oasis are all in one. It embodies the superb technology of thousands of Luban and thousands of Fanzheng, creating a beautiful new city ingeniously. Duotian Palace is vivid and vivid. Meili Xindong will join hands with the sentiments of the group to build the newest drunken city of Yicheng into an extraordinary Manhattan. May the beautiful Tao City be full of vigor and splendor.

Let’s go and compose the coastal scenery, so that thousands of simple people can understand the wonderful scenery of the coastal scenery, the beauty and the little-known appearance of the food. An intoxicating Yixing humanistic chapter interprets the delicate fragrance of Ziyu Jinsha Li Yangxian Snow Bud Biluochun Tea Longjing Fragrant Tea, refreshing, refreshing, and refreshing. There is a paradise and the wonderful scenery of Suzhou and Hangzhou. It has long been deeply rooted in the hearts of the people. I don’t know that Yangxian has the best landscape in the world. The city of Yixing, the city with the highest happiness index in the Northern Song Dynasty, is really amazing. Post a poem to share the small city Beautiful and glamorous scenery; comprehend the scenery of the first city on the west line of Taihu Lake.