I see warmth when I look up

This experience always wanted to write her into a story in my heart . Some time ago, I was busy. Sometimes it was more than 11 o’clock when I went home. I was very tired and fell asleep when I lay down. These days the epidemic again, the store did not open the door busy at home, looking at the hands of a lengthy novel also read, and all of a sudden do not know what to do? I played a night’s game at night, and suddenly thought about what I should write? Some people want to settle in their hearts, and some people are suitable to settle in words.

What settled down became a story…

Wuhan in mid-July was like a burning stove. At around 5:00 in the afternoon, even though the sun was already westward, the red eyes of the sun continued to grill the city hotly. I came out of the house and sweated through my whole clothes without walking a few steps. The sprinkler had just watered the hot road, but the air in my lungs was still hot.

When I walked to Jianghan Road, I became addicted to cigarettes. I stood smoking in the shade of a tall plane tree near Exit F of the Jianghan Road subway. There was an elderly couple behind a bus stop not far away. The old lady was very thin, skinny, with sunken eyes, pale, and depressed in a wheelchair. The old man stood behind the old lady. Both of them have their heads full of splendor, and their weather-beaten face is already full of ravines. On the concrete floor in front of the wheelchair, there is a white paper the size of a newspaper. The fonts are neatly written on the paper with a few large characters densely written with a brush. I have myopia and astigmatism. Although it is not far away, I only looked at it roughly, which means that the old lady is seriously ill. , There is no money to treat, so I have to…social assistance is needed.

Walking in this city, I have seen many people begging along the street. Some of them make begging for food and money into a craft. Some kidnapped disabled children to beg, and some wrote a beautiful big character with chalk on the sidewalk and knocked their heads when they saw people. Some lie on an activity bed, playing sad music to arouse people’s sympathy. The craftsmanship of beggar is simply varied, and there are all kinds of fancy.

I have seen an old man like this. He shows up in the Food City every time a meal, looking for young girls to say that he hasn’t eaten yet and has no money to buy food, so he can find one. Most young girls will pay him. Sometimes you can have double portions. This is simply an art!

At first glance, the elderly couple in front of me really didn’t look like begging along the street. Although their clothes have faded for some years, they are all clean and tidy. The old man looked even more arrogant and straightened his spine. I secretly thought in my heart that the more such a person must have encountered difficulties that are difficult to walk through, and have to bow to life .

This road is the economic center of Hankou. People come and go despite the hot weather. A lot of people walked over in ignorance, and occasionally passers-by stopped and walked away.

I am just a passerby.

When the wind blew, with a billowing heat wave, flies fell from the sycamore tree and landed on the old lady’s hair. The old man carefully bent down and used two fingers to pull out the branches and leaves that fell on the tips of the hair. The old lady raised her head hard, the corners of her mouth raised slightly, and the old man patted her shoulders gently, fearing that the corners of her eyes would be bitter and helpless. I took the last cigarette, and when I was about to leave, I saw a woman sitting on a long chair under a sycamore tree not far from me, walking up quickly, and took out 100 yuan from her bag and stuffed it into the old man. Wife’s hands. Suddenly, the old lady was a little dazed. When the old lady reacted, the woman had walked back to the bench and looked down at her mobile phone as if nothing had happened .

Nothing seems to have happened. People come and go.

I glanced at the woman, just curious and surprised. Quickly walked into the mall.

I came out of the mall 10 minutes later. I remember my wife said to take some dim sum home, and walked into a dim sum shop called “Waseda” on the frontage of Dahankou. I took two boxes of buy-one-get-one-free floss beakers, ready to take a look again, a woman’s voice rang, “Waiter, are there any other floss beavers?” Wife with money. Very ordinary, slightly fat, and simple to wear. I saw that she had peach crisps, boxed egg rolls and a bottle of water in her hand, and spent a long time bargaining with the waiter at the checkout. Packing bags need to be paid separately, and she just dragged away a packing bag.

She and I walked out of the “Waseda” dim sum shop, but saw her walking directly in front of the elderly couple with the packing bag, put down the things and left. Her back was quickly lost on Jianghan Road…

I seem to see tears in the corner of the old lady’s eyes.

Such a woman is like a clear stream in the muddy world. Born to be ordinary, but not ordinary. Being stingy with oneself, but having a kind and soft heart towards others, people can’t help but admire.

When my father was alive, he once said, “Most people in this world would rather sympathize with others and tears than give material and financial gifts.” When I was young, I saw other people’s hardships and encountered many people begging along the street. I will give some less, but at this age I become numb. This world is just like this! Who is not “looking for Amao”? The allusion of “Looking for Ah Mao” comes from Lu Xun’s “Sister Xianglin”. Sister Xianglin’s child was taken away by the wolf. She said when she met people that she was moved by other people’s stories at first, and then she became numb when she said too much. Isn’t that the reality?

Seeing her leaving from the back, I reached into the trouser bag and touched the only 10 yuan cash, walked to the elderly wheelchair, and put it down. He was ashamed when he turned around!