Quiet for far, indifferent to Mingzhi

I always want to write something, but I always put my pen halfway through, thinking that there will be better rhetoric tomorrow. I always want to say something, but I always stop talking in the middle. Maybe there will be more words tomorrow. Life is always missed. Missed yesterday, missed the present, and now, the present is still repeating, repeating the same miss.

The years go back and forth, no one can keep the past and change the intricacies of the past. Just slowly leaving the past in the fading look back. After joy and sorrow, there are landscapes that cannot bear to be forgotten, and the dry years that cannot bear to look back. After the prosperous period, everything is full of smoke and frustration; laughter and curse means life and everything is empty. Flowers bloom and fall, like a dream. The journey through the mountains and the water are all spring and autumn, and all you have seen are floating clouds. Eternity should be far away. Stopping and looking back, looking at the time that I can’t hold back, I can only smile and relieved. Let go, let go, and look into the distance.

The cloud in the distance changes with the wind, the pattern is not what the cloud wants, it is the wind. We just looked at, can only be bored watching, just bored spectators, meditation imagining nothing. In fact, how can we figure out the meaning of wind and cloud? They have their happiness , they have their persistence, and we have our differences, why do they have to be the same? Rather than expecting so much, it is better to be yourself, to be safe and happy.

Sometimes what we need is not the length of time, but the moment after a long experience, a moment of sudden relief from the bottom of my heart, a moment of relief, like a relief. The years are moving forward and forward endlessly, and the youth is slowly fading and drying up. Maybe life will last forever in a way you didn’t expect, and the unforeseen practice will last, but those that have nothing to do with you, just like the blooming flowers in front of you, you see it is the most beautiful, just look at it.

I don’t want to say anything, I don’t want to do anything. There is no sadness to cry, no sorrow and joy, do not think about the illusory and the reality, just look at the front, only the present, and only the existence. Simple life , simple desire. It is as light as a flying flower, as quiet as the night sky, as light as a sunset, and as quiet as a valley. Look down on life and see through the world. Quiet to achieve far, indifferent to Mingzhi.