Sad autumn and cool, recalling the past

The season of growing autumn is the most lonely. Parting or parting is a portrayal of helplessness in real life.

I looked up and looked out the window, and the sky I saw was covered with dark clouds, just like the sorrow on my face at the moment. The sadness in my heart lingers for a long time, because it sees through my heart, or is sad with me.

In the morning when I was drying clothes on the balcony, there was the sound of children laughing and playing in the park downstairs, which made me think that I was a member of this city. I had taken root here and lived the life I wanted.

But in fact, no matter when and where, for non-locals, except your hometown, you belong to outsiders everywhere you go, and no one will ask you what your true intentions in this city are. Thinking of this inexplicably feels a little disappointed.

But after another thought, Nanke Yimeng is also beautiful after all, because it has given us a moment of comfort and beauty, which is what everyone is pursuing.

For me, the beauty of dreams lies in their illusion. It does not make people lose anything, but it allows people to concentrate on enjoying the present.

Sometimes you feel that the current life is simply a torture, and you get far more than you lose. But when you ask yourself, facing a bad situation may be another way to grow. It may be difficult to try to accept it, but it must be more than regretting alone. Easy to come.

We tried and made mistakes and licked the wound again and again, seeming to have lost the right to cry for pain.

We show the best in front of everyone, carefully package our external appearance, and turn a deaf ear to the emptiness of our heart, although it is profitable but also harmful.

The melancholy emotion in my heart was not expressed in time. It continued to expand in my heart, making the expression on my face resemble a sad dynamic picture, giving people a unique melancholy atmosphere.

Suddenly, Dou Da’s raindrops hit immediately, and I sat back in front of the computer and continued to beat my ideals…