Harvest Festival

The rice flowers are floating, the rice is fragrant, the rice waves are rolling, the ears of rice are sinking, the melons and fruits are fragrant, and the picking is busy. The harvest season is busy with the autumn harvest. In the busy autumn harvest season, the combine harvesters lined up and buzzed, ready to sing for the earth and dedicate themselves to the earth at any time.

Drones flying in the scent of fruit, patrolling back and forth in the orchard, spreading laughter with the aroma of fruits and melons.

When the rolling rice waves vibrate the pulse of the earth, you will see that the ears of rice that look like sorghum are more like a long string of medals given by the earth to the winner.

The sun, water and soil of the Republic are shining with golden light. The folks and elders are holding crystal clear rice, bowing to the noble earth, and the moist crystal grains of rice are engraved with the symbol of the harvest on the earth, as if they are the most beautifully written on the earth. language.

The never-ending knowledge that has been thrown into the vast and vast land advances toward green and gold. On the vast land, the fragrance of melons and fruits is scattered to the wilderness, and the pearl agate that resembles life is collected from Mother Earth and sprinkled on people’s heads. The dewdrops tell mankind about the dawn of the earth.

In the orchard, I kissed the endless large and small fruits again and again to tell the golden joy. When the autumn harvest, the fruits separated from the branches and leaves are like pearls and agates. In the rice fields, in the orchard, and in the water, the transparent motherland is solemn Crops grow on the red earth and become seedlings again and again.

In the past, the night multiplied the night, it was the night of the crocodile, we ran for life in painful hunger, in suffering, and buried tears as seeds in the soil, bloodstains and bones, which is another kind of death for us.

We knelt and raised our heads to trek in the world, kissing the snowy ground, the bitter soil, and silently in the arms of our mother with blood and tears, from the south to the north, from the land to the sea, the end of the land was hit by the waves on the beach at the end of the world. In the waves, the newly married crops grow vigorously on the motherland like waves full of spring breeze.

The solemn crops and solemn history are sung and eulogized to all people who aspire to eradicate hunger and poverty. Harvests and dreams climb across the ridge, through muddy water, through lightning and wind and rain, new weather and the soil of rice fields, because of a seed. , Huaxia Land has given us a good harvest of rice and a full warehouse. The dream of a seed blossoms and bears fruit on the land of dreams and reality. The rice in the dream field grows as high as sorghum, and the ears of rice grow as long as a broom.

Melons and sweet peaches grow as big as watermelons. The fruits of dreams drift across the oceans, shining with golden light, carrying the breath of majestic China and the earth, conveying the fragrance of fruits and the breath of crops to the world. The world of mankind will The weight of crops, the language of seeds, and the character of fruits are presented one by one.

Regardless of any country or region, the world needs a bumper harvest of grains, oils and melons.

All human beings on the earth, men, women and children will love grains, oils, melons and fruits, and a simple and happy life is waiting for rice to be cooked.

Then, please pray for the people of the world and the grain fields of the world!

Pray for our farmers’ harvest festival!

Because we all need this magical and noble grain field, and this generous and noble grain field, to put on the human land, longing, eating, strength, holding up and offering fragrant pearls for the destiny of mankind, each one full of love and light. , Illuminates the earth, and also illuminates the soul of the world. The Harvest Festival has enriched the excellent Chinese fertile land and grain fields. The broad sentiment, the spirit of fraternity, and the glorious soul.

With the spirit of burning and the language of fire, the ancient land will be the green mountains and green water and the sound of the ears of wheat and rice in the wind in the fields. The great dawn of the glory and dreams of the new era will be hundreds of millions. The tip of Ji’s lips and tongue greet the brilliantly radiant grain from the East. This is the golden light that combines our sacred passion and human destiny. Let us master the secrets of advanced agriculture. Let us use knowledge and sweat. , Inspiration, Opportunity In the green earth and red spring of mankind, use the fluttering moist pollen to grab the earth until the saline-alkali becomes a good field and the sea becomes a sacred field.