Being alone is a joy for a person

Schopenhauer said: We bear all misfortunes because we cannot be alone.

Deeply agree.

A person’s time is a piece of comfort and beauty, and sometimes, a person can be worthy of thousands of troops.

Learning to be alone, learning to get along with yourself, and reconciling with life is a compulsory course for everyone.

Being alone is a feeling

Being alone is the melancholy of “the flower falls are independent, and the swift and swallows fly together”.

Being alone is the loneliness of “all the birds are flying high, the lone cloud goes to leisure alone”.

Being alone is the free and easy way of “picking chrysanthemums under the eastern fence and seeing Nanshan leisurely”.

Solitude is the broad-mindedness of “the boat dies from now on, the river and the sea send the rest of his life”.

Everyone feels different when facing alone.

Or boring, or lonely, or pleasant, or calm.

In the adult world, there is too much helplessness, and it needs a quiet space to release oneself and nourish it.

Get rid of the fatigue of the day and give yourself a space to be alone.

Or close your eyes and rest your mind, and integrate internally. Or read under the lamp to enrich the soul. Or pick up a pen to send a message, boil the words to heal your wounds.

A quiet snail dwelling time, drizzle under the listening gallery, enjoy the flowers blooming outside the window, and taste the fragrance of the years.

Being alone can make a person lonely and unbearable, and live like a year.

Being alone can also make a person quiet and rich, warm and peaceful.

The best state of a person, enjoying the prosperity, settled down in loneliness, withstanding loneliness, like being alone.

Being alone is an ability

Throughout the ages, many outstanding people have liked to be alone.

The famous writer Zhang Ailing once said: The prosperity is gone, and people are lonelier than fireworks.

Learn to be alone, and then learn the courage and ability to face life.

If you learn to be alone, you won’t be afraid of being alone.

If you learn to be alone, you can resist setbacks and blows.

If you learn to be alone, you can grow up quickly.

Learning to be alone, we become better and more outstanding.

Kant, the German philosopher, never walked out of Gönigsberg in his life. He was wifeless and childless. He lived for decades as a day, guarding a square inch, and wrote “A Critique of Pure Reason.”

Those who cannot be alone are often afraid of quiet and leisure. They use busyness to drive away loneliness, and use noise to drive away loneliness.

They are fragile in heart, timid and fearful, afraid to face the misfortunes of life, and always avoid their hearts and deceive themselves.

Their days are monotonous and boring, and their lives are barren and desolate.

If you can’t be alone, you can never recognize yourself.

If you don’t stay alone, you will never heal yourself.

Will not be alone, can not feel the peace and beauty of the soul.

Will not be alone, can not enjoy true freedom and broad-mindedness.

The good people often like to be alone, and the mediocre people are often afraid of being alone.

Being alone is a state

In a quiet afternoon, the sunshine is just right, the breeze is not dry, a book, a cup of tea, and a beautiful melody, let a floating heart slowly calm down, and feel the peace of the years and the world like smoke.

The days are quiet and gentle.

As I grow older, I gradually learn to cut and reduce the complexity.

Stop wronging yourself to do things you don’t like to do, and no longer deliberately cater to others in order to integrate into a circle.

More often, I choose to deliberately alienate, stay away from all the social interactions I don’t like, immerse myself in the world of one person, do what I like, let my heart go, and enrich myself.

In my free day, I once walked alone in the fields to breathe fresh air. Occasionally look up at the sky, occasionally pick up a fallen leaf, write the name of the person you like, and put it in the bookmark of the years to save the passing years.

Away from the hustle and bustle, it seems that all the troubles are blocked.

In the world alone, the grass is neighbor, the green hills depend on each other, the bright moon is the companion, spend the time together, count the passing years.

Being alone is a kind of practice, but also a kind of ability.

Being alone is a state and a feeling.

People with ample hearts like to be alone, and people with desolate hearts are afraid of being alone. Being alone is a joy for a person!

Learn to be alone and be brave.

May you like to be alone, enjoy alone, embrace alone.