Understanding Life

Life is a kind of mood . If a person has experienced something in the first half of his life, knows some truths, understands the philosophy of dealing with people, and knows the meaning of life, then this is a great blessing! Many people are in mania, unable to extricate themselves, living heart-tired, tired, and even tired of the world. This is because they did not understand themselves, did not recognize the true meaning of life, and some people did not know themselves, thought they were very ambitious, and they were ignorant. Uncommon, we often forget that there are heavens outside the world, and there are people outside the world. In fact, we are just a drop in the ocean; some people are arrogant and lack self-confidence, pretending to be a pitiful appearance, or simply living their lives miserably. In fact, everyone is equal in life . Who is better than anyone else?

Since you are standing in this world, you have to see through the rules of survival in this world, understand the true meaning of life, know what kind of life you want to live, and be at a low point in your life. The child who grows up among the thorns is the one who constantly grows up in self-pity and self-pity. Sometimes the personality will be extreme, sometimes impulsive, sometimes depressed, sometimes extreme, sometimes inferiority and self-pity-but after all kinds of struggles , I found that no one really cares about my pain and pain, and even if they care, they can’t help me get out of the mire of pain.

The momentary sympathy and pity in the eyes made me fall into the quagmire of even less self-confidence. After reflection and reflection, I discovered that, in fact, I am nothing worse than others, and I don’t have to look to others. I can control my own destiny. I live for yourself, and happiness are not happy you know, fast is not happy that they know, therefore, what kind of life you want only you understand, only he can give himself.

Life is in various forms, always changing like a cloud. Always indulge in unsatisfactory things, you will miss a lot of wonderful things, learn to forget, learn to endure, and actively enjoy the splendor that the world brings us, crying and asking for real happiness, all happiness will be diluted by time, time has changed, and things have changed. What we can do is to adapt to life and pursue the life we ​​want to the utmost; to understand ourselves, enrich ourselves, surpass ourselves, and let our life burst out with vitality and passion. Maybe it’s just a slogan, but it’s a state of mind to be able to do it. Once the state of mind is good, everything will look aside, and I won’t be so tired.

Life is an eternal topic. To understand your own life, you must first understand yourself. Understanding yourself is a kind of wisdom. Many people have exhausted their lives without knowing what kind of life they want; or after reading it, it is difficult to be themselves. They are mediocre to live for others, pitiful and sad!

Only when you understand yourself can you enrich yourself and perceive the beauty of the world; only when you understand yourself can you live happily between heaven and earth; and only when you understand yourself can you bring your relatives and friends the best life and emotions . It is only after having tasted the ups and downs of life that you can really sharpen the splendor of life and understand how to cherish your life! In the process of “reading” your mind, you may deviate from the direction, you may encounter setbacks, or you may retreat halfway, but remember to reflect on yourself at the right time and remember to persevere, so that no matter how big the problem is, it will be solved.

To understand yourself, everything is something outside of the body, forget the complexity of the world, look down on love and hatred, but feel lonely and sorrowful, it is a kind of indifference that transcends the world, this is the highest state of life. When fate is here, those who should love will love, and those who should be forgotten will be forgotten. How can floating clouds be retained? If you always allow yourself to breed a kind of peace, a kind of joy, a kind of calm emotion in your heart, then, where else in this world will make you hurt and lose yourself? In this turbulent world, no matter how noisy the world is, and no matter how fame and fortune are seduced, which one is not a passing smoke?

How much true love can you keep in this red dust of grievances and grievances? Read the world, tell yourself how to face it, realize early and relax, soak in sunshine and rain naturally, casually and happily, accept your own life calmly, sincerely, and indifferently. Maybe you understand that these will break the cocoon of a butterfly chrysalis, or maybe a phoenix Nirvana. However, being able to understand these is maturity, and understanding these and being able to face life calmly is what we want. If we can actively pursue what we want, then life will laugh at us.

Savor life happily, perceive life, understand yourself, face life positively, and let us face every day of life.