When to go back and be a idler

I don’t know when it started, busyness has become the symbol of everyone’s life, while leisure has become the most extravagant thing. Everyone in the world is busy all the time.

What are people busy with? Busy with study, busy with work, busy with making money to support the family, busy with caring for the elderly and children, busy with supporting the whole family, in order to meet everyone’s expectations, alone to carry the burden of life, was overwhelmed.

When a person is alive, he will no longer be like himself. An energetic young man will one day become a “greasy uncle”; a cute and lovely young girl will one day become a “yellow face woman”. Whose face has been secretly changed over the years, and how many edges and corners have been smoothed?

No longer easily talk to others, it is to know that the joys and sorrows between people are not connected. Talking to others will only increase the troubles, and will not reduce the slightest pain. Instead of this, it is better to bear it alone. If you blindly complain about people like Xianglin’s wife, you will only become the laughing stock of others, and you will even be ridiculed by others.

Stop complaining easily, but also understand that it is better to complain than to change, and to be angry is worse than to win. No longer just admire others blindly, but work hard, start from this moment, do not seek perfection, but seek perfection without leaving regrets.

In the old days, time was slow, only enough to love one person in a lifetime. A house, a beloved, three meals in four seasons, is a lifetime. Nowadays, love must be early, and love must be hot. Life, love, work, all things make people very busy.

In order to be faster, better, and more efficient, people would rather cut the mess with a sharp knife than occasionally idle, slow down, reflect on themselves, and give the soul a pure land of freedom.

“When will I go back and be an idler. For a piano, a pot of wine, a stream of clouds.” In fact, how can there be a real pure land in the world? Being able to calm down, sip a cup of tea, read a book carefully, listen to a wonderful melody, and embrace the landscape and grass, this is enough to soothe the dust and to comfort you and my heart.

When people are in the cage, all they can see is a glimmer of light in the gap. At first, they want to break free from the cage. As time goes by, the habit becomes natural, and the hope gradually becomes despair.

Only to wipe away the dust from the heart from time to time, and to give the soul a free sky, sleep when it is time to sleep, eat when it is time to eat, think when it is time to think, when it is confused and confused when it is time to work hard, focus on one thing, and do it all. The best practice is the best practice.

Rare leisure is the most luxurious and simple happiness of this era. If you can, please give me time for a song to fill the unfinished youth story with a moving melody; if you can, please give me the time for a cup of tea and taste a cup of tea that I love, no For elegance and pure heart.

If you can, I just hope that you and me in the mundane world can temporarily relieve the burden, forget the fatigue, and be idlers. It’s rare to be idle, it’s rare to be confused.

Life is hard enough, and it is a good thing to be able to bring others happiness. If you can bring happiness to others, let alone, if you are alive, you should at least learn to please yourself.

Don’t be too persistent, not too demanding, abandon worries and irritability, use a clear mind and indifferent mood to concentrate on doing what you can do. Knowing how to pick up the fruits and flowers of life, joy has the meaning when it is joyful, and when it is painful and frustrated, there are also experiences and experiences worth adopting.

The real practice is not just sitting on the futon, holding the scriptures in hand, clearing the mind. A humorous attitude, occasional self-deprecating, an open-minded mind, and knowing how to decompress and relax, can calmly deal with this dangerous life.