But you are not a novelist after all

Writing prose is not like writing novels . Every time you pick up the pen, you don’t forget to beat again and again, and do it all the time, and keep yourself awake as if you are strict with yourself. In fact, in the final analysis, it is no different from being a human being.

In addition to being creative, it is also necessary to have a door sound that is in line with the times or the present and the seasons. Whether you have the momentum of the thunderbolt, or to say, you have to have the air in the language. Not to mention, how very, profound, or unpredictable “Listening to your words is better than reading ten years” to see the words of the king is like six veins.

Like martial arts, it is equal to. The two veins of the re-elected governor also helped to get through. Not to mention how magical, the three flowers gather, all beings are benefited, they have opened their minds, and have psychics, and so on.

Chai, rice, oil and salt, laughing and cursing, who is crying, who is in love. He laughed, he was hurt. As far as the novel is concerned, this is the case, but life is trivial, with three meals a day. What happened today and what you will encounter tomorrow can be made up of endless long talks like torrential rivers, without the need to confess or speak out.

Therefore , there is still a very big gap between articles and articles. Literati and literati are also incomprehensible.

But you are not a novelist after all.

It’s okay to give up the small and take the big, or to give up the small family, for the sake of the great self, first calm down, and then love, maybe at this moment, the result without results is the best result for you. At the moment, an answer without an answer is also the best answer for you.

And you are no more than this kind of person, although it is thirty years old, it should be a standing year. Should I say that I didn’t know the meaning of the text at first, or that I was a stranger after reading it. But I also know that as far as the creation on the road of literature and art is concerned, I just want to say, after all, I don’t want to betray yourself.

Those who practice Buddhism have to do it thousands of times, while those who hold on to evil only need one thought. Like the world, although he only knows the green mountains forever, but does not know the pines and cypresses, he is born to be a man, and he is born to be a man. But I will also keep in mind and deepen ” Literature ” which covers our Chinese nation, the civilization of five thousand up and down.

A true and great writer, and I resolutely and firmly believe that in addition to purification, he also covers the true spiritual history of a nation.

From the writing. Although the literati is bitter. As your master said. Like the passions, dreams, fighting spirit, and hard work before the age of thirty, it is urgent. And what about after thirty? Could it be that you look at the mountains, show the water, plain and simple, idealistic, and cultivate the true nature for years.

Although there was a turmoil at the age of twenty, it was warm and beautiful enough. Although he was thirty years old, he was still indifferent enough.

After all, whose youth has never been lost, whose youth has never been frivolous , learn to live in the happiness after being alone and courageous .

Therefore, British writer Maugham once said a very classic saying: “A person can observe fallen leaves, shame flowers, appreciate everything from the subtle , and life cannot do anything to him.” Learn to enrich your life and defeat those sad , boring and Emptiness is also an interesting way.

Therefore, there is also reading. For example, there is also writing.