I would like to dedicate my life to literature

In a few days, it will be the beginning of autumn. The first red maple leaf in early autumn will fall into my curtains and wake up my lazy and sloppy heart. For many years, I have been longing for a clean home in the mountains and forests with classical sorrow. The temple contains all my emotions , both vague and firm, firm and hesitant. What kind of woman am I willing to kneel on the futon and twist the green silk? I understand that I cannot be smooth in the world, and I also understand that I am out of place in the bustling city. Knowing this, it is better to live in a temple with a simple heart, among the green mountains and clear waters, among the yellowed scriptures, beside the red maple, on the green bamboo. Although every woman can’t help but expect someone to cherish her deeply, after all, I don’t want to be a woman who can’t sleep with the lights, and can’t see people from the high buildings. It is because of the anxious nature that it should be simpler.

Suddenly I remembered the hasty and formality of going to a temple for the first time in my life . Sandalwood, Sanskrit sounds, wisps of pour into my heart. Kneeling on the golden futon with incense, I found that I was just a dust in the world, and the sins of this life are too numerous to record. The threshold of the temple is high and heavy. Before leaving, the old monk of the temple kept me and asked about my birthday, and I answered truthfully, but it was still because he flipped through the yellowed book, which was complicated and unspeakable. The feelings are still there. It was not until he left me a few words that I tied the red ribbon with my name on the copper cauldron and sighed away. I inevitably confused the old monk with the warlock warlock in my heart. Now think about it carefully, whether it is a warlock warlock, a senior monk, or a late old man, it doesn’t matter. The important thing is that I can feel a sense of peace and feel the profound Zen in this peace .

This night, I walked on the embankment with the cool moonlight, and the cool river breeze was blowing. This night, I walked on the embankment with the cool moonlight, and the cool river breeze flooded my long-lasting chill. , I tried to use a few bells, Sanskrit sounds, and bursts of sandalwood in the depths of the courtyard, beside the plane tree, in exchange for a piece of Xu Xianfeng Dao bones. This thought makes me feel ashamed. In the world of chaotic clouds flying across the world, every heart-stricken heart hurts me deeply. Of course, I understand that there are many people living in this world, but their hearts are like a mirror. Many people return to the forest, but But the heart is full of dust. In the world, all kinds of people are actually worthy of forgiveness, because the years will precipitate a kind of peace and compassion.

The river breeze started and stopped, but the chill only increased. It was clean and bleak. It made me slightly drunk, but also sad.

The city’s busy traffic, feasting and feasting, has also become more intense.

After going back, maybe the wind will start again.

The seventh day of July in the Jiawu year.

Still rest