You are my distant miss

One person, one umbrella, looking in the rain, in white clothes for thousands of years in the dream; one stroke and one ink, lovesickness, three thousand long poems full of love; –Inscription.

The night breeze slowly blows the night, and the lovesickness is full of the bed at this moment; the stars are full of stars tonight, falling in the bottom of my heart sigh; tonight the clear breeze comes, the sea of ​​heart is full of sad ripples. Therefore, I look at the bright moon and send my sorrows, and the sorrows point me to the rain.

sigh! sigh! sigh!

When you come, you are the most beautiful flower in summer. I stand in the dust and enjoy your open beauty.

I think, although spring is gentle and bright, there are always flowers blooming; so in spring, although we are walking on the same bluestone road, but because of the drizzle, every time we meet, we pass by. Spring is really not suitable for acquaintance, so we grow up alone, wait for you to come out and look like, wait for me to learn a literary and martial arts. Wait till summer, can we meet again?

The summer comes here. You are like a wild orchid, with graceful flowers, elegant fragrance, independent of the empty valley, not with the flowers; the rain washes away your turbidity, the wind floats your fragrance away, until one day I smell it. And some floral scents are here for me.

“Encounter” is such a beautiful word, but if it hadn’t been in the most beautiful summer, if not in the most beautiful years, how could I dare to climb this word high. On the day of midsummer, you sit by the Songhua River, quietly admiring the garland, and looking at the long white clouds indifferently. As I passed by you, I stopped. Because I saw the most beautiful you in summer: sitting on a big rock under the shade of a tree, quietly looking at the calm river, as if watching something, and as if worrying about something, but it seems so natural, and The surrounding scenery is so natural. The wind blows gently, your long hair dances lightly, and an accidental look back struck my heartstrings that have haunted me for thousands of years.

Because I know we don’t know each other. So, with a slight smile, I walked to your side, with a nervous heart, pretending to say “the scenery here is nice” calmly, I thought you would ignore me or just walk away. But you didn’t. You also whispered back “Hmm”, “Do you often come here?”, “Coming frequently recently”, “Why?” “Because I’m unemployed recently, it’s so boring “…… That’s it Son, simply, we started to know each other. Perhaps, that’s it, simply, we are in love.

“Love each other” is another beautiful word. Because of love, I can hold your hand every day and walk in every familiar and unfamiliar street, mountain, park, playground… Seeing flowers blooming throughout the four seasons, There are three thousand prosperous chants all over the world, and the song is like a fleeting year. You ask me if I will always love you like this until you get old, I said yes. You ask me if I will always be with you and keep you from being alone, I said yes.

You ask me, if someone better than you falls in love with me, will I change my heart? I said no. You ask me, if I can’t afford this gluttonous and playful you, will I abandon you? I said there is no that if… You asked me a lot of questions, and I asked you a lot of the same questions, then At that time you gave me the same answer. We romanticize our love , meet each other in laughter and laughter every day, and then go home each night.

When you are gone, you are the quietest fallen leaf in autumn. I stand in the dust, thinking of the day you left.

I thought that we would be like this forever; I thought that you would be my partner in this life; I thought that I could personally give you the best happiness in this life . But everything is what I thought, not the fact. Yes, parting often comes earlier than expected. It is totally unimaginable that all this will come to an end.

You left me that day, I cried very sad , and you cried very sad. I cry because I know that the person I love is leaving, and you cry because you know that you are leaving the person who loves you. After you left for a while, I was very sad and couldn’t sleep every night, like a walking dead, living in this world without light. Later, under the enlightenment of those good friends and classmates, I gradually got better, I started to sleep well, I started to work hard, and I started to become better and better.

Sometimes, I also think, why? Why would you leave me? Is it really as you said, this is our destiny, my previous life just covered you with clothes, not the person who buried you? Later, I understood: No matter how beautiful love is, it can’t match the passing of time; no matter how deep it is, it’s no match for the stretching of space.

I once said, “If distance separates us, then I will cut off space. If time makes us indifferent, then I will mess up time. There is nothing in this red dust that can stop our love.” I think about it now, it is indeed. I was young and ignorant, and arrogant Ling Ran, thinking about it, I felt funny. Now that you have been away for a long time, I have already understood: the depth of love, the depth of love, the deep and light memory of love, you have gone and cannot be chased, you can still be remembered after you have gone, I have a free greeting, and hastily blessed you in a hurry. I am well’

Thousands of miles of ink stained the end of the world with lovesickness; a scroll of Danqing text, three lives in the stone love; half of the cold and Xiaotianlai, singing all the red dust and misty rainy days. You have become the most beautiful flowers in summer; you have become the quietest leaves in autumn. Your coming has become my most remembered love; your coming has become my most distant miss .