Mother, where are you

In the dark, she felt that the bangs before her hair were gently pushed on both sides of her forehead, and she had a hand gently touching her forehead. In my memory, every time I have a fever, my busy mother always touches her forehead with her hand anxiously. Could it be the mother… She opened her eyes, and she stood in front of her bed, who was clearly the mother who thought about it day and night! Mom, where have you been? She held her mother’s skirt tightly for fear that her mother would disappear from her again.

Mother smiled and tucked her quilt, like a cloud in the sky, disappearing in an instant. She unplugged the sling tube from her hand forcefully and chased it out, mother… her heart-piercing cry echoed in the air. Mom, what’s the matter with you? Does the injection hurt? The son’s call pulled her back from sobbing. Did you dream of my grandma again? As soon as her son’s words fell, she couldn’t help crying. The Mid-Autumn Festival is approaching, maybe it was a dream that was condensed because of missing my mother too much.

The potion in the bottle dripped into her veins. If the mother was there, the mother would stay in front of her bed and take care of her carefully. But now only the son is looking at her puzzledly.

When she missed her mother, she could only wash her face with tears. Especially when she is celebrating Mother’s Day, she will stay at home on this day. She is afraid of seeing people holding flowers to her mother to send blessings. She is a little jealous and envious of them. Lifting her head, her teary eyes saw the only picture of her mother in the frame. No one thought that it would become the last portrait of her mother. That was a photo taken by my mother in her 40’s. Before that, her mother had never been willing to take a photo in order to save money.

That time it was a notice from the mine, and my mother reluctantly agreed. She clearly remembered the first time her mother took the photo. In her impression, her mother spent every day busy, and she rarely saw her looking in the mirror, but that day, her mother washed twice. For the first time, her face was wiped with vanishing cream. The mother rummaged through all the clothes in the cabinet or her two patched tops. The neighbor’s aunt couldn’t stand it anymore, so she lent her green checkered top to her mother. The top looks so beautiful on her. . The smile overflowing from the corner of his mouth is clearly a kind of happiness and satisfaction.

My mother and her father fled from Henan to Shaanxi and started their new life in a cave dwelling. My father went down to the well and worked hard, and my mother took care of all the housework, feeding pigs, grazing sheep and mowing the grass. Several of our brothers and sisters were born one after another, and the family’s financial situation became more and more constrained. Mother had to go to the coal yard to load the truck with coal. Only the people in the coal mine know the weight of the big shovel. My mother has been working for more than ten years. After get off work, the exhausted and exhausted mother also cooks and washes for us. At night, when I woke up from sleep, I found my mother was there. Make shoes and sew clothes for us under the kerosene lamp. Later, when my sister hired a job and became more financially rich, the mother who came home from the coal yard found another job to send patients to the hospital of the Mining Bureau. At that time, there was only one ambulance in the mine and it was only used to pick up patients who were seriously ill. Of.

It takes more than ten miles to leave the hospital at the mine, and those patients with foot injuries and fractures can only be treated with a rack cart to and from the hospital at the mine and the bureau. Mother always carefully helped the sick person to change the medicine, and then carefully helped the sick person into the car. Once, I insisted on going with my mother, but my mother was unable to twist and I agreed. When the car was going uphill, I clearly saw that my mother could squeeze out the water when her back was wet. I cried and vowed to let my mother live a good life when I grew up.

Before my promise was fulfilled, my mother’s body couldn’t support it anymore, and my mother’s heart disease recurred. Kidney failure caused by the mother’s heart failure, the mother who can’t urinate is swollen like a big bread. For five years, my mother had not lay down and slept. Due to shortness of breath, her mother had to sit on the bed and lay on the quilt every day, and then was awakened again and again.

When my mother was 52 years old, on the morning of New Year’s Day, her mother was dying and unconscious. There was heavy goose feathers in the sky. My brother and sister drove our mother to the Bureau Hospital in a scooter. My mother was rescued by the doctor for two days, but my mother never woke up again. The corners of her mother’s mouth were bleeding before her deathbed. I held my mother’s cold and yellow hand tightly, my heart broken. These hands can no longer sew single cotton wool for their children, to remove dirt and dust. A few of our brothers and sisters threw themselves on our mother and weeped, hoping that God could have mercy on us and let her mother be able to come back to life.

Mother still left, leaving quietly without leaving us a word.

My mother never knew how to hyphenate. And her kindness, hard work, and simplicity will always remain in my memory.