Be a motivated ordinary person

Some people say that people who often read books will appear with a beautiful temperament as soon as the book is put down, and they are full of confidence and calmness in every gesture. Reading is like a gentle cure. It can always guide you when you are confused and give you answers when you are confused.

A book reviewer shared his story . For a period of time, he has been feeling unhappy . Every day he struggled with an abstract and complicated question: how can he live happily? After thinking hard to no avail, he chose to study. He happened to read a book about happiness, which made him want to understand many questions at once.

After tasting the benefits of reading, he persisted in the habit of reading for ten years. He said: “Reading makes me a half- life expert. I basically have a way to deal with many headaches in life.” Reading allows people to turn the knowledge in books into wisdom in their brains, and then deal with them with ease. Kind of thing.

There is a saying that there is no way to go in vain, and there is no book to be read in vain. Every minute you spend on reading will be rewarded at some point in the future, and every page you read is silently shaping a better you. May you read more when you are confused, heal yourself with words, and arm your life with wisdom.

There is a saying: ” The most important thing in life is to have a good body, a good mood , and a good mentality.” Exercise can give it all.

A netizen talked about his own experience. Since he started his business, he has devoted himself to his career. I made some money, but my body was not as good as before, and I felt short of breath and fatigue after a little activity. He often feels irritable, always quarreling with people around him, and his life is getting worse and worse.

Because he always heard people talk about the benefits of exercise, he set his heart down and started working out. No matter how bad the mood is, I will exercise for about an hour every day. After persisting for a period of time, a series of magical chain reactions occurred. The most intuitive thing is that he has gained a strong and good body. At the same time, because sports make him full of vitality, he can always welcome work with a full mental state and face others with a warm smile.

He said, “Before, after work, I spent all my time on socializing, playing on strings, and playing on my mobile phone , and there was always an idea in my heart that I’ve been tired after working all day, and there is no energy left. Now, even if I’m busy, I also don’t forget to exercise, because it brings me so many benefits.”

I have read such a passage, “The body system of a sedentary person is like a pool of stagnant water, with no vitality; a person who exercises often is more like a flowing spring, clean and clear.” So, no matter how irritable the mood is, I wish You can also spare time to exercise.

Life is like a hurry. If you keep rushing forward, it is easy to forget why you started. People who are truly sober, on the contrary, know how to stop at the right time and press a pause button for their lives.

In life, many people are often accustomed to coveting each other, but if a person has no time alone, it is easy to ignore his own heart, lose the ability to think, become arrogant, blindly follow the trend, and do not know what he needs or know. Where is my future path.

Stopping occasionally and finding an opportunity to get along with ourselves, on the contrary, allows us to regain our inner strength and return to the most authentic life. To calm down and think is the best way to get to know yourself. I hope you can stop occasionally, think when you are alone, find a place to be happy and open-minded.

Life is precious, and I hope you will live up to your youth and move forward in the days to come. Read more when you are confused, exercise frequently when you are upset, think deeply when you are alone, and run confidently and firmly towards a better life.