Be well with each other, see or not see

Some people slowly walked away in memory, as if they had never been there before. When I hear her name occasionally, I feel a little throbbing again, this person? I seem to know, or I seem to know. Then you try to search for his appearance and his words and deeds, but you can’t remember it anyway, and your mind is blurred again.

“After Floating Clouds leave, the water has flowed for ten years.” Do you think that someone who has been with you for a long time suddenly said that she was leaving one day. All of a sudden, your heart is lost a lot, and it seems to be very lost. Yes, you also know that there is no permanent banquet in this world. It is easy to meet in this era, but you have a vague feeling of sadness and premonition in your heart. This is the difference. Then, if you don’t see it, you don’t want to, and you forget it, I’m afraid this I will never see it in my life.

When we were students, our feelings were very innocent. If you treat me well, I will treat you well and call it a confidant. We said that we should take the same school together, travel together, and work together. I also naively think that we will not be separated. But everyone’s path is different. After graduation, we went to different things, missed it when we were separated, and kept in touch. But when we got used to our lives, the good feelings disappeared. We were afraid of disturbing each other, the current life. Replaced by new people and things. The long-term separation has led to the estrangement of the relationship, and the watershed of fate has caused a great difference between each other, so you go yours, I go mine, sometimes in a down-to-earth life and even afraid of meeting. All the good past will never be worth the passing years. We only vaguely remember that we were very close friends or lovers in the past, but when we met again, we were strangers, and once in a while, we smiled and passed by.

The distance never produces beauty, either the more I miss it, or it fades away. But what about seeing and not seeing? We are the greatest consolation to each other when we are well. It’s better to miss each other than to miss each other. Missing is also a gift of time. Some people leave, and they will miss them forever if they leave, while some people leave without thinking about it. Some people are destined to miss, and some people are destined to be forgotten. What we should cherish is what we cherish. And that miss is a commemoration of youth for years, regardless of friendship or love, free and easy. It’s good to be at ease. If the longing is too painful, it can be forgotten!

Everyone we meet in life is important or unimportant. The important reason is that you have to deal with it with your heart, let the things that are a little aftertaste in your life, let yourself be happy or sad, a person’s experience will make you emotionally full, and you will better love the present and the future. It is not important because everything we encounter is only a part of life after all, and you still have your own way to find it, and you will not turn back. Sometimes it’s enough to just slow down once in a while and enjoy the scenery along the way and the smiles passing by.

I really like the story of the famous prince You Ye Xue visiting Dai in the Eastern Jin Dynasty: Wang Ziyou lived in Shanyin, heavy snow in the night, sleeping, opening the room, drinking wine, and looking around. Because of hesitation, he chanted Zuosi’s “Zhao Yin” poem. Suddenly recalling Di’an Road. She wears it from time to time, even if it’s on a small boat at night. After the lodging side arrives, build the door and return. People asked the reason, Wang said: “I am going to be happy, and I am going back, why should I see Dai? Sometimes in life, I will come to see you if I miss you, and I will disappear if I don’t want to. Entanglement, everything comes with pleasure, and returns with pleasure. Although it is not visible, but it is walking on the wind all the way, the bright moon is bright, the drinking and the music is very exciting, the string is singing, it is not happy!

“Autumn wind blows, leaves flying, and Wujiang rivers are fat. I have not returned home for three thousand miles, and I can’t help but look up to the sky and sad.” Zhang Han is a writer of Western Jin Dynasty, he is indulgent and talented. Seeing the autumn breeze, Zhang Han suddenly thought of the glutinous rice soup and seabass in his hometown of Wujun. He wondered how could he abandon his feast and run thousands of miles away? So he returned home immediately. This is a kind of unrestrained temperament, but now we only feel that we will be long in the future, wait and wait, and finally, once the interest is over, we will be boring and missed the opportunity.

Seeing or not seeing, it’s okay, you come, let me say don’t come, if you don’t come, I wish you peace and stability! It’s just that I’m not looking forward to it. All the world’s people are passing by. Encounters are fate. For the rest of my life, I will be me. Whether I ask my friends to invite guests to play, I don’t want the other party to sing and sing “Let him go back and forth in two rounds of the sun and the moon.”

Loneliness is the normal state of life, then find a place of your own in loneliness, talk and laugh in the past, do not rely on anyone, do not search, I know you are well, you know I am safe.