For the rest of your life, you are at peace

Come, go, how many come and go in life. Encounter, separation, how many fate are gathered and scattered in the years.

Walking in the red dust, how many people we have to meet. Some pass by without leaving a trace; some go from acquaintance to acquaintance, and accompany each other; some from acquaintance to love, complete the affection of life. And at the end of life, we have to separate one by one, because everyone will be heading to the end of loneliness.

Because the results are known, we must cherish everyone around us.

Living in this world, there must be some thoughts in my heart to soothe this impetuous mind. An empty soul can hardly get spiritual sustenance; a lonely soul cannot bear the weight of friendship. A thought, in each other’s hearts, life will have a heavy affection; in each other’s hearts, life will have a colorful picture scroll.

Walking in this world, there is always some expectation in my heart to go on step by step. I hope that everyone around me can always be happy and be accompanied by the most beautiful gesture; I hope that father and son relatives and friends will help and love each other, and embrace the rest of their lives with the most true affection. Because of love, I hope that you will always be there for the rest of your life.

Sometimes, you don’t need too much speech or too much company, as long as you stay there, your heart can be docked in a harbor where there is no wind and no waves. Knowing that you have been there, you have the courage to go forward no matter how big the difficulty is; knowing that you will be there, no matter how long you are, you have the courage to go forward.

Sanmao said: The most beautiful relationship between friends lies in the icing on the cake; the most precious, you give charcoal in the snow; the best of friends is like a good tea, light but not astringent, fragrant but not tangy, slowly floating, like water flowing. When I’m tired, there is a room to talk; when I’m tired, I have a shoulder to lean on. Such a friend only hopes to stay in our lives for a long time, let our hearts miss this peace and warmth, and remember clearly: the rest of your life, you are at peace of mind!

We must believe that there is always someone who stays in life and grows old with time.

Perhaps it is a close friend who brings you a warmth of affection; or a loved one who leaves a passion of love; or a close family member who precipitates a mellow affection…It does not matter who that person is. The important thing is to store it in your heart, with concern and warmth. Thinking of it, I feel at ease.

The years of love will bloom a warm flower in the heart, fragrant every moment of life; the time of love will leave the most beautiful imprint in life, engraving the stories of the past, present and future. Wake up in the morning, with thoughts, peace of mind; at sunset, with thoughts, peace of mind. Your peace is my tranquility; your joy is my peace.