Laugh, life is like a flower for people who love to laugh

Hi! Are you smiling every day? If not, please smile every day! “Smile, less than ten years; smile, good luck!”

Smile is a kind of friendship, smile is a kind of happiness , smile is a kind of tolerance, smile is a kind of acceptance. It shortens the distance between people, it melts the ice between the heart and the heart, it strengthens the communication between people, and it promotes the communication between the heart and the heart.

Advise dear friends: please slow down and don’t rush in a hurry; please watch the beautiful things around you, don’t rush; please listen to the sounds of nature, don’t miss the singing of insects and birds; please let the sleeping Face awake, don’t be covered with frost and cold.

Please remember that the luck of a person who loves to laugh is not too bad, because he is always happy; because he is happy in his heart, everything goes smoothly. A person who loves to laugh has no rainy days in his life , because his heart is always clear.

Smile has no national boundaries, it will circulate wherever it is; its charm is huge and infinite, it will make people heartwarming and moving; it will make people feel at first sight, never unfamiliar; it will make people who love you and those you love I fell in love at first sight, and my heart was immediately moved.

Smile, regardless of location, time and space. As long as you laugh, you will be happier than not smiling; as long as you laugh, you will no longer have a gloomy heart; as long as you laugh, you will surely laugh out a wonderful life!

Love to laugh, laugh away from your troubles, laugh away from your poverty, laugh away from your low self-esteem, laugh away from your ugliness, laugh away from your timidity, laugh away from your self-confidence, laugh away from your Beautiful, laughed to your wealth, laughed to your good luck, laughed to your success!

No matter when, don’t always envy and look up to the happiness of others . In fact, smiling you are being envied and looked up by others, but you still don’t know it.

When life is as brisk and smooth as a song, it’s easy to smile often; and those who can still keep smiling in the face of setbacks and adversity will live more valuable, meaningful, and more people. Sincerely agree!

Smile is the most beautiful language in the world, it can convey love and beauty, it can convey happiness and relaxation. Smile is also the most effective “affinity agent” in the world. Almost all right and wrong, kindness and grievances can be annihilated in the smile and disappear.

Give a smile to a successful person, that is praise; give a smile to a loser, that is encouragement; give a smile to a happy person, that is sharing; give a smile to a sad person, that is comfort;

Give a smile to the disappointed, that is motivation; give a smile to the regretful, that is forgiveness; give a smile to the confused person, that is guidance; give a smile to the weak, that is courage. All smiles represent the different voices of people.

Let us work hard to be a calm person, a kind person, a person with love in heart, a person with a sunny smile, put a smile on our lips, and put happiness in our hearts.

Laugh, people who love to laugh have the best luck; laugh, people who love to laugh have a flowery life!