There will always be so much too late in life

The moment the loved one leaves is often not sad. The real sadness is when the half bottle of milk in the refrigerator is opened.

After graduating from university, I have been living with my father. When I was young, I always thought my father was too rigid and nagging.


That day, when I opened the refrigerator and saw that it was full of messy things, I said to him angrily, “Can you put everything in the refrigerator without having to put it in the refrigerator?

My father grabbed the things in my hand and put them in the refrigerator and reprimanded me: “What’s wrong with this? You don’t eat well and drink those unnutritious things all day long. I will collect them today. Hurry up, put this in. Drink the bottle of milk!”

I snatched the milk from him, took a sip, threw the milk into the refrigerator, and slammed the door with a bottle of Coke.

“You! Alas…”

Father’s sigh came from behind me.


That day, I saw the duvet folded on the bed…

“What are you doing!”

“It’s cooling down, I will take your childhood…”

“Eh, no, go away! Go away, go out!”

I tucked the quilt into my father’s hand and pushed him out of the house.


Late that night, there was a lot of noise from the washing machine…

I got up to the toilet and was startled by my father who was guarding the washing machine in the toilet.

“You have to scare me to death, hanging clothes here most of the night!”

The father asked in a sleepy voice, “Are there any clothes to be washed? A big man’s clothes are piled up there without washing them.”


After all, I went back to the house.


On the other day, that plate of steamed pork ribs was just made and waiting for me to come back.

That night, I was jumping with my friend and saw my father answer the phone impatiently: “Don’t keep calling, are you annoying!”

On the phone came the angry voice of his father: “The brat is not coming back!”

I ignored him and hung up.

At 11 o’clock in the evening, my father called again. This time he basically said to me in a begging tone: “It’s time to come back, the food is going to be cold…”

“Oh, right now! Who would eat your bad meal?”

When the third phone rang, but it was no longer his father’s voice, what was heard was a cold sentence: “Are you Guo Yanjun’s family member?”

You say this person, he seems to know where he should stop.

He was doing the same thing as usual that day, and suddenly said he wanted to make me steamed pork ribs. If I went home that day… it might not end this way.

I dreamed of him that night. He was standing next to me, but I couldn’t catch him when I stretched out my hand. He told me with the same smile as usual:

“Stay well!”

When he turned around, everything disappeared…


The debt to my father is a pity in my life. Thinking about it now, I was really too much of my father at the time. There are too many people in this life too late, but we only know how to cherish when we lose it.

It usually only takes a moment to become mature. After I settled down with my father, I went out to find a job and broke contact with those bad friends. After getting married and having children, I can understand my father better.

A man has many roles in his life. Only the son is best to play, but only the son is the least qualified. Communicate with your parents more patiently and cherish the time they are still alive. Most parents do not ask us to be rich, but hope that we can be happy and healthy.

Later, homesickness was a short tomb. I was outside and he was inside.