May you get out of the confusion and still have hope in your heart

In the dead of night, I create my own words. In sleepless nights, I am always used to recalling the past. Now, do you want to return to that age when you are not familiar with the world?

I am used to watching a TV series after dinner, while watching the drama, while thinking about the meaning of life . In this confused age, we are all the same, doing the same things every day, but can’t find our own direction. Once you , I have had many unrealistic dreams, but now you are no longer free from fantasizing fantasy and cruel reality, let you understand the complexity and change of the human heart, and you are accustomed to shuttle through the vast sea of ​​people, whether you will still Think of the self who was full of longing for the future?

We gradually lost our fighting spirit, and our mood gradually became depressed. We are used to drifting with the crowd, but we don’t know how to change ourselves. Your life is as plain as boiled water, but you have been envious of those and live the life you want. People.

You used to love someone with no hesitation, even if you go over the mountains, you will not hesitate, even if the other person is not interested in you, you have no complaints; in order to watch the concert of a favorite star, you will not hesitate to go thousands of miles, just for more Take a look at him and applaud him silently in the audience; in order to realize the dream in his heart, even if he is bruised and bruised, he will not give up, and even if he encounters many setbacks, he will choose to go forward courageously.

We used to be able to pay whatever it takes to live the life we ​​want, but now we are accustomed to drifting with the crowd. After experiencing the cruelty of reality, we become depressed and unhappy. After experiencing the severe beating of society, our eyes There is no light anymore, some people have been busy at work, working overtime until late at night, but some people are lying in bed after get off work and doing vibrato, different people live different lives, some people envy you Able to relax on the weekend.

But you are envious of the busy lives of others, because when you are busy, you will not think about the unhappy things. Some people only see the beauty of others’ appearance, but never see the bitterness and pain experienced by him. We are In this way, while envious of others, while hating the mediocre self, gradually became more and more mournful, lost confidence in life, and gradually became sophisticated, but began to miss the self who had never hesitated for dreams and love . .

You like to watch idol dramas, but you long for Prince Charming to fall from the sky. As everyone knows, reality always surprises you. You always hope that the other half of the future will have a wealth of money, but you don’t have any savings in your hands. You are so lofty and always right. The people around you are too demanding, but you haven’t made any changes. The face with heavy makeup hides exhaustion, and the inner emptiness is hidden under the strong appearance, and you gradually become so sophisticated.

Begin to despise love and laugh at others for being too naive. As everyone knows, this kind of you will never get the ideal love. The perfect personality in idol dramas can never replace the cruel reality. The ordinary you, after all, will not be able to survive. life, and you, too, gradually love emotion to despair, not knowing that the world is perfect, better than you have too many people, a lot of people like you, living a simple life, and those good people, often Put more effort than you.

You are used to staying at home and playing games after work. You don’t want to meet new friends. You don’t want to go on a trip on holidays. You don’t want to fall in love, get married, or live a different life. You are immersed in virtual reality every day. You can’t help yourself out in the world, as if games are the only way for you to decompress, but you always feel that life is boring. As everyone knows, you haven’t discovered the excitement of this world, and you don’t want to change your lifestyle, but you haven’t found it. You have long been used to it. Going with the flow, occasionally yearning for a different life, but gradually becoming lazy, getting fatter, but beginning to miss the once passionate self.

We always yearn for a comfortable life, but we haven’t found that there are many people in this world who work harder than you. We are always reluctant to change our way of life, so we can’t find our own direction, and gradually become more and more. Bereavement, lost confidence in life, and gradually feel that life is becoming more and more boring, but I can never find my own happiness .

I read the messages on my phone over and over again, but I couldn’t find the person who was suitable to talk to. The game played round after round, only to find that the time had passed for a long time. People of your age got married and had children one after another, and you But you have never found the other half, and your parents and relatives have frequently started urging, but you still disagree. Suddenly you find that time seems to be pressing the accelerator key, but you have been unable to keep up with it.

Time is like this, gradually changing some people, but allowing others to gradually find the meaning of life. Many times, you want to change yourself, but you haven’t put it into action, so dreams become dreams.

Many times, you want to go on a trip that just walks away, but you don’t know where to go. Many times, you want to do things that you haven’t done, but you still have no courage. Many times, you said I didn’t want to give up, but in the end I chose to give up. In the end, you lived the most annoying appearance, but no one knew that you used to be a passionate person, but you no longer have the original passion in your heart. .

We are getting more and more frustrated and gradually losing our enthusiasm for life. We are getting more and more confused, but we don’t know how to change our lives. The pressure of employment, the expectations of family members, and the responsibilities on our shoulders make you have to give up the past. Your dreams, the unpredictable heart, and the scorching heat of the world, let you gradually see through all the joys and sorrows, but no one can understand your mind, the city night, neon lights are shining, people walking on the way home, in After being busy, I am eager to relax in my free time. The night alone is long and lonely, but who knows your bitterness and difficulty, and who sees the fragility behind your strength?

Time has never stopped, and time has taken away all the innocence, but you have never put down the pen in your hand. In this complicated society, it is not easy to find a pure land, but creation can bring you endless The happiness of the pen, the text in the pen is touching, every sentence brings your yearning for a better life, but some dreams will never be realized, and some people, but never meet again, all say that night is the best for thinking, like You of words always like to think quietly when you are alone, while thinking, while recording all your thoughts in words, some thoughts are written into your heart, and some thoughts are written into the story by you , and No one knows your story.

An easy life has never been your yearning. A busy and colorful life will let you know more truth. A strong posture is the only way you can protect yourself. Bravery is your wings to fly to the other side of your dreams. Life is not an idol drama, but it is more colorful than an idol drama. Being inactive is never the result you want. Frustration is your disappointment in life. After the disappointment, can you still have the courage to make a comeback?

Maybe you will never be as impulsive as you were when you were young, maybe you want to start again, no matter how cruel the reality is, you never give up, do you? This is the best proof. At least, you have been silently persisting. Although the road is bumpy, you still have not forgotten your original intention.

Many years later, we have taken a different path of life. Some people have been promoted and made fortunes, while others have been living ordinary lives. Some people have long been popular across the country. Some people have been working hard for one thing in their entire lives. People live a poor life, but no matter what, we have been obsessed with dreams and love, and spent the best time in life together. Although we know that the future will have different endings, we still will not forget the past. Even though life is often unsatisfactory, you still remember the moments when you were brave for your dreams. This is enough.

Love is not the only reliance. The romantic romance will not last forever. Family wealth is not the goal of your life, but dreams can ignite the hope in your heart. Even after the vicissitudes of life, you will still not forget your original intention. This kind of you is the best you. Even if you experience countless setbacks, you will do your best. Perhaps you will reap your own happiness . You will not regret your inaction in life. Your transformation is the best proof.

Life does not lose all its brilliance because of your depression, and years cannot take away the innocence in the heart. It is said that life is like a play, and the ending of a play will always leave regrets, and it is said that people’s life is continuous. Saying goodbye to the past self, who has never lost the direction of their own?

May you still not forget your original aspirations after watching the joys and sorrows of the world, and hope that you still have eager hope in your heart after watching the complexities of society, and you still believe in beautiful love after experiencing the pain of broken love. Believe that everything that is beautiful still exists in this world, has not changed, maybe, you will not feel depressed, when you gradually get out of the confusion, maybe you will reap the most precious wealth in life, yes, all the goodness It will come as scheduled, and happiness will come to your world one day!