The lilies are blooming colorfully and beautifully

Outside the Great Wall in August, lilies bloomed, with long flower poles, like small trumpets, blowing beautiful music to the sky.

The lilies are blooming, and the flowers are beautiful and colorful, and the petals are gently rolled backwards, like an eagle flying with wings, giving people a spirit of striving for strength.

The lily blossoms are beautiful and fragrant. Some petals are fully expanded, and small yellow pollen leaks out. Some of the flower bones look full and are about to burst, sweet and pure.

The lily blossoms are “creamy white, pink, and light yellow”. Six wide petals are slightly rolled, and the edge of the lily is wavy. Around the cyan flower core, six stamens are clustered.

The leaves are very bright and green, setting off the flowers. Green leaves cannot be said to be evergreen in all seasons, but when they are green, they are green and lovely, and verdant,

The lilies are blooming, and clusters of flowers bloom in the streets and alleys, on both sides of the street, in the fields. With the warm breeze dancing, the distant Tianshan mountains are as beautiful as the nearby green grass.

Lily, also known as “Qiang Shu, Pan Leek, Shandan, Pour Immortal, Chongmai, Atrium, Moruo, Chongxiang, Zhongfenghua, Lily Garlic”.

Lily, at least 120 varieties have been found in the world, 55 of which are produced in China. In recent years, there have been many new varieties produced by artificial hybridization, such as “Asian lily, perfume lily, fire lily” and so on. The bulbs are rich in starch, edible, and also used for medicine.

The lilies bloom, so noble, so solemn, so beautiful, so thriving, glowing with a holy light.

The blooming of lilies is not only extremely beautiful, but also very noble. Many literati in the past dynasties praised and praised it.

Li Bai wrote: “The Baizhang cliffs are cracked, and the four mountain walls are open. The dragon pool jets out, day and night wind thunder. But seeing the waterfalls and springs, like clouds coming. Wen Jun’s photo, the island is ready to linger. Shi Dai brushes the secluded grass, Zeng Qingze Gu Moss. If it is passed down, why go to the rooftop.”

Dou Shuxiang wrote: “The flowers bloom in the night and the garden is full of fragrance, and the light rain is late at night and the drunk first wakes up. The book cherishes the past, and the old things are desolate. The children grew up in the past, and the relatives and friends of the past were half withered. The Ming Dynasty was again. Farewell to the lone boat, sad to see the wine and mantle of the river bridge.”

Liu Kezhuang wrote: “Occasionally, I took shelter from the rain, and a Shandan is in full bloom. The tree is like a cover for a long time, and the flower surface is as big as a cup. I wonder if the vermilion grass comes out from time to time, and I am surprised to ask where the red cloud is. Power, the daughter moved into the painting column.”

Dong Sigao wrote: “Youju is stronger than garlic. The spring seedlings are several feet long and the purple stems grow. Green and dark picking multiple leaves, red and white competing for coldness in May. If you don’t make steaming food, it can only be used as a meat moisturizer. Intestines. Shangu cherry shoots are recommended at the same time, not as fragrant as flowers and petals.”

Wang Zhen wrote: “Fang Hu Yuan Qiao Penglai top, seven return nine return to the Dragon Tiger Ding. The medicine flies away in the middle of the night, and a gleam of Yaocao. Nine doubts but know the calyx green flowers, but do not know the Chiax Mountain Tujia. Huainan Chickens and dogs go up to the sky, while female butterflies and male bees eat flowers in the air.”

Wang Fuzhi wrote: “The lotus petals are rich in powder, and the pharmacy raises the fetus. You come with a thousand kinds of bundles, don’t worry about it.”

Peng Rizhen wrote: “Lonely and widowed, what is the reason for lily planting. I am afraid that you will be sick, and you will be unfaithful to the lay people.”

Hongli wrote: “Jade petals are long when the leaves are bloomed, and hundreds of piles of cloud roots can be used as food. However, there is a good story in the Yiyuan, and the picture of the annual axis is auspicious.”

Yan Zhaohe wrote: “Study to dye the light yellow daylily color, with a few branches showing the wind and oblique. Self-pity is difficult to enter the world, and it is not said to plant this flower in front of the court.”

Outside the Great Wall in August, the lily blossoms, the petals are snow-white and the stamens are golden and golden, very beautiful, beautiful and moving.

Outside the Great Wall in August, the lilies bloom, white and upright, full of vigor, lush, one by one, blooming luxuriantly.

Outside the Great Wall in August, the lilies bloomed gracefully, slenderly, one by one, blooming warmly and becoming more and more beautiful.

Outside the Great Wall in August, lilies bloom, delicate and beautiful, with unique flavors, blooming season, so romantic, and blooming mood .