Slow Travel

Lu Xun said that the Lunar New Year is most like the New Year after all. In the eyes of many people, the New Year is becoming less and less tasteful now. In fact, the psychological feelings are different. What remains deep in our memory is the joy and interest of the New Year when we were young. As we grow older and change our mood, the old happy times are slowly passing away, but in the eyes of children, they celebrate the New Year. It will still be full of the New Year, they are us decades ago.

However, this year’s New Year really does not have the flavor of the year. Due to the need for the prevention and control of the new crown epidemic, many people responded to the call to celebrate the new year in other places. Therefore, there are a lot less people returning home during the Spring Festival, and it is not suitable for gatherings. New and old friends cannot get together for a drink. Cinema, KTV Other entertainment venues are even less crowded. Jingdezhen banned the setting of fireworks and firecrackers many years ago, and the crackling excitement from the 30th to the first day of the new year has become silent, and everyone spends the New Year silently in silence.

As the old saying goes, “Grandma Chuerlang on the first day of the first grade, and the girl on the fourth and fifth day of the day.” It means that you will visit your grandmother and uncle’s house on the first day of the new year. pay a New Year call. On the third day of the first lunar month, New Year’s greetings are not allowed. This day was specially set aside by the ancients to pay New Year’s greetings to relatives who were old last year. It is called New Year’s greetings. It probably means that relatives and elders have been widowed, and now they have started a new life, and the years are not as good as in previous years, so it is called the New Year.

If you are free for a day, then go for a walk. On the third day of the first month of Xin Chou, Jingdezhen was sunny and the temperature rose. I paced out, walked along Shuguang Road to Taibai Garden, and went to enjoy the scenery along the river. To the north of Taibaiyuan was the Jingdezhen tea factory, but the tea factory has already closed down. The houses there were rented out as warehouses or offices. In the early twentieth century, I worked there for about three years. The Jingdezhen Liquor Sales Company leased its office there. At that time, it was the period when Jingde Daqu and Jingde Laojiao were the hottest. Taibai Garden echoed the Jingdezhen Brewery built in the old city of Fuliang and the Jingdezhen Liquor Factory built in Qiaomailing of Xianghu Lake. A glorious era. However, as the market changed, Jingdezhen’s wine industry lost its beauty and the tea factory was demolished. Now it is already a very lively and popular real estate “Porcelain Capital International Huacheng”. Seeing things and feelings, I can’t help but sigh that there has never been eternal glory in the world, just as the fate of the ten famous porcelain factories in Jingdezhen is the epitome of the times. To the south of Taibai Garden is the Second Middle School, and I have also forged an indissoluble bond with this place for six years. From 2011 to 2017, my daughter spent her junior high school career in the second high school, and finally was admitted to Fudan University with the second place in the school. Now she is about to graduate from university, recalling the six years of day and night, sending it early every day. Picking up late, rain or shine, is also bittersweet. Thinking back to the time when I went to school, how could the conditions be so good, how could there be a car to take you to school, how could there be good meals, and how could there be pocket money. When I was young, I lived in a rural area and had to live more than 10 miles away from home in junior high school. I rushed to school on Sunday afternoon, carrying a load with rice on one end, vegetables and clothing on the other, and walking. There is very little rice, so I can’t eat enough. Vegetables are a jar of pickled vegetables. You have to eat them for a week. The clothes are ordinary clothes, and they are not warm at all in winter. With such conditions, it is not easy for our parents. It is great to be able to send you to the school gate. What else can you expect?

In the past few years, the Second Middle School’s side by Changjiang River was also chaotic. There were small shops with illegal construction everywhere, and the streets were dilapidated and congested. Now it’s completely changed here. A street garden has been built at the head of the Changjiang Bridge, the shops along the street have been demolished, and the newly built street is flat and unblocked all the way to the Bailu Bridge. Jingdezhen has achieved remarkable results in the construction of the two banks of the river. The flowers along the river are clusters of flowers, the trees support the trees, bypass the G+ bar, and walk along the flood dike. The water of Changjiang is silent and the warm sun in early spring is slowly heating up. The citizens in twos and threes, or OK Sitting, exercising, or singing and playing the piano, they are happy and enjoying life. Most of these citizens are middle-aged and elderly, and young people are not seen. I suddenly discovered that I am over half a hundred years old and have entered them. Years are not forgiving. Although I feel that my mentality is still young, the green hills cannot cover it. After all, it flows eastward. Life is not like the Changjiang River in front of you. It flows quietly, and the ripples of the water caused by the slight north wind make you sometimes unable to tell whether it is flowing south or north, but it is still moving day and night. Going downstream, you will not feel the loss of time. No wonder “The son is on the river, the dead are like a husband!” So unknowingly, I walked to the head of the Zhushan Bridge.

There are three levels along the river embankment, and I, who is walking on the top level, lie on the railing, watching the old people on the second level sitting there basking in the sun. They are wearing thick winter clothes and various grandpa hats. The age spots on their faces gleamed in the sun, some were napping with crutches, some were talking and laughing, and there were tea and oranges on the stone bench next to them. Several women in their 40s and 50s shuttled back and forth, with a wireless microphone pinned to their waists, and occasionally sang a section of Huangmei Opera, Gan Opera Raohe Tune, and Peking Opera. The accents they listened to were villagers in the surrounding counties. Every time they sang a song, the elderly shivered and took out a wad of money from their tight pockets and handed them to them at twenty or thirty. Zhushan Qiaotou has always been a good place for citizens to relax, especially on summer nights. It has become a gathering place for enjoying the cool air. People who pull erhu, performers, and storytellers can make noise until midnight.

Turn to the right and you will find Zhushan Middle Road. This was once the busiest street in Jingdezhen. There were rows of shops and tourists, especially during the holidays. When I was young, I used to go shopping with my lover. She could walk from the south gate to the seventh floor, then cross the road and then walk back from the other side. Every clothing store and shoe store have to go in and see, sometimes she does it. No money, but it seems that I haven’t been with her for more than ten years. With the rise of commerce on Plaza South Road and Zhejiang Road, the popularity here seems to have slowly receded. The shops on the third day of the first month are still open, and festivals are not closed, but there seems to be not many shoppers on the street. Nanmentou is the starting point of this prosperous commercial street. Ancient streets, front streets, back streets, and eighteen bridges are all lively places that have witnessed the prosperity of Jingdezhen’s commerce.

Let’s go and rest, it’s been nearly two hours. A little tired and thirsty, I want to buy a drink and find a place to sit. Through the glass, I saw a modern girl in the shop sitting on a deck outside drinking a drink. Her false eyelashes were very long, her thick lips were painted with blue lipstick, and the pair of big earrings on her ears were two pairs of big earrings. In a large circle, her hair was perm into a poodle, and she was combed back with a hairpin, revealing her broad forehead, which was dazzling under the bright lights of the shop. She held the drink cup in her right hand, inserted the straw in her mouth, and held the mobile phone in her left hand. She kept sliding the screen with her thumb, without squinting her eyes, her expression focused. Maybe this is the fashion image, but it is not clear whether it can represent the most fashionable frontier in Jingdezhen today. Jingdezhen is quaint, with traditional streets and lanes, hand-made porcelain skills that have been passed down for thousands of years, and has a profound cultural heritage; Jingdezhen is modern, and various world trends gather here, and various cultural ideas collide here. All kinds of popular elements can be found here. The inclusiveness of a city is embodied here, and “beautiful scenery, honesty and town life” is a high-level summary. I am not a native of Jingdezhen, and I am not considered Jingpiao. I used to work and live in Jingdezhen. I had a house and registered permanent residence in Jingdezhen. Now I am looking for a living out of town. I don’t know if I am a real Jingdezhen native. I always feel that I have been living. The edge of the city.

After walking the Zhushan Middle Road, you will reach People’s Square at the end. This is the city center and the most important place for citizens to relax. The noise gradually increased, and various speakers made loud noises. There are a group of people dancing ballroom dancing. There are a lot of good dances, with brisk steps and elegant dance style; another group of people is singing, which is similar to singing along the river, some with erhu accompaniment, and the singer babbles, babbles, babbles, and sings. It’s really like that, but the quality of the microphone at the waist is a bit poor; the crowds in front are even more lively. There are girls singing pop songs, speakers and microphones, which are more equipped than the opera singers, and the singing is not bad. , Singing and accepting rewards from the audience. There are thirty, fifty, one hundred and eighty. After singing a song, a man asks the audience to continue to contribute points. The score is the reward amount. Singing a song can earn money There are hundreds of people; there are many people sitting on wooden chairs or flower garden stone fences to play two heads, and they also bring some gambling money. They are all coins, and the maximum face value is only ten yuan, purely to kill time. More people are sitting or standing here and walking around. A child was flying a kite under the guidance of an adult, but there was no wind. The child ran wild and the kite still couldn’t fly, and fell to the ground after a while. The shoe shiner carried the box and asked the boss to shine shoes? The candied haws seller planted a grass sign and stood there still; there is a small children’s playground at the far end, where many children sweating and having fun, sing “Dad’s father is called Grandpa, and father’s mother is called” Grandma!” The entire square is a sea of ​​joy.

The People’s Square in any city seems to be the heart of the city and a business card for showing its image to the outside world. People’s Square in Jingdezhen used to be a football field. Ten years ago, it was still messy and dirty, with stalls, performers, jugglers, and open-air supper shops. There are so many different places; due to the terrain It is low, and when it rains, the sewage flows across the river and it is muddy and difficult to move. In addition, the old fifth middle school on the side is outdated and crowded, which does not match the status of Jingdezhen as an international porcelain capital. The renovated square has lush forests, spaciousness, and completely open management. It has become a leisure square for citizens, which greatly enhances the city’s image and taste of Jingdezhen.

Then turn right towards South Plaza Road and you will arrive at Jinding Commercial Plaza. This street is the new commercial center of Jingdezhen, a real prosperous place. A little further ahead is Zhejiang Shopping Mall and KTV Street. It is full of excitement on weekdays, but I didn’t want to join in the fun today. I walked slowly and came to the junction with Shuguang Road. It is Jiuzhou Hotel, the business name in this building. It is also changed frequently. Someone once asked me why the store could not open here, and I replied because it is the end of the bustling city.

Turned back to Shuguang Road and walked home. It was already more than 3 o’clock in the afternoon. Starting from more than 10 o’clock in the morning, I made a circle unknowingly in five hours. Obviously, this circle is not all of Jingdezhen, but it may be the most representative of Jingdezhen. Typical breath of life. I didn’t meet an acquaintance in five hours, so I didn’t have the opportunity to say a word, even the lame “Just daddy?” “How can I do it?” It was too late to express the simplest Jingdezhen dialect.

To judge a city is not to look at the living conditions of the richest people, but to look at the living conditions of the lowest-class people. When I was young, I worked hard in this city, running around day and night for my livelihood. I have gone to other places to earn a living these years, and every time I come back seems to be a turning point in time and space. This time I returned to Jingdezhen to celebrate the Spring Festival. I used a brand-new visual examination of Jingdezhen’s “beautiful scenery, ethics, and town life”. Hearing camellia and blowing the river breeze, life sometimes really needs to let go of life’s distracting thoughts, slow down the pace, and pace. Go slow, go and savor…