Cut a piece of red dust, cut a few pieces of neon clothes


When I was young, my heart was far away, and I ran all the way and stumbled, just to pack the scenery; when I was old, I thought about my hometown and looked back several times, wandering around, just wanting to mount the past on the wall.

When you are young, years can wait, coming and going like clouds, easy to gather and disperse; when old age is no longer, gathering and dispersing like smoke, difficult to go and hard to come.

In fact, in the script of life , time is the real director. Pushing the rotation of the four seasons, rolling over the prosperity and decline, leading to the sorrows and joys of the plot, immersed in the beauty of beauty.

In time and space, who is not a hurried passer-by? Every day there are stories unfolding, and every closing is for the opening of the next prologue.

Therefore, there is no need to be excited about being young, let alone lamenting for old age. It’s not a ruler, but only one inch of yin can live a wonderful life.

When you are in peace and tranquility, you can cut a section of red dust to make up a story, so that you can meet beautifully in this life, and become a poem in the ink of love, and then transform into a piece of white clouds in the sky, dotted with the clear sky, and set off the blue.

If you can, you can slow down, poetry is far away, and life is right in front of you. Let life bloom, slowly stretch out in the form of a flower, and bring out the beautiful colors it should have.


One day, we started on the road alone, carrying our bags and starting a journey of a lifetime. The distance is long and short, and the road is very narrow and wide. Some will walk with you on the road, and some will leave you; some will hold umbrellas for you, and some will carry you weight. Although the scenery is different, it drags life forward and is destined to be alone all the way.

After the wind and rain, you will know that life is difficult; only when you experience loss, you will understand that time is precious. Busy to livelihood, ignoring the concern for the warmth of the world, we have become our own hurried passers-by. Perhaps, when you think of looking back, the grass has already faded and the curtain has fallen.

In fact, many times, the past has become air-dried leaves, backlogged in thick pages. When I think of looking through it, maybe my years have faded.

Yes, floating like a flower. The flowers bloom in the most prosperous age of people, but they are in the busiest seasons, so they bloom unintentionally and silently, spend the colorful years, and flow through the water; the flowers fall, faint in the most bleak seasons, but also in people The most lonely age, so I ended up in a deliberately sound and colorful melody, but missed the melody of good sound and wonderful rhyme, and could not dance with a graceful posture. I only sighed the insignificant time and ruthlessly flowing water.

Life is as short as a white horse, and I often sigh and sigh as if it was yesterday when I was parting. So, do what you should do today, and don’t let today be tomorrow’s regret. In fact, our rushing and tiring are all for things outside of the body, and only by putting away this kind of emptiness, can we live easily and naturally. Of course, abandoning utilitarianism is not inaction, but to let short individual lives live more sincerely and calmly!

We often lament the regrets in the past, but in fact, it is better to let go and look after the present in silence. It’s not that the blue lantern accompanies the Buddha or the light of the world is to let go. As long as you don’t greedy or accidentally seize it, you can fight for what you deserve and do what you deserve. In fact, being calm is not to avoid or look away, but to distinguish right from wrong, not to be humble or overbearing.

Life is not confused, but natural. The heart is standing on the nine heavens, overlooking the world, everything is far away, suddenly realized, everything that has been chased for half a lifetime, and sorrowed is just a faint cloud.

The heart is pure with less desire, and the eyes are brighter than the road. Be an upright person and do things down-to-earth. Confined to the surrounding of villains and not depressed, trapped in the barren life without sorrow. Therefore, you can wake up frankly with dreams every day!

Living in the eyes of others is too worrying, living in your own world is too lonely. Therefore, put aside the worldly burdens, open the claustrophobic window of the heart, and walk into the sun. Although you are running around with firewood, rice, oil and salt, as long as you work hard to sow, you will be scented all the way.

On a leisurely day, make a cup of tea, hold a good book, borrow a green shade of a tree, and taste and read in a sunny afternoon. The fragrance of tea is refreshing, and the rhyme of the book is pure and annoying. Busy days, struggling with the world, too tired, find a quiet place to stop, let the soul rest. Coming home, my three-path pine chrysanthemum!


Life is a stage. Some people are dancers on stage, some are audiences under stage, and some people are just so-called “runners” behind the front desk of the stage. If fate really puts you in front of the stage and behind the scenes, there is no need to be sad, because you have prepared wonderful music for the dancers, and you have also provided a comfortable place for the viewers. When everyone enjoy cheering happy when you quietly hiding behind paternity for all lighting, etc. finish.

Although there can be no ups and downs in life, silence sometimes makes people stand at another height.

Don’t miss a season of flowers blooming due to temporary wind and rain. Keep a quiet field, mow the fence and plant chrysanthemums, welcome the morning light to sow, and return with the moonlight. As long as your heart is in the soil, you can nurture the excitement of each season!

Open your mouth and say what you think you should say, because people are trapped in the rivers and lakes, and love is not your own; shut up and endure what you think you should endure, because the heart is extraordinary and everything is empty.

It is believed that people have three reincarnations, and they meet the right person at the most beautiful time. Carefully take care of every possession, be kind to every person you meet in your life, let the bond of past life be in every moment of this life and this life, and then, we let the strands of sentimental thoughts turn into moles between the eyebrows, and the bits and pieces The story is burned into the apex of the heart, left for the next reincarnation…

Don’t be sentimental. Time flies by, as long as the sun in your heart rises every day as promised, warmth will smooth out the traces of the erosion of the years. Slow down from time to time, enjoy the scenery of the journey, wait for thousands of flowers to bloom, and wait for the fragrance.

Stroll the peaceful days and watch the scenery of the journey. Occasionally sort out the green onion memories, or have a drink with a few friends… Then, count the firewood, rice, oil and salt, in fact, life is as simple as this, but delicate and calm.


“One, two, three, four, five…” At first, people wrote down religiously, and when they were exhausted, they scribbled “∞”, called “infinity” and ended. In the future, we will seek a combination of different numbers between “1-∞”.

So there is life.

Life is like tea. When the tea is too strong, I hope it will be weaker, and when the tea is too weak, I hope it will be thicker. But just when the tea is in a suitable concentration, I feel that drinking tea is too monotonous, and I want to have a cup of coffee. Therefore, when I first drank coffee, I realized that coffee is bitter and needs a little sugar. When sugar is added, I feel that it has lost the true color of coffee…

On the days of writing poetry, there is a lack of romantic rain; but the lingering rainy season sometimes weakens the mood of the day. Therefore, the real life is like the “fashion” floating on the street, and the pursuit of dreams is always on the road.

Many unforeseen things always happen at unforeseen times, and it is difficult to find an absolute balance in the world.

The sailing ship often cannot withstand the call of the gulls and anchors in the warm harbor. Thus ignoring the belief in the opening of the sail, the sail was opened as a “parasol.” As a result, the bewildering summer passed, and winter came, and the long crossing river was frozen with ice.

It is said that the other shore is the permanent home to inhabit, but if you miss the season, you have missed the time for the ferry.

So, life is the same.

The property left by the predecessors to future generations is just a piece of land that has been cultivated thousands of times, but later generations have many problems.

How to open up, how to sow, and how to harvest?

Therefore, in order to find a standard answer, the four seasons are busy. Sometimes things go wrong, sometimes panic. The youth was rushed to Liu Guang, and the passion was soaring.

As a result, there are many scattered stories written down in the blank resume. There are regrets left in the past in the stories, and there are many beautiful encounters in the stories——

So, I met them, I met the fate of this world.

When they shed tears, they said it was crying.

They describe dreams as the result of deep deliberation during the day.

They said that the night of a drunkard has a calm horror.

They often perform painfully, but hide the joy nonchalantly, and leave it to read later.

They can all be called passers-by in life. The dream passed by for a period of time, and Ziluoteng withered time and time again. Looking back, there are many stories that have almost been forgotten, and they will not really age.

I really want to draw a circle and put them in a “prison” to block the wind and rain from each other.

But they will eventually go far.

In fact, no one can find an absolute number to replace ∞. Therefore, we count one, two, three, four, five every day…and we are always happy, counting the red dust and watching the clouds.