Nanke Dream

Through the canopy on the roof of the car, the mottled clouds behind the glass filter seem to be embedded on a azure jewel, and the interlacing of white and blue as the car moves, seems to become alive. It feels like an astronaut looking at the earth in space, and sleepiness makes the body overlap with the astronaut at a certain moment.

The five senses gradually became unconscious with the thoughts, and I just felt that at this moment the soul was about to communicate with myself in the other world of the glass through the sky screen above my head. I slowly stretched out the index finger of my right hand and passed through it in an instant. The boundaries of time and space fit perfectly with the self in the other world.

Sometimes I think: Why do people work during the day and rest at night? The question that has been plagued for many years seems to have an answer in an instant, and the answer is gushing out in my mind. Oh, it turned out to be intertwined with the self in the other time and space. This may answer why people have various dreams at night. This dream is what they are busy during the day in another time and space!

The world is suffering, especially after entering the first year of being a husband and a father, how much I want to dream of having a happy and worry-free dream like I did when I was a child , let me sink into the dream, drifting for a hundred years, a thousand years, but a dream , Will always wake up, no matter how long the night is, there will always be a bright moment, this light urges the world to rush, from day to night, night to day, this black and white cycle urges people on earth I have no intention of groaning without illness. I just want to beat my dreams in the long river of time bit by bit in a quiet moment. I don’t know when, I really like the feeling of being alone. The scent of alcohol slowed down the body and the soul, as if time no longer passed.

It’s only three months from parting to staying together, but the three months of getting along has been sad for ten years of wandering. Sometimes I not only ask myself if I really spend the rest of my life in this boring life , or Exhausting the only remaining passion, to pursue oneself in another time and space, what is not sure is whether the future is just the present in another time and space, and where should the soul and body go in the present, this messy thoughts make dreams completely turbulent , Like a bubble about to burst under the scorching sun, struggling hard, but hard to resist the hot sun, alone melancholy time, suddenly there was a burst of irresistible suction from below,” the driver’s misty mist heard from the ear. The sound, the sound then became clearer, and I opened my eyes and looked out of the car window. The setting sun glowed with gorgeous colors, reflecting the sad Nanke’s dream.