It flows like still water

“It just flows like still water.”

Sitting on a bank with gentle water, such a sentence suddenly popped into my mind. Looking back on these days, somehow I was always thinking about my life , always trying to plan the route, in order to make my own future walk a little easier.

The wind from the river was slightly cold, but it made the people in the sultry air of Tongren cool. The sunset is beautiful, with red clouds hanging above the sky, reflecting the river. The fishing boat is very small, and when seen from a distance, it looks like long trees floating on the water. There is no “solitary bird” in the sky. Although the autumn water is autumn water, the Jinjiang River is “too narrow” and cannot be “stretched into the sky”. On the bank of Tongren, there is no “lone bird” flying with the sunset, and there is no “autumn water” for a long time. Isshiki.

Look up at the clouds, look at the boat from a distance, look at the water shortly, and look down at the chrysanthemum.

The water color is neither emerald green nor jet black, just like normal water color. Look at it flowing slowly, endlessly for a hundred years; watch it move forward quietly, without stopping; watch it calmly in the world, and pick up the turbidity; watch it go “low” until it is “dead” without “destroying”. Life, struggle, life, goals, the journey of seeing the water through the life of a person, and understanding the life of a person through the journey of the water.

The journey of life is like a pawn who has crossed a realm. It cannot retreat. It is also like water that goes to a low place. It cannot return. It is not important to have the courage to move forward, because moving forward is an inevitable result.

The most obvious manifestation of the “advance” of life is the growth of people’s age, the most obvious manifestation of the increase of age, and the change of people’s appearance. This is the “forward” of life. And it is the only inevitable result that will be given. If you want other gains, you are not in the sky.

Aging makes people fearful. This is the emotion that everyone has and should have. Only when fearing the old age brought by the years will cherish the passing of years and the preciousness of life. But we should not just fear the old age brought about by the years, and we should also fear that after the old age, we will still get nothing.

Life is plain and not terrible. I am afraid that I am sober but evade, and the years are wasted in vain, repeating “today” day after day, without “retreating” or “advancing”.

Life needs the alternation of “advance” and “retreat” in order to present the taste of life , and the four seasons need the rotation of spring and autumn to present the beauty of the years. The ups and downs are life, and the joys and sorrows are also life.

Keeping a sunrise is life; saying good morning is life; eating a good meal is life; saying a good dream is life. Life is a complete movie. Life is a series of detailed pictures. It is best to guide your life like water. It can be quick and clean, but don’t forget the goal of going into the sea.

The red clouds receded, the fishing boat returned to the side, the night was approaching, the street lights were on, and a cluster of golden yellow chrysanthemums opened under the street lights.