Dreaming of West Lake, Pinghu Qiuyue

When I first understood the world, I once had a dream. I came to a place in my dream, close to the roadside is a pavilion, terrace, building, Xie, strange flowers and stones, as well as small bridges and flowing water, green willows. There are no fences, no boundaries, and it is integrated with this ordinary path. I play freely in this dreamland of roads and pavilions, roads and stone roads and flowers, roads and villages, with endless playfulness.

Over the next few years, I kept thinking about that fascinating dream, but I didn’t know where it was. When I was in middle school, I gradually understood that dream. It was just an illusion that was born of my yearning for a better life . .

However, last year, I was fortunate enough to visit West Lake in Hangzhou, and unexpectedly stepped into the best of childhood dreams. Walking through the Baisha Embankment from the broken bridge, a building suddenly appeared on the side of the road, and then next to the road, there are pavilions, Taihu stones, flowers and trees, and a flat small stone bridge, with twists and turns… Ah, this is not me Is it a place in a childhood dream? I have been in love with you for so many years, in the end you exist. Then I doubted my brain. People say that dreams and reality are mostly contrary to each other. But how come my dreams are so coincident with reality? Is there a special perception system?

I wandered around in my childhood dreams, remembering, comparing, observing and pondering little by little, and soon I discovered that this reality scene is more beautiful than my dreams back then. “Pinghu Autumn Moon” is one of the ten world-famous West Lake scenic spots. My dream only shows half of her, and the other half is relying on the vast lake water, which not only makes her look more beautiful, but also more gentle and lingering. I linger, as if she is the only one who belongs to me among the ten sceneries of West Lake.

Some people would say, “Three Pools Reflecting the Moon” is not a masterpiece of West Lake? Yes, if you look at the unique design of the Lake in the Lake, the Garden in the Garden and the Three Pools, this place should be the best among all the sceneries of the West Lake. But I always feel that “Pinghu Qiuyue” is less carve and more natural than her. “Watching fish in the flower port.” “Welling in the Willow Waves” is also lingering, but I also feel that there are always obstacles set up by people in these places. , Or use lake water, or use fences, or use courtyard gates to separate them from people, so that you are not easy to approach.

The place “Pinghu Qiuyue” is different. It is on the roadside and beside the lake. All the design and layout are inadvertently, and you can enter and exit freely. Imagine, how good it would be to walk slowly after passing Baishadi to the outer building of the building and turning into the pavilion and pavilion on the asphalt road! So I am especially attached to the endless charm of “Pinghu Qiuyue”.

“Pinghu Qiuyue”, the name is so good, even if you have never been to the West Lake, after hearing this name, you will definitely think of the lake under the moonlight or the moonlight in the lake, the poetic beauty. Just imagine, if you stand on the platform in front of the “Pinghu Qiuyue” Yushulou, and be in the water, what kind of fun it will be.

This is her, “Pinghu Qiuyue”, a corner of Pinghu that integrates nature and people-human mood and human emotions , and communicates dreams and reality.