May the non-stop dream

What I want in my life, without him, look for a lone boat, find a harbor, and enjoy the mist and rain of a city.

Nan Ke dreamed of waking up, dreaming of sadness, and dreaming of the tragedy of his previous life.

When longing begins to spread, when life begins to be pessimistic, I am willing to have a long dream, and I will not be drunk unless I wake up from the dream.

When I was lonely, I picked up my phone , deleted and deleted what I wanted to say, changed and changed the poem I wanted to chant, and filled and filled in the words I wanted to write; I rummaged through your space, and I can’t find any traces of me. As if, I have never entered your life, as if, I am the stranger you are most familiar with.

I would like to entrust everything in my dream, dreaming that you are a gentle woman in a water village in the south of the Yangtze River. I am an oil-paper umbrella to protect you from wind and rain. You are a young scholar who is going to study and I am on your back. A small book basket, silently carrying everything for you, you are a great general galloping on the battlefield, I am a war horse at your feet, I will overcome all obstacles and escort you.

But all this is just a dream, I turned into a drunken butterfly, stumbled and ridiculous, I can’t find a warm harbor, I can’t find the love of the past life, I can’t find the fate of this life, and everything I can see is everything. Memories; what you think in your heart is the past; what you see in your eyes is regret.

I have fantasized about the melody and warm scene of my future life; I have looked forward to the most beautiful touch and gentle blessing; everything I want is a dream; the dream will wake up eventually, and I wish there is a never-ending dream that will make me grow Not awake drunk.