Van Gogh burns his life to achieve the art of painting

I heard that Van Gogh was a genius artist a long time ago. I also know that although he drew paintings that shocked the world, he himself was impoverished all his life. What is even more sad is that painting was the pursuit of Van Gogh’s life. Yes, but when he was alive, no one had acknowledged his work. It was a terrible tragedy. However, in fact, I have never understood or how Van Gogh embarked on his artistic career in painting. I don’t know how much he has experienced before he painted those paintings that amaze and inspire the world. I really have read Van Gogh. Biography-Longing for life , I discovered that almost everyone’s success is not random. Behind every piece of flowers and applause, there are countless sadness and dedication. Van Gogh is even more so. He even contributed to the painting career he loves. Lost his life.

1. Van Gogh’s difficult career path

Van Gogh is his surname and his name is Vincent. Although Van Gogh is a painting genius, his career path was not smooth sailing. He didn’t even know that he had a peculiar talent in painting at the beginning. Teacher to school.

Later, I became a gospel pastor. What is even more unexpected is that at the beginning, the pastor did not work informally, which means that there was no salary in the first 6 months, and the place where he went was the most bitter and remote coal mine where no one would go. In the coal mine, he saw the lives of poor people who had never left the mines in their entire lives, and their children had to go to the mine to dig at the age of 8. Forty years old has almost become the highest age that people in the mining area can live to. Van Gogh was tortured by the suffering of the people in the mining area. Although he gave everything he could give and all the things the priest could do. , And taught them to believe in God and believe that the pain is only temporary. However, in a sudden mine disaster, with numerous casualties, Van Gogh was disappointed and desperate.

He became indifferent and ruthless, no longer caring about the people in the mining area who were suffering, he hated himself, and felt that he was insignificant and incompetent. It’s said that Liuzhou’s dark flowers are another village. Van Gogh was desperate and depressed and was about to give up. At a certain moment, he accidentally discovered his painting talent. From that moment on, painting was his constant pursuit throughout his life, even What can be defended with his life, Van Gogh has been resurrected since then,

After countless years of painful struggle, a beam of light illuminates his dark life. At this time, he is as intoxicated as a long sweat and rain, tirelessly, even sacrificing rest time, frantically painting and painting. The miners of mine, paint their miserable lives, paint their helpless efforts, paint them running for life, paint them to eat all of their lives in one bite.

It is said that life is a history of struggle and a history of suffering. As for Van Gogh, it is really like this. With the help of his younger brother, it is time for him to leave the mining area full of suffering, and of course he also left the holy land where dreams were budding. , Left his first job where he had planned to use his hard work to save a life of suffering, and left a place where even God could not do anything. However, his life was not much better in the future. Poverty and the fanatical pursuit of the painting career were like ice and fire. The realm of the sky is the same, defeating this strong and powerful man.

2. Van Gogh and his family

It’s said that the wanderers far away from another country most yearn for returning to the embrace of their hometown. For Van Gogh, after experiencing so much, the first thing he can think of is to go home and return to the hometown where he was born and raised, but his I didn’t get a warm welcome from my parents when I went back. Of course, it’s not that my parents didn’t love him. Parents all over the world have a wish, hoping that their sons and daughters will become successful. Van Gogh is a man who has accomplished nothing. For a long time, the painting father thinks that it is not a kind of positive work. As a person who is idle and doing nothing, he is naturally not seen by people at home, but the whole world can go there besides returning home. The parents are eager. I hope that Van Gogh can support himself by finding a stable job just like normal people.

But at this moment Van Gogh has regarded painting as his lifelong career. Once determined, he does not want to make other attempts. In countless struggles with his family, he persistently insisted on his willingness to give everything for it. Although no one cares about his painting career, Van Gogh is undoubtedly lucky. He has a brother who unconditionally supports him, Theo, no matter where he is, whether it is decadent disappointment, or rebirth. I will send in monthly living expenses, including paints, pens and papers for Van Gogh’s paintings, as well as encouragement and comfort to my brother. If painting is a dawn in Van Gogh’s life, then Theo is the inspiration in his life. star.

From the miserable coal mine, to the hometown where Van Gogh thinks about it day and night, to the scorching sun and fire of Ar, or in Paris where artists gather… where there is Van Gogh’s fanatical effort to paint, there is Theo’s generous donation of funding, without complaint, unconditionally sent his brother the necessities to survive, and cleaned up the mess that Van Gogh created one after another. However, his heart was full of love and unconditional support. With brother.

Whether it was when Van Gogh wanted to marry a woman who had missed his feet on a whim, or when Van Gogh’s fanatical pursuit of painting ran out of life when painting, and he became mentally ill, or when Van Gogh lived with Theo. When he made his life a mess, or when Van Gogh was disappointed and anguished because of his inability to paint good works, Theo supported him without hesitation and tried his best to help him, even after Van Gogh committed suicide. Months later, he also passed away. It can be said that Van Gogh was born for his painting career. Then Theo was born to support Van Gogh. When Van Gogh passed away suddenly, the dawn of Theo’s life dimmed. .

3. Van Gogh’s love

Don’t think that Van Gogh only has a fanatical pursuit of art. He is also very persistent and fanatical in dealing with love. He is an out-and-out love, but his love life has never been smooth. Maybe he is destined to be in this world. All he paid for it was his beloved painting career, whether it was love or family affection , it could only become a accompaniment to the painting career.

Van Gogh was 16 years old. He fell in love with his landlord’s daughter, the beautiful and peaceful girl who took good care of him. Van Gogh, like all the young boys who had been in love, was a bit brave in shyness, and a bit ignorant in courage. Surprised, after hesitating for a period of time, finally someone almost like his beloved expressed his heart. He thought of all the results, but he did not expect that the girl he likes is already engaged and will soon be engaged. Becoming someone else’s wife, yes, some things are over without beginning, or there is some kind of sign that this matter is fruitless before I say it.

But he was persistent and did not want to give up. Even when the landlord drove him out of their home and was not providing him with a place to live, he tried to find a job in the UK as a primary school teacher who did not have a penny salary but could manage food and housing, just for the sake of I can meet my beloved, or to be more precise, just to get closer to the home of my beloved. After work every week I get on the train enthusiastically, tossing and turning for hours, just to go to the door of my beloved. See, his love is fanatical, but all the results are so unsatisfactory. The last time he rushed to her house in the heavy rain, the wedding was over. She has become a wife. His love is painted with a rest, but the pain he got because of love has been torturing him in his heart.

It is said that love is looking for a certain kind of expectation that was not fulfilled in childhood. For Van Gogh, when he met Kay, his cousin, his love seemed to be resurrected again, with a certain throbbing anxiety, but Unfortunately, her cousin is already the mother of an 8-year-old child, and her family is harmonious. Fortunately, when God closed a door, he might open a small window. Just when Van Gogh returned home from a coal mine, he concentrated on painting and had to endure the dislike of his family. Kai’s husband passed away unfortunately, and Kai came. Van Gogh’s house, this is really like seeing the dawn for Van Gogh, and things are progressing as he expected. Kai accompanied him to the field every day to paint and eat together at noon. Maybe that period of time was for Van Gogh. The happiest time in the world , with someone you love around me, and doing a painting career that I am willing to devote my life to.

But Van Gogh was always an eager person for love, or his love for Kai made him unable to hold on to himself. He boldly said his passionate love for Kai, but just like the previous relationship, everything will be done after saying it. It was over. The family objected. Kai left their house. Everything was different from what he thought. He worked hard and even burned his hand with a kerosene lamp just to meet Kai. That’s it. I didn’t get what I wanted, just as people often say, life is not a magic box, and you are not a witch. You can get nothing if you want, but life has to go on. After painting all the things to be painted in the country, Van Gogh sets off. To The Hague.

The torment of poverty, the ups and downs of the painting career, the ups and downs of emotions, tortured a passionate life, and came to The Hague with pain. Van Gogh felt that if he could not want anything in his life, he would get something. Need less. After he met a woman who had lost his feet, he might be looking for a support, or perhaps because his feelings were dead, he actually had the idea of ​​marrying this lost woman as his wife.

Whether he bowed his head to the difficult life or was overwhelmed by the terrible life, at this moment he had a thought in his mind that he would start a family. He didn’t care whether the woman had many children, or whether he was older than himself. Well, it’s not for life. It is not easy for everyone to take a bite. The most important thing is to grasp the moment.

But the good times are not long. They say that poor couples are sad. Although the wedding was not held, the two quarreled frantically. In order to spend more money to buy paints for painting or to eat, they all said that men should be responsible, but as for If Van Gogh didn’t marry his whole generation, but he wouldn’t let him paint, it would undoubtedly be more uncomfortable than killing him, so this relationship ended in a hurry. In the days to come, Van Gogh basically had no hope for life. He would burn himself for his painting career until the end of his life.

4. The love of Van Gogh’s life-painting

Ever since Van Gogh wanted to make painting his life’s career, in fact, everything in life made way for it, whether it was love or life, he always put his painting career first.

Whether it’s because of the poor color adjustment and staying up all night; or buying paints for painting and having no food for a few days, or being exposed to the sun in the scorching sun in order to paint a good picture; or being caught in the nursing home Tortured by illness, or cut off his ears mercilessly; as long as he has a breath, he will pick up the paintbrush and paint the world he sees, expressing the beautiful nature.

He couldn’t stop at all. In his heart, he thought that living was born to paint, painting crazy, and paintings filled the house, even Theo’s house was filled with it, but he always When he can’t stop or paint, his heart can’t be quiet. When he paints, his heart is even crazier. He forgot to eat and sleep. Only by painting without stopping can he feel the meaning of his existence. Value until the torment of illness.

One day when he felt that he could no longer paint and his life was exhausted, he thought of himself. He had seen so many mentally disordered people in the nursing home. They were burdened by ordinary people who could not bear the pain and torture, which made him afraid. , And even more afraid of injuring Theo, he took a gun and fired at himself, ending his life. The fall of a superstar, born and died because of painting, this is Van Gogh’s life, maybe as for He lives happily , at least when he was alive, he did what he liked most and was crazy about it.

In fact, everyone comes to this world with a mission, or to say that they have paid nothing for something or someone and are crazy, regardless of the consequences, regardless of gains or losses, no fame and fortune, and no care about money, then this life is worthless.