There are always some flowers worth waiting for

This bougainvillea of ​​mine is blooming. Although it is thinly bloomed, it is very cute. I remember when I moved, because it never bloomed, I wanted to leave it in the old house and throw it away to the buyer of the house, but then I was still very reluctant to let it go. .

After all, this is affection, how can affection be discarded at will? So, I finally moved it to a new home, and placed it on the inconspicuous bay window of the study. In addition to watering it, there is no special care. Sometimes when wiping the windowsill, I occasionally remove a few dead leaves, and I still feel that its branches grow fast, but I don’t know when the flowers will bloom!

I don’t want to. Not at home these days, this bougainvillea has quietly opened up. Those pink flowers are just like the delicate and refreshing faces of a few children. The open expression is clearly looking forward to my return and waiting for me. Surprise, let me praise!

At first sight, I was really surprised to shout! I want to grow flowers for many years, but the most common ones are non-flowering green plants, because somehow it is difficult for me to grow flowers. The opening of these flowers more or less comforted my regret!

My study was originally simple and monotonous. These flowers naturally became the highlight of the study. Now I feel that this bonsai is placed on the bay window, decorating this wide table, and adorn the room. It’s interesting.

Carefully looking at the little cute on this branch, I suddenly felt some emotion: Many times, we can’t let go easily, because we can’t let go of a sincere emotion , and it takes time for a flower to bloom…

Yes, “there are always some flowers worth waiting for”! This sentence is my disciple Huihui’s evaluation of the text and pictures I posted in my WeChat circle of friends. Speaking of disciples, Huihui is one of my proud disciples. Hui likes writing and has excellent poems and essays. Although I am a teacher, I am really ashamed. She is working on literary creation, and the blooming of the flowers of success should be worth looking forward to!

To be honest, whenever we talk about “disciples” Yunzhe, there is pride and many regrets! After decades of teaching, I have accumulated too many complaints about “hate iron can’t make steel” in my emotions. It can be said that the students I teach are very sunny, just like my green plants, which are full of vitality, but as a teacher, I paranoidly hope that the garden is full of brilliant flowers in full bloom.

This stubborn mentality actually made me bear physical and mental exhaustion and suffering. Facing some lazy or stubborn students, I wanted to give up, but I was deeply impressed by the unwillingness and unwillingness of reason. Amidst contradictions, I often think deeply about it—as a teacher, my obsession with obsession is a kind of benevolent destruction to students! …

Looking at my bougainvillea, I once again sighed: In fact, every flower will bloom, it’s just time…

Yes, I should fully realize that everyone has their own time to spend, and sometimes they need to wait patiently. I remember yesterday when I got off the train from Baotou, I met my disciple Bao Yunhao, who had graduated in 15 years. Although he entered the undergraduate admission line in the college entrance examination that year, he had to leave the junior college because of his unsatisfactory scores. But as soon as he graduated this year, he successfully became a train driver in the railway department, and now he is confidently rushing to another part of his life . Seeing his handsome image and listening to his confident words, the fatigue of my journey was suddenly replaced by a kind of pride.

I think I am watching a flower blooming…

After carefully observing my bougainvillea plant again, I found some green buds on the side branches. I believe that they will bloom brilliantly soon and become a wonderful thing in my life and even in my life !