Stop and go, but in order to meet

For many years, I haven’t really felt the coldness of the cold winter. Maybe it’s nothing for friends from the north. After all, for snow, this bit of cold wind is negligible, but not every place has a way to live, right? Just as I can’t see the snow in the north, you can’t feel the wind in the south. I admire the white snow in the north, but you admire the sun in the south.

The walkway by the river is green and green, but the ground is covered with dead leaves, dancing and rolling with the strong north wind. At this moment, I looked up and found that the green and green were so weak and dim. The morning sun was now covered by the floating clouds. Now Thinking of it makes people feel luxurious and precious.

This year, in general, time is fast, but I don’t know how to get there. Time flies may be the best adjective sentence. The epidemic at the beginning of the year has filled the sky of life with sorrows. Numb, and then ignored, and then discovered that what is more terrifying than the epidemic is that life is still going on, but there are many difficulties. But human vitality is tenacious. No matter how difficult it is, you must grit your teeth and tell yourself that the road still needs to go on. Just like this cold winter, as the seasons move and time advances, spring will be behind you. Just stick to it. , In fact, I understand everything but this.

On the surface of the river, the north wind pushed up layers of waves, and occasionally a few floating lotuses were lingering, and the river surface without fishing boats was a bit lonely and helpless. Some things have changed with the changes of the times, and with the changes of the years, we don’t know whether the rest is good or bad, but at least we can only accept the changes.

Looking back on the past, I can only remember, a new day will have to bear with a new mood , and the way down will always reach the other side.