I hope it’s not a goodbye

When I made the decision to return to work from South Africa, I never glanced at my hesitant lover. Since South Africa was once described as a “criminal paradise”, my return seems to stem from a fear of paradise.

To be honest, I agree with the other name of South Africa—the rainbow country, because until now, I still think that South Africa is a very beautiful country; of course, I mainly refer to her natural scenery and That pleasant climate, as for the public security situation, can indeed be said to be another inharmonious scenery.

When a person infiltration in the noisy metropolis for a long time, once life thrown into a dream world of silence and quiet, there will be a feeling caged bird fly away. In South Africa, the town where I live is called Ladysmith, and local Chinese newspapers sometimes call it a lady town.

About 20 kilometers away from the town center, there is a large-scale industrial zone. In this industrial zone, there are some managers from more than a dozen Shanghai enterprise branches, enjoying the hardships of foreign entrepreneurship.

Every weekend, in a few small supermarkets in the small town, the voice of “Allah” always kindly beats the ear drums. But what puzzled me at first is that in this situation of meeting old people in other places, many Shanghai compatriots are very cautious and lack the emotion to move around with each other.

Later, I learned from a Shanghai friend who opened a shop in the town. It turns out that most of the Shanghai compatriots who work here are extremely inconvenient to go out because they can’t drive, and it’s not convenient to ask a driver who can drive to help. It’s too convenient to talk, so this kind of embarrassment hinders the friendship between compatriots . I didn’t expect that in a country where a car is used for transportation, without a driver’s license, sometimes it’s really like a cripple.

However, it is comforting that the environment around the house in Lady Town is natural and beautiful. This creates the habit of walking for people who can only eat the dusk with their legs, even those who have never had a history of walking in the past. Will be attracted by the lawn, the strange flowers, the towering old trees and the colorful houses of different styles, and gradually learn to kiss the elegant lips of nature.

I am fortunate to be a lover of nature, of course in this charming lady town. I remember that on a very bright Sunday morning, I prepared paper and pen and drove alone to the lawn where I often go. I was lying under the green middle-aged tree, and my friend in Shanghai wrote a letter. Sunday morning in the small town is very quiet, only the breeze is lovingly playing the canopy-like trees, and the sweet bird song has naturally become the undefeated singer of the Green Kingdom.

I told my friend in the letter that I lay on the grass for a full hour. But she wrote in her reply: If it were me, I think I might sit quietly for an afternoon.

Perhaps, the people in the red dust cannot stay in the quiet valley for a long time; the beautiful nature can hardly retain those people who are deeply persecuted by reality. I am surprised that when I return this time, why there is no such thing as farewell thoughts!

After returning to Shanghai, I have been trying hard to find the green that belongs to nature, and at the same time I am looking for my own lawn. I found that the pieces of green space that were carved to be quite supreme seemed to be difficult to belong to nature, and as a lover of nature, it was at this moment that I suddenly felt lovesickness in different places.

I began to feel ashamed of the surprise I had, but in the end, I bravely exposed my heart to nature-this separation, I hope it is not a farewell!