There is a kind of lovesickness-called secret love

Hey, why haven’t you made a boyfriend yet?

The boss is not young anymore, is it time to find someone?

Facing the soul torture one by one, I just smiled politely, as a response!

Everyone came to ask me, why not make a boyfriend?

Actually, I don’t know, maybe I already have someone in my heart, right?

But this person, maybe just think about it, it’s impossible!

I used to meet almost every day, but I didn’t know how to cherish it. I have missed it now, but I regret it!

Thinking, eager to meet him again!

Unrequited love is really bitter!

But now he seems to have taken my heart!

In front of others, I have never admitted that there is a person in my heart! I never mentioned that perhaps it takes great courage to admit to loving someone! ?

I wonder if there will be another person who is better than him who can ignore him in the future journey?

For me, the future is always unknown! !

Wish you well!