Light in the desert

I am walking in an endless desert, the sand under my feet is scorching my feet, and the sun above my head is roasting my whole body, only thoughts are wrapped in my head without being disturbed.

I walked into the distance, the distance of light. There was sand in front and sand all around. Looking back, those footprints that had been walked by were once again covered by wind and sand without a trace. I don’t know which direction the wind is blowing, I don’t know where it is, I am eager to catch all the straw that saves life, even if it is the wind.

I have come across a mirage. I was hungry and thirsty for many days. I rushed forward desperately. The front was just an unreachable phantom. From a distance, it was there. There were lakes, trees, water and shade, but I couldn’t walk. I stopped and saw unknown bones in the desert. My thoughts made me foresee my terrible future. I couldn’t stop, I would think when I stopped, and thought was painful.

I can only go forward step by step, so that the footprints I have walked will continue to be buried by the wind and sand. The insects are crawling in the sand. I am afraid, but I am alone. I can only force my composure and go on without stopping, because I know the light is far away.

I am alone, only thoughts are with me, following the light, following the distance, I want to walk out of the desert.

I have never been to the desert.